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Shane C 8th May 2012 02:17

CTC Wings - ''Flybe Wings'' pilot course
Hi all, this is my first post on this site so hello :)

I know this type of topic has been talked over many and many times. I have tried the search button but haven't found anything really.

I'm applying for the Flybe course at the moment, just about to send the application form off actually but was just wondering, to those who have been down this road with CTC, OAA or the forces, what is part one of the selection process and the PILAPT test really like??

I've looked over it and done my research on various websites, it looks impossible!! :sad:
I know there are three parts to get through with CTC and then the candidate goes for an interview with Flybe.
I currently don't have the 65k in place but was hoping BBVA can help with that!

Now, I would be an idiot not to assume that hundreds of candidates will applying for the same position that I am and that CTC and Flybe can take their pick but when I was in school, I didn't achieve the highest grades, barely passes but got the desired grades for the college I wanted to get in to and knuckled down in and achieved a BTEC First diploma in motor sport engineering with an overall grade merit and a distinction in applied Maths and Science.

I also started my PPL last year and have 7.7 hours dual on a Cessna C150 to date based at Bournemouth Intl.
Realistically, I am still going to apply but, would you think the selection team would be interested in me?

After all, I have an engineering background, flight experience and ALOT of customer service experience but my mental aptitude is a bit rusty :sad: Lol.

Joe86 8th May 2012 06:47

Just apply... You have nothing to lose!

I will be applying next year (should havd saved the money by then).

Good luck!

Shane C 8th May 2012 14:25

Ok thanks spicejetter and Joe, I'm going to go for it and as I say, I'm just about to send the application off to CTC...just waiting on my references. Wow, that's really bad of CTC for someone to spend 100k and not have the people skills!!

I currently live with my parents and I don't have the 65K so as I say, hoping the BBVA can help me if my parents are willing that is...lol.
I'll try different avenue's for loans but I can't see the banks lending :sad:

I'm trying not to stress about stage one, I think I have the people skills, well I should do. I work with customer's on a one to one basis everyday! But the PILAPT test does look incredibly hard!! :uhoh:

Shane C 8th May 2012 14:27

Thanks Joe, yeah I've nothing to lose, I'd be silly not to apply. It's just the PILAPT test section which worries me!! The rest I think I'll sail through to be honest.

Good luck too Joe when you apply :)

windypops 9th May 2012 16:06

You have nothing to lose!
True, but if your parents re-mortgage to fund training they certainly do.

I chose (5 years ago) not to even bother asking my parents to stump up the cash, it was a personal decision, but I felt they had already done more than enough for me. So I got myself 3 jobs and worked my socks off to fund my training. I made it, all the way through, no P2F nonsense and got a job not too long after finishing my training. I should point out I got the job during the downturn. Lots of networking, and LOTS of luck, I happened to be in the right place at the right time, but then again so were a few others who also got FO jobs.

PS it was all worth it, I enjoy my job more today than I did when I first started. Like a good wine it gets better with age.

captain.weird 9th May 2012 16:22

Do you have to pay when you send in the application or when you have to show up for the tests etc..?

muzzy24 9th May 2012 17:06

65k and then you will be bonded for more (TR, and a "flybe" contribution?)? and not have a promise of a job? :ugh: i know a guy that once he had finished all this, there was no vacancies so he worked doing ground handling.

look into modular training, you can complete that for under half the cost. and continue to earn from current jobs as you complete your training. i did modular training all in the UK, and secured a job around 7 weeks after finishing my training.

Joe86 9th May 2012 18:31

To be honest nothing in this industry is certain, yes i could pay and work for my ATPL for around 55-60k in the UK (BCFT + rent), but i would still not be working in this time (exams and revision would be my focus), so for 65k i can get a bond to an airline... even if i do have to do other tasks aswell (ground work etc...) That really doesnt bother me, i would still be in-line for a flying job and 'you should always start at the bottom to appreciate the top' :).

Yes i know schools produce glossy books and fancy stats, but at this point its the chance of a job at the end of it im most interested in.

flybSOU 9th May 2012 21:21

Do Flybe require 90% in each of the 14 exams or an average of 90% across all of them?

captain.weird 9th May 2012 21:32

When do you have to pay the selection fee? During the application or when you're invited for an interview?

