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pilotmp 20th Jun 2015 14:14

How much do you spend?
Dear fellow pilots,

I guess we're all tired of hearing the same question over and over again.
"Sorry, not enough experience".

So we start flying in aeroclubs...

Now, how much money do/can you spend monthly to fly?

I spend around 150.

Note: The information provided shall not be misused in any way.
It is strictly ment to get an better overview of the financial capabilities of newly graduate pilots to find better solutions with the ultimate goal of finding ourselves that right-seat job.

EchoSierra 23rd Jun 2015 09:26

somewhere between too much, and far too much :}

PURPLE PITOT 23rd Jun 2015 19:41

Renting an SEP once a month is not going to help you at all. The difference between 250 hrs and 300 hrs means diddly squat.

Assuming you hold CPL/IR, an instructor rating is available to you right now. If you have parachute or gliding experience, that avenue may also be open.

If Air taxi is available in your part of the world, think 700-1000hrs might do it.

If you weren't on a tagged airline scheme, or willing to join a pay for type cadetship, you can forget the airlines.

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