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FlyVeryHigh- 17th Aug 2016 12:19

Aer Lingus - Direct Entry Pilot (A320)
Aer Lingus DEP A320 now open:


MaverickPrime 17th Aug 2016 17:17

Also here -

AviationJobs.Me Flight Crew: A320 Rated and Non Type Rated First Officers Aer Lingus Ireland

Quite gobsmacked at this. Anyone care to read the Essential criteria? All you need is a fATPL and a MCC. Obviously applicants with experience and a 320 rating will have the edge, but at least people with no experience will have the chance to apply.

speed_alive_rotate 17th Aug 2016 18:01

Its a good news story for us fATPL folk who usually don't get a sniff with a major like Aer Lingus. With their cadet recruitment and now the direct entry recruitment they are leading the way in terms of fairness for all to apply.

I am not naive to the fact that Irish in the desert with 1000s of Airbus hours won't have a considerable edge , however fair play to Aer Lingus for giving everyone a shot!!

Hats off to Aer Lingus , a few airlines could learn a thing or two from them!!!!

Blackjackie 21st Aug 2016 06:14

Hi guys, when providing references is it about instructors from flight training, previous employers or people who know you for 5 year background check?

LYNFROMDENMARK 19th Sep 2016 16:27

I just received an e-mail inviting me to complete the online assessment. Anyone have some information on how to prepare before starting the tests?

Best regards

jadalabada 19th Sep 2016 16:45

Online assessment
I just received the email and am also curious about what to expect from the tests. Anyone?

LYNFROMDENMARK 19th Sep 2016 17:40

Originally Posted by jadalabada (Post 9512937)
I just received the email and am also curious about what to expect from the tests. Anyone?

I just completed the tests. They are quite similar to the Norwegian assessment. A questionnaire, some verbal reasoning, multitasking and reactivity - among others. Good luck to everybody! ;-)

LoRaZo 19th Sep 2016 17:41

i think that this test are very similar to easyjet and norwegian test

speed_alive_rotate 19th Sep 2016 18:27

Is a joystick / mouse required? I would not expect any other help from others than that as this is no doubt a very sought after job.

Are any of you gents A320 rated? I am not and so was shocked to even get an invite to have a go at the online assessment as I thought the amount of rated 320 drivers who would apply would be massive.


Cappe08 19th Sep 2016 18:51

Hi guys,
I have been invited to complete the online assessment. I think we are facing the same tests as for ezy and nax, maybe we will find something more maths oriented stuff. :ugh:
probably I will take the test tonight
Good luck to everyone and keep in touch about any feedback


PS: I am not 320 rated

SeventhHeaven 19th Sep 2016 23:24

They always invite everyone - Nobody has had a look at your application yet, it's just a computer sending our invitations.

You'll need a hella score to get in as a 250hr wonder, but at least you have a shot!

I do wish they gave more than 48 hr notice, on a weekday as well! These aren't the kind of tests you just tick off quickly before lunch either!

ShineOn 20th Sep 2016 10:41

Has anyone NOT got this email?

speed_alive_rotate 20th Sep 2016 11:23

Few guys from my flight school never got the mail to complete the tests so I assume there was some , however small , filtering!!

dboy 20th Sep 2016 11:49

I think i did the test already for the 4th or 5th time. Like always, the most of us will get a pfo letter. This is just a big filter. Don't have huge expectations.

Damien60 20th Sep 2016 13:19

I have done the test and I can tell you that it was not the same as the previous year. More similar to EZY's one. Last year I was not called in for the interview (not type rated and only 250hrs at that time). A friend of mine was only type rated with 250hrs and was called in for an individual interview and a sim check. He's now F/O for EI...
So this year I'm Type Rated :-)

spaflyer 20th Sep 2016 16:29

Damien60, did you paid for TR without having a job???

SeventhHeaven 20th Sep 2016 16:44

Glad to see you're proud about having bought a TR! Now please do me a favour and mention in this thread when you get your PFO letter, so we can laugh at your 'investment'. FFS they had 3000+ applications last year and turned down PLENTY of A320 rated/experienced pilots....

Damien60 20th Sep 2016 17:10

Indeed my TR was not very expensive because I have been lucky to have some financial supports from my company and from the French government. That's why I decided to make this leap. Moreover with TR some French airlines are recruiting now so I don’t think it is a bad “investment”
SeventhHeaven, I'm not pretending I'm sure to be called this year. I just want to maximize my chances to be called regarding my friend's experience... Your post seems to be a little bit hateful.
Anyway good luck to all !

Wrightflyer1 20th Sep 2016 21:11

Yes or Thanks but no thanks
Has anyone, that's completed the online assessments been given a response?

speed_alive_rotate 20th Sep 2016 21:21

Surely its too early for a reply yet @Wrightflyer1 , the tests don't have to be completed until 1600 tomorrow !! Although I would not be surprised if things started moving fast after this first stage!! PFOs from Monday i would think.....

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