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dublinaviator 13th Jun 2013 16:21

Aer Lingus Direct Entry First Officers
To all those who moaned about Aer Lingus' recent cadetship and not giving opportunities to pilots already qualified, here's your chance:

Aer Lingus Recruitment - Direct Entry First Officer

Stocious 13th Jun 2013 17:53

TeaTowel, are you receiving?

cgwhitemonk11 14th Jun 2013 12:05

This is good news. I got the application in straight away first thing this morning. A320 type rated with zero on type and 1000tt, heres hoping. :)

Adur75 17th Jun 2013 15:40

Online Assessment are just sent now (at least i received mine now)

MiTo 17th Jun 2013 16:41

I have received mine now!
Any information appreciated!

Adur75 17th Jun 2013 17:45

I would like to help you, but until tomorrow i won't register (you have 3 days to complete and i am a bit busy now).
Probably when you register, before doing the test, you will have both instructions and examples as the AerLingus Cadet one.

Aleboni 17th Jun 2013 17:57

I've received online assesments.. Do you know something about it? :)

EK4457 17th Jun 2013 19:16

Anyone got the tests who is not A320 TR?

Aleboni 17th Jun 2013 19:42

Here i am.. TT 290 hrs ATPL frozen :)

fulminn 17th Jun 2013 20:13

Desirable criteria

Applicants who hold a current A320 type-rating or have multi-crew commercial experience.

Full and accurate reference information will be sought as part of the selection process

Please note that if the volume of candidates meeting all essential criteria is high, Aer Lingus will then takedesirable criteria into account. This means that even if you meet all essential criteria, you may not be invited to interview.

CY333 17th Jun 2013 20:53

I got the online assessment , not rated 275 TT

clvf88 17th Jun 2013 21:17

When did you guys apply out of interest? Probably too early to get concerned as I only sent off my application last night but I'm a little worried; nothing heard yet!!

G-GOLF 17th Jun 2013 21:52

Great to see things open up again. I've done the tests for the current cadet scheme, a mouse was needed.

Just got the invite for the tests for this one, applied 2 days ago. fATPL 160 hrs.

G'luck all!

Fanor 17th Jun 2013 23:14

G-GOLF how can you have a "fatpl" with 160 hours? When CPL licence issue requires 200.

G-GOLF 17th Jun 2013 23:39

If I remember correctly it is reduced to 150 hrs when taking an approved course, I'm not sure if that strictly applies to integrated training.

Black Pudding 18th Jun 2013 07:14

200 hours, you sure.

drben 18th Jun 2013 09:33

Hi everyone!

On the application there was a question if I have a valid JAA or EASA ATPL or not. I answered no, because I have a frozen ATPL. (CPL ME/IR with ATPL Theory and MCC, 209 TT)

Did I mess up my application? :confused:


Alessio 18th Jun 2013 11:04

Got the test right now! Few hours total time but rated. I'm worried about the MapTq test...

A330ETOPS 18th Jun 2013 11:06

Just done the online test. A320 rated, Zero hours.

Windshear23 18th Jun 2013 11:33

Did the online test yesterday. fATPL, 220 hours

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