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Alister 30th Sep 2011 17:56

Susi Air interview
Anyone else attending the Susi Air interview mid October? I'm arriving in Jakarta on the 8th and flying out to Pangandaran on the 11th if anyone wants to meet up.

Good luck everyone!


msm 30th Sep 2011 21:13

Good luck sounds great! I sent them an email like 3 months ago and never got an answer from them

jetjockey696 1st Oct 2011 16:07

One smart thing to do once you get accept to fly in indonesia... get yourself life insurance.. do it for your love ones.... susi air and some other operators. operates in very dangerous areas... that the only thing I can suggest... oops and fly smart...:ok:

recently: The bodies of an Australian pilot and his Slovakian co-pilot who died when their small plane crashed in Indonesia's Papua province have been recovered, an official said Wednesday.

"At 7:00am today we sent three helicopters to recover the bodies of Susi Air pilot David Cootes from Australia and co--pilot Thomas Munk from Slovakia," Papua police spokesman Wachyono said.

The choppers collected the bodies from the crash site in Yahukimo district and flew them to Biak island, off Papua's northwestern coast. Wachyono did not say when the bodies would be repatriated.

Susi Air's light Cessna Grand Caravan plane was carrying food and fuel to a remote district when it crashed Friday in bad weather.

Thick fog and bad weather prevented a prompt search--and--rescue mission to the remote site.

The sprawling Indonesian archipelago relies heavily on air transport and has a poor aviation record. Turbulent weather conditions in Papua have caused several aviation accidents in recent years.... AFP

AND just recently a few days ago..

A small aircraft with 18 people on board is feared to have crashed on Thursday in Indonesia’s Sumatra island, officials said. The Cassa 212, carrying 15 passengers and three crew, was flying from Medan city in North Sumatra to the nearby province of Aceh when it lost contact with air traffic control. And today.. reports that all have died..

God bless them all...

Alister 2nd Oct 2011 15:39

I'll bear that in mind.

n.dave 2nd Oct 2011 15:59

Good Luck
I applied 2 months ago and been offered an interview on 23rd, still waiting for confirmation though.
Do you know when do they send out confirm interview dates?


Gudjon89 2nd Oct 2011 18:39

I was also invited on the 23rd of October but I've decided not to go, because the salary is really bad, and you'll be a first officer for about a year or so before you'll be upgrated to command, and in my country Cessna Caravan is certified as a single pilot aircraft.

n.dave 2nd Oct 2011 19:53

@Gudjon89, I understand what you are saying. I'm from UK and already spoken to CAA. They say the hours flown by a FO on a single pilot aircraft CANNOT be accounted. This is because it is not under EU-OPS.
I'm going simply because there is no pilot jobs around here (well, there is but they want experiences pilot, how do you get experience without experience/job). The hours may not be recognised by JAA but it doesn't mean you can't log them and you fly with an Indo CPL licence. I'm hoping to use this licence/experience to find better things in the future.

skykaiser 4th Oct 2011 09:36

I had to call Mr. Irvino to get at least an oral confirmation!

hingey 4th Oct 2011 13:03

n.dave is correct, you can log the hours though any hours logged as p2 on the Caravan cannot be accredited towards a JAA/ EASA ATPL. Still goes under the "Total" column in your book though. However even though you can log the p1 hours for your next license, I don't know if you can claim the hours as multi crew.

A year really isn't a long time to command. Was a long time since I had an interview with them, but there's a thread floating around here somewhere with the details...

Gudjon89 5th Oct 2011 10:21

Our Directors implemented the following Bond for pilots :
· First Officers have to deposit a BOND of USD 2,500.- for their
training on the Gran Caravan and their Indonesian CPL License upon arrival
in Indonesia and upon commencement of employment with Susi Air. In any
case before the start of the training.
· Upon upgrade to Captain an additional Bond of USD 1,500.- needs
to be deposited at the Company by the employee. It might be agreed that
this amount is deducted from the FO´s salary on a monthly basis.
· The total amount of the deposit: USD 4.000.- will be returned
to the Susi Air employee after working 12 months as Captain for Susi Air
· If the pilot resigns from the company as First Officer or
before completion of 12 months as Captain, the total amount of the bond
will remain with the company
· Additionally, Susi Air introduced a 2 years “Non Competition
Agreement” for Indonesia (enclosed) - after the pilot resigns from the

This bond is supposed to cover (at least part of) the costs for Training
of new First Officers (including approx 3 hrs flight training on the Gran
Caravan C208B), the Indonesian licensing procedure and in the case of
Captain upgrade another 10 hrs of flight training on the Caravan.

Referring to the costs involved in above mentioned training and
investments into pilots by the company, Susi Air is convinced that it is
only fair to request more than only moral bonding from new employees. The
“non competition” agreement should after all prevent our local
Indonesian competitors to recruit Susi Air pilots, after all the effort
Susi Air has invested into the training.

Avi8tor87 5th Oct 2011 16:39

been invited for an interview,just waiting for their reply with confirmed dates,,,mostly will be 23rd

any idea if right seat time counts for FAA?! (C208B)

been contacting faa for a couple of days with no reply,,
heard it doesnt,,just wanted a formal idea..

what annoys me is the non-competition agreement
4 years from the resign date is a loooong time..

n.dave 5th Oct 2011 17:08

I think it's 2 years.

Avi8tor87 5th Oct 2011 17:11

the agreements they sent me is 48 months

n.dave 5th Oct 2011 17:59

That's interesting, on mine it says 2 years after resigning!!

Avi8tor87 5th Oct 2011 18:15

unpleasant start! :rolleyes:

thats what mine says:

Additionally, Susi Air has a “Non-Competition Agreement” within Indonesia which new hires must agree to. This means that after a Susi Air pilot resigns from the company, he or she may not apply to be a pilot for another Indonesian company for the 48 months after the resignation date.

Larscho 5th Oct 2011 18:27

Gudjon89: Aren't you too young to get hired by them? They have a minimum age of 23, or am I wrong?

FaFa 7th Oct 2011 09:41

Time & eMail
Dear friends,
Have we had a time to apply for this company yet ?
If yes,would you please tell me what's a company email address that send my CV for them.


Avi8tor87 8th Oct 2011 22:00

please can some one advise regarding any better hopeful changes regarding the work permits,

been hearing ever since that pilots go there and susi air dont provide work permits,,this makes all flying hours done without work permit and indo licenses not counted and useless,,besides this is working illegally

i want this clear before i go,,i am not taking risks flying on such low pay illegally and add to that not having my hours count besides the non-competition agreement of 4 years annnnd pay the bond

if all these negatives exist- which shouldnt by law- there is no point of taking all these risk to end up where i started after a year or more!!

Varig 9th Oct 2011 04:39

This is somehow true, when you start your employment they provide for you a bussines visa, thats not legally suficient for you to work as a pilot there, however you are checked by the local aviation authority after your training and after more or less 2 months you receive your temporary airman certificate valid for 12 months. funny is that the aviation authority doenst cares if you have a work permit but in you certificate is stated that You must have it to fly (when You apply for the license they dont check this). The work permit problem basically is that this is a very bureaucratic and expansive so it might take an eternity for you to get it, if you ever do, but everyone knows susi pilots fly without these permit but its just a matter of contact$ and they will pretend they dont know nothing. The "good" thing about this is that You must leave indonesia every 60 days to renew your visa so susi air pays a ticket for you to travel to places like singapore, kuala lumpur, thailand or so, so you can do some travelling there and then for free

buskilzboeing 13th Oct 2011 09:26

Why do you have to be 23 to work for Susi Air? :(

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