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dirk85 20th Dec 2015 00:01

Now everywhere, starting from spring.

CaptainProp 20th Dec 2015 07:45

So why do you guys keep working for this company? Plenty of options out there.


Skipping Classes 20th Dec 2015 08:25

dirk85, starting from spring is not 'now'... ;-)

Captain Prop, obviously we don't work for this company anymore, that'd be insane :}

RexBanner 20th Dec 2015 08:36

I don't know how you could even read our posts and deduce that we were current employees.

dirk85 20th Dec 2015 11:11

The Captain I knew, was 6 months of sick, on a Local contract, and Wizz weasel d themselves out of paying him anything.

After 6 months out sick/ill he returned, re-trained, and left after 1 month back on the line.

I repeat he was on a LOCAL contract.
That is the law in those country.

Also where I live (western country with a strong pro-employee labour law), after 6 month the sickness payment is mostly on the social security system, not on the employer anymore. If the SS in Bulgaria or Serbia sucks, is it Wizz fault? Really?
Do you really expect an employer to do more than what the local law is requiring? What planet are you writing from exactly?
What are we talking about?

Confair pilots has nobody but themselves to blame. They want the extra cash?
They run the risk to have no social security. Easy as that.

Personally I am on a local contract, pay social security where I am based, taxes in Switzerland, and the remainder of income taxes in my country of residence, until the moment I decide to maintain have the residence back home.
This is the law in my place, but in most of the european countries they are fine if you pay income taxes only where the company has the official hq, in this case Geneva.

Should I decide to move officially to my base, I will have to pay only Swiss tax, since the base country is fine with that.

This is not rocket science, really.

I also note a huge level of hypocrisy from the people who criticize the company so bad, but happily work for them long enough to build those hours, 1000/2000, or the LH seat in order to be able to go elsewhere.
They knew what they were doing since the beginning, claiming otherwise is pure bs.
Company uses them, and they use the company back. That is fine, but then have the decency to shut the f*** up at least, because you are in no way better than the company you are criticizing so harshly now.

PropDude 20th Dec 2015 16:25

"I also note a huge level of hypocrisy from the people who criticize the company so bad, but happily work for them long enough to build those hours, 1000/2000, or the LH seat in order to be able to go elsewhere.
They knew what they were doing since the beginning, claiming otherwise is pure bs.
Company uses them, and they use the company back. That is fine, but then have the decency to shut the f*** up at least, because you are in no way better than the company you are criticizing so harshly now."

Well said!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I wish i could buy you 10 beers! :ok:

RexBanner 20th Dec 2015 16:48

I think you two have a very strange outlook/moral compass. So you're basically applauding each other for introducing the notion that its okay for the company to treat their employees like slaves with no respect because their employees leave at the drop of a hat? Don't you recognise an example of cause and effect in action here? It's precisely because Wizz are so lousy as an employer that they engender absolutely no loyalty amongst their employees.

An individual employee is not necessarily obligated to be loyal, he is just a cog in the system. As long as he fulfils all his contractual obligations and goes about his job in the right way then quite frankly it is job done. It's very advantageous to the company that he is loyal however. Therefore the onus is on the company to provide an acceptable and flourishing working environment. That way they engender a happy working environment and will have their employees "going the extra mile", actually staying longer than 18 months (which I believe is the F/O average) and recommending the company to their peers, it's win win. Wizz don't really get this.

Just as an example I've had compassionate leave denied me at Wizz Air and been dealt with in an absolutely heartless way by a complete cretin of a manager with zero social (or flying) skills. I've also had to fight with crewing to get my entitlement to an extra sector pay for working into a day off (off duty exactly at midnight) because, believe it or not, they actually tried to claim to me with a straight face that midnight (00:00) was still part of the previous day!! When I correctly called them out on such idiocy they then tried to claim that it was a problem with AIMS that it didn't recognise midnight as being a new day!! The sheer brazenness of it is unbelievable and all just to try and deny you a trifling €30! So they try to screw you all the time and don't realise just how unproductive that kind of strategy is in dealing with human beings. Penny wise pound foolish.