Stonebaked 10th May 2012 13:52

Having completed the PILAPT test at CTC recently all I can recommended is practice, practice practice. Its not impossible. You get three attempts on each test and ideally they want to see your marks improve after each attempt. I used https://www.pilotest.com/ to prepare and it is pretty good. There are other sites that offer similar software but they are all roughly the same. Unfortunately they aren't that cheap but if you are serious about getting into the industry you are going to have to get use to forking money out here, there and everywhere.

Shane C 10th May 2012 13:58

Thanks for everyone's advice, much appreciated :)

windypops - Yeah exactly, having to ask your parents to risk their house is something that I don't like asking if I'm honest but I would fund it all by myself however when this course popped up it didn't leave with alot of options. The banks will not lend, I can almost guarantee it.

I spoke to a customer the the other week who now works for BA as a FO and his girlfirend/wife works for BA too as a flight attendant. Anyway, he was giving me advice on CTC and OAA. He studied at OAA on the integrated course and had the money there and then - HSBC loaned him the money, this was 15 years ago though!!

Well done for getting a job as a FO :)

muzzy24 - Well what Flybe and CTC say that upon successfully completing the 10 month training course, you sign a contract for Flybe and you get a position as a FO on the Q400.

Flybe pay for your bonding and they put a significant amount of money in to the student/candidate.
What I'm saying is basically, you're almost guaranteed a position which is why I'm highly interested in this course!!

I've looked in to all avenue's and yeah the modular route is also appealing to me also. There are a few FTO's such as PAT, CTC and OAA which do the modular route and they're pretty much the same in cost. I'd rather be on the integrated course though. I'm ready to send off the application now so we'll see what happens :)

flybSOU - Yes, I'm led to believe you must have a 90% pass rate with CTC and Flybe.

captain.weird - You pay the selection fee if and when you get invited to the selection day and like OAA, CTC charge candidiates 192.00 for the day.

Like I say, does anyone have advice on passing the PILAPT section of the test, this worries me to be honest. It does look very, very difficult!! :(

BerksFlyer 10th May 2012 14:10

Originally Posted by Shane C
Well what Flybe and CTC say that upon successfully completing the 10 month training course, you sign a contract for Flybe and you get a position as a FO on the Q400.

Check those details.

Flybe are experienced at running these schemes and aside from the Cabair one, which hardly got off the ground, they seem to have run smoothly. There isn't a better option than this at the moment.

Regarding the PILAPT tests - if they're anything like the COMPASS test OAA uses, they aren't much to worry about so long as you've got half a brain.

Shane C 10th May 2012 14:32

BerksFlyer - Hmmm ok, I'll check again, I thought it was a 10 month course and upon completion, you sign a contract for Flybe and you get bonded, type trained and get offered a position on the Q400. I'm pretty sure that's what the info on CTC's/Flybe's application page says.

Exactly, that's why I am expressing a very high amount on interest in this and applying for it. It sounds fantastic provided I can get on the course!!

Ok thanks, well maybe I'm stressing over nothing? Because I've looked at the PILAPT test on the website pilotest.com and does seem very challenging at first glance :(

Maybe I should buy the software if it helps. I consider myself an intelligent bloke but these tests do seem rather hard.

Shane C 10th May 2012 14:47

Stonebaked - Ahh ok, how did you find the assessment day at CTC? Yeah I know the pilotest software isn't very cheap but if you used it and it helped, I'll be doing the same.

I'm going to wait first to see if I'm selected for the assessment and then I'll buy the software. It's something like 80 to 90 for the software isn't it?

There are loads of sections on the pilotest site!! From your experience with CTC and the PILAPT test, which ones should I practice??

jhr187 10th May 2012 15:03

Do you end up with an ATPL or an MPL?

Fostex 10th May 2012 15:34

You graduate with an fATPL/IR. This is not an MPL course.

flybSOU 10th May 2012 17:48

Is that 90% for EACH exam or an average across all 14?

jhr187 10th May 2012 18:44

Where'd that figure come from?

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