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flyhiguy28 3rd Oct 2012 16:05

Hour Building advice
For anyone thinking of a flying holiday, I've just returned from the US (3 days ago!) where I hired a PA28 for 2 weeks. I can honestly say it was some of the best flying I've ever done and I can thoroughly recommend it!

I was out there to do some hour building, and in 2 weeks managed 45 hours. I flew all the way up the East Coast of the US - the highlight of which was flying down the Hudson River in New York - past the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn, Manhatten, Ground Zero, the Empire States Building and Central Park before landing at La Guardia international airport!

If anyone is interested in a flying holiday or hour building at prices the fraction of a cost of flying in the UK (with great weather all year round!) then get in touch. I'd be happy to talk you through my trip and offer help and advice to anyone thinking about heading over the pond!


Ianp83 3rd Oct 2012 20:58

Hi Kris, hugely interested in hearing more about your time out there. I am 31hrs into my ppl, hoping to finish before Xmas and would like to do a couple of weeks to a month in the us next year. Where did you hire from? Dry/wet lease? Did you have to return each evening or do a set number of hours? Ideally I'm after 100 hrs or so so that I can start cpl next summer. Thanks.

MartinCh 3rd Oct 2012 21:25

.... wrong section

Ianp83 3rd Oct 2012 21:49

Sorry Kris, perhaps you could pm me, lest we clog up the wrong forum!

CAT3C AUTOLAND 4th Oct 2012 20:51

Sounds like a lot of fun mate!

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