Just a point and I've made this before and then deleted it because I feared that it may come across as arrogant. Well to be honest I don't really care in this context. In my case, I am way better than that airline thanks, the fact that I have been successful in four out of four airline selections (two of them with an overall success rate amongst applicants of less than 5% and receiving thousands of applications). That speaks volumes about my level of candidacy and ability I would suggest. Oh and I'll leave it with this, the airlines that I have left have been for various reasons; voluntary redundancy, career progression etc. Not for a moment would I speak ill of any of them apart from Wizz. I think you two need to go and experience a proper airline. I promise you this, you'd be astonished at the differences.

rifruffian 20th Dec 2015 17:17

Perhaps some airline pilots have unreasonable expectations in the short term. In many trades and professions you start/enter at the bottom of the pile and over a period of time get to where you want to be.
Several writers give their idea that WIZZ is bottom of the pile. Take charge of life and get on with it.

Mr Angry from Purley 20th Dec 2015 17:26


This Captain was sick for 6 months, not beyond 6 months, employed on local contract - and was paid I believe around 1500 Euros over 6 months.
If Wizz dont provide any salary then the State would pay (or loss of licence cover?)
I think what everyone is trying to tell you is its the law. In the UK its about 100 a week I think. You would not expect Wi zz to pay social security??. You might expect them to pay the wages for a period of time but that would be in the contract.
I can understand you being pi$$ed, everyone has got the picture your trying to paint about Wizz and anyone joining will go in with open eyes.
In the meantime I'd just give it a rest as it's getting boring :\

PropDude 20th Dec 2015 18:16

My compass is calibrated and i will judge if the airline that i fly is proper or not.

Nobody talked about slaves and nobody celebrated wizz tactics. Just pointed out what dirk said , that wizz builded a lot of careers and the fact that if you are not happy with a situation you are in, you simply do something to change it or you are the only one to blame. All you guys signed the contract so either you didn't knew what was going on ( pretty poor situation awareness) or you knew and you took it anyway in order to start your careers , so why you cry here to us ? we are trying to do the same.

On my opinion, wizz offers a pretty straight deal. Hard work and conditions in exchange for the Bus , quick build up , L upgrade and the option to stay in your home if you are from the region that operates. Take it or leave it!

RexBanner 20th Dec 2015 18:41

"So why you cry here to us ?"

Quite obviously because I'm trying to give people examples of what it's really like there to aid their "situational awareness" (as you described it). I've already said this earlier.

I've been there and done it and moved on to much better things. You're trying to justify a decision you have made to want to go there in spite of many opinions about the company that are negative. That is the fundamental difference in our postings.

And to pre-empt the obvious question of why are you here posting about Wizz Air after having left if you are so happy now, the reason I am doing so (and this will be my last post as I have nothing left to say) is that I hated my experience with Wizz Air. Really and truly hated it from beginning to end. I was forced into a move to Wizz, if I can save just one person from having to have that experience if they don't truly need to then I will be a happy man.

PropDude 20th Dec 2015 19:00

Rex your last words was like a quote from Syntax Error posts :E :E:E

Just joking bro. :)

RexBanner 20th Dec 2015 19:03

Haha, I do know him personally and I think he actually secretly liked bits of Wizz Air though. You can tell we're not the same person as I use proper grammar and no smileys..

Sorry Syntax

Skipping Classes 20th Dec 2015 19:53

Wizz Air is not an airline, its a flying school, and its a shitty company to work for. Full stop.

For whatever they offer (hours, upgrade etc) does not excuse them for treating their employees with open disrespect and disgrace. The level they are on, probably they don't even realise they are doing something wrong.

Its bad for captains, worse for sfo, worse for fo's, its times worse for the cabin crew. The situation I witnessed are beyond ridiculous to even try to describe. And they are only brave to bully those who are weaker than them (management that is).

Do you want me to elaborate? Just ask, I'll give you very specific examples, an endless list..

The management (especial cabin crew management, but also pilot management) is a big big clueless incompetent joke.

HRs are power-greedy joke, without any previous experience either.

And people inside of the company are either in denial or got too used to the system, or have their own reasons to stay.

People inside of the company just swallow the crap because they are too afraid to move, or unable to move/incapable of moving and they prefer to pretend nothing is wrong. Of course they don't like to hear others telling here the reality.

