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Harveyhickss 14th Nov 2017 12:36

Emirates Flight Training Academy
Hi all,
After searching the wannabe forums i cannot find anything on the matter so i'll drop it here.
Is anyone else looking into the emirates flight training scheme from outside of the UAE or has anyone got anymore information on it as their website doesn't host a whole lot.
I have registered my interest with themselves but am still waiting for a reply with further information as they like to put it.

I would link the website as you can't find it through the emirates website itself but it's
emiratesflighttrainingacademy . com
for anyone wondering.

TheTypicalBrit 14th Nov 2017 18:29

I too would be interested in any more information about them such as:
- The Cost of the program?
- Availability to Foreign nationals (UK/USA)?
- Potential Employment after?

momo95 14th Nov 2017 18:53

There was a thread run on this a while back, maybe the search function will help.

There is 0 chance of any employment with the airline the name is associated with and therefore in my eyes little point to spend so much cash for an overpriced course with nearly no help in finding any employment.

ATPLs are not difficult and can be done alone, you don't need to spend the earth to be taught the stuff in a far-flung land for no extra benefits job wise.

jockey69 23rd Nov 2017 07:20

EFTA Fees please ?

adamdxz777 16th Jun 2018 19:10

$250000 is the price

speed2height 21st Aug 2018 22:10

Originally Posted by Harveyhickss (Post 9956734)
Hi all,
I have registered my interest with themselves but am still waiting for a reply with further information as they like to put it.
for anyone wondering.

Did you ever get a response?

Kranz 21st Aug 2018 23:57

So they talk up everything and the two most critical factors - how much?, and will I be offered a job afterwards? aren't answered.

Starting training in a Cirrus and then onto a twin jet?!? That's a long way from banging around in a C150 for the first couple of hundred hours. If I had to guess, this is business diversification for Emirates - its a money making enterprise and probably has no relationship with the parent airline and no intention of flow through cadets.

Still, if you have billionaire mummies and daddies, it would be a pretty good experience.

EGPF 22nd Aug 2018 18:53

Originally Posted by speed2height (Post 10230052)
Did you ever get a response?

I did, it was an email containing a further questionnaire containing standard questions such as if Im willing to pay 186 or so thousands of pounds and medical info. Didn't fill it and so no further information.

Field Required 30th Aug 2018 13:29

The whole thing lacks class in my opinion.

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