Everybody who had what it takes to be somewhere else, is somewhere else.

Should I be thankful to a company who always saw me (or any other employee) as a liability?

And why should I not speak? Pilots should know the truth, then maybe nobody will join and then maybe the top management will realise they need to change something.

Because believe me, they don't understand when you are reasonable to them. That's not their "lingo".

And believe me, I know very well what I am talking about.

FlyingStone 21st Dec 2015 03:42

I agree that Wizz Air is not a dream job for anybody, but it's far from a really shitty company.

Some facts from my side and you can take it however you like:

1. If you ask at the interview phase, they will tell you that roster is not fixed, but is published 14 days before the end of the month for the next month. For guys on 6/1/6/7 it usually stays very stable, +/- 1 day. Many times, especially in winter, first and last day are AVLB, so you can play with that if you like. Of course, commuting options depend on your base and your home residence.

2. Salary is not really the best, but you have to accept the fact that Wizz Air operates flights mostly from Eastern Europe, where ticket prices have to be lower than for easyJet's flight from London to France, since purchasing power is lower. But because purchasing power is lower, this is usually connected with lower living costs. Earn 3000 in London and you are still below average salary, earn 3000 in Craiova and it's a tiny bit different.

3. Salary comes most of the time ahead of due date. Try working for a company, when they will tell you 5 days after the due date (only when and because you asked) that salary will be late couple of days/months. Very funny when you have any loans, a mortgage, etc.

4. I got 6 roster changes in last 6 months (including 2 calls on day OFF, and some other minor changes). For me it's good enough, being to plan my life a month in advance on average.

5. You can take whatever fuel you like for whatever reason you like and nobody will say a word. You can de-ice when you want.

6. Wizz Air operates new fleet of reasonably well-maintained A320 aircraft to very safe and secure places mostly in EU with very small number of places outside of it (Middle East, Ukraine, Russia). If you don't appreciate this, you simply haven't seen a portion of this industry that operates shitty aircraft into shitty places.

I know it could be better, it could also be worse. It is what it is - if you like it good, if not then... It is very sad to see people complaining (not limited to Wizz Air) that company is shit, management is imcompetent, bean counters only care about profit margin, etc., but nobody quits. If you are unhappy and no changes are being done, just find some other place to work and enjoy the change of scenery. It's not really THAT difficult, but I guess it's still easier to complain on and on...

FlyingStone 21st Dec 2015 15:34

But finish final day close to midnight, go home, sleep 3 hours, get picked up at 4 in the morning to commute home, that was STANDARD day 7. Equally day 4 OFF, get up 4.30 in morning, and arrive base in the afternoon, so 6/4 was 8/2.
I believe no LCC will plan your block, so you start with a late checkin and finish with an early morning one. They are not THAT stupid. So I believe wherever you go, commuting would have to come out of your days OFF, no? Or are you telling us that for example RYR guys with 5/4 can commute on day 1 and 5?

What BS, the base I was at over 10 FO's quit within a period of 3 months, and 3 Captains followed few months later, and this was a base with 15 FO's in total, so the statement nobody quits is BS.
I know that a lot of people quit, what I was trying to say is that (and again, not limited to Wizz Air) many people complain about everything, but never make any step to improve their conditions, be it either through negotiations with management or just voting with their feet.

I have asked you in another thread and will repeat the question here. You no longer work for Wizz Air, but please tell us where you work now (since it's clearly much better than the pink outfit), so we can apply there too.

Skipping Classes 24th Dec 2015 09:07

Yep :) But you know why Wizz treats their pilots like bitches? Because the pilots let them. So merry christmas everybody! :)

concord84 6th Jan 2016 09:18

Hi guys,
anybody got invited for the 25-26-27 January in Budapest?
If so feel free to get in touch.
Cadet TR

PrimeATC 6th Jan 2016 19:13

WizzAir Assessment tests...
I`ve recieved an invitation for assessment process.
Mates, does anybody know what kind of tests will be there on Day 1???
Some examples, if any, please... Who of you had already took part in that process?

manland_visual 7th Jan 2016 06:07

Concord84 and PrimeATC, may I ask you what your background looks like?

Thank you :8

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