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Fox_one 19th Jul 2010 11:25

CityJet Cadet Scheme 2010
CityJet Mentored Cadet Pilot Program 2010

CityJet are proud to announce Climb High, our Cadet Pilot training program. We are currently seeking highly motivated candidates to become cadet pilots in our organisation.

CityJet | Cadet Pilot Training Programme

Closing date for applications is Aug 8th 2010. Good luck.

dusty crop 19th Jul 2010 20:11

Does anybody know the criteria cityjet have for you to adhere to during training so that you continue to be part of their mentored scheme...

There was some mention of ninety per cent passes on atpl exams and no partials on flight tests etc...

Might be tricky if you were half way through and informed you were not "upto standard"

I have been told that all students will have to keep "their part of the bargain"

Anyone any ideas?

There are far too many frozen atpl s out there now with 200 hours,broke and miserable!

The flying bob 19th Jul 2010 21:46

Well, I trained with CTC mate and few guys here were presumably sponsored by Cityjet..... What a joke.
First of all, none of them has ever heard of Cityjet n 12 MONTHS.....Not a word, not an email, not a phone call, nothing...
One of the guy has been kicked out whilst training for some performance issues I presume, but he never heard anything from Cityjet. CTC simply told him, in between 2 lectures that his sponsorship was over. He never had a chance to hear from Cityjet!!!!
And finally (the best:ugh::ugh:) when they finally all completed the training, they have all been told that things were over and that no position would be available before 2012 at the earliest!!!! Mate, they are all in the holding pool swiming with me.

My point of view : If you want to be a pilot do it, if you think FTE is the right school for you, go for it but do not rely on Cityjet, they are absolute liars.

Now you may hear some success story from other.... I guess you'll listen to the one that conforts you in your decision, I can't blame you for doing so, I did the exact same thing:rolleyes::rolleyes:.

Hope you won't regret it, good luck

Bombs Away 19th Jul 2010 21:57


Think I'll pass :ok:

FANS 20th Jul 2010 13:21

They've only managed to secure a few grand off the list price for nearly a £1 million contract.

Are they the worst negotiators ever?

Or do they get a kick-back from the FTO?

Superpilot 20th Jul 2010 14:19

As the poster above says be very careful. CityJet and FTE are not really interested in giving you a job at the end. Your training will take 18 months to complete. By then CityJet may have a totally different outlook and not even be recruiting any more. These wacky deals are conjured up by recruitment chiefs who have no moral backbone and are only interested in making their little margin from customers they send to FTE.

With over 3,000 qualified 250 hour frozen ATPL holders in Europe looking for a job, CityJet are again living on another planet.

Same shit, year in, year out. Nothing ever changes.

FANS 20th Jul 2010 14:54

superpilot sums it up nicely, and explains why there are such "mentoring" schemes around despite the 1000s of CPL/IR holders. Complete joke, but still watch people roll-up.

Fox_one 20th Jul 2010 15:11

Although mentored schemes aren't perfect I think they do at least give you a foot in the door at an airline, which in my experience is the hardest task once you finish training.

There are of course no guarantees but that’s life. If you really want to become a pilot, have weighed up the risk of it going wrong and are looking at the self sponsored route then this is a good option IN MY OPINION.

FANS 20th Jul 2010 19:31

If you're determined to go integrated in the current economic climate, it's a good option.

If I could afford to loose £80k, I'd definitely apply.

dusty crop 21st Jul 2010 20:42

Thanks guys but.....
I have no intention of gambling 90 k and giving up work etc for a year.
I have read a lot of the postings on here from the periphery for the last two years..i think www has done incredible work telling things as they are...he has saved quite a few wannabes from spending a fortune...
he lost the plot for a while when he started a new thread about things picking up though!!!!........ my god! things picking up in ireland..what a joke...all the senior economists say it will be maybe 2018 before we have a return to growth...read david macwilliams article in todays independant...
the taxpayer has to put in 20 billion (maybe 30) into a small bank called anglo irish....imagine that....the government has to cut 3 billion in the next budget....all this will have a knock on efffect to the economy...
if anyone thinks this will not affect air travel....they are deluded.
Padraig o ceideigh of aer arann was on tv on saturday night and he said that things were "very tough"..
Cityjet are advertising now for candidates for the mentored scheme...i cannot understand why they would do this with people in a hold pool for 2 years...if a am wrong i am sure someone will correct me....i have a friend in the aer arann pool for a long time as well.
A suggestion to the senior moderators and experienced pilots on here from a humble wannabe....take an online poll of all the qualified pilots with less than 300 hours and ask how many of them are working?? and ask those "lurking" on the outside to register and vote....perhaps its been done before?? apologies if so.
A wannabe came to my house a few months ago looking for atpl folders..i sent him off to read www s posts here...he had been in oxford the week before at an open day... he soon changed his mind.
Anybody spending 90 k now on a career should inform themselves before making life changing decisions....some of us on here missed the boat because we were not qualified during the boom times....so be it...recriminations and regrets are never healthy.
I will continue with the modular...i dont believe age is a factor for anyone now and it is also against the law to be agest...modular and integrated all do the same exams...
So.. Well done to pprune and w.w.w for making wannabes keep an open mind...even though some of the posters here are over the top!!
There are lots of good guys out there willing to share knowledge and help others...pincipally eoin o malley who did a blog on his training with ptc..im sure he will get there in the end...
sorry to go off thread a little but it was nt that far off!
Best of luck to all..

Addemannen 24th Jul 2010 01:19

What about the finance, do I really need to have all money covered before I apply, if so how much will that be?

Bombs Away 24th Jul 2010 09:37

emm Yes you do have to have provide the full amount yourself and I believe it's about 80,000 sterling (100,000 euro give or take) at the moment. Good luck getting that :}

jez d 24th Jul 2010 12:09

With over 3,000 qualified 250 hour frozen ATPL holders in Europe looking for a job
Superpilot, can you tell me where you got this figure from please.

I don't disbelieve you, just curious as to your source.

Regards, jez

the ace of spades 28th Jul 2010 22:54

has anyone heard anything back from fte or cityjet yet??

kingofkabul 29th Jul 2010 07:49

After sending in the application you should be sent a list of questions to answer. I have sent these answers off, but as applications do not close until august 8th I do not expect to hear back until after then. The following two stages are to held in Dublin, each stage is 1 day long according to WX.

Good luck to all who apply!

eomni 30th Jul 2010 10:51

Merits and demerits of 'THE SCHEME'
Does anyone have any constructive arguments on the issue? ('constructive' being the operative work)

I mean what exactly did happen with the pull-out from CityJet with CTC a few years back? Did it happen as some posters on pprune would have you believe?

Is this, pure and simply put, a money-making scheme on the part of both FTE and CJ? I mean obviously CJ are getting some sort of contract or financial 'kick-back' as it were, as well as FTE getting a guaranteed intake of trainees, so are they simply doing this for their own gain, or does anyone believe they are seriously interested in hiring the graduates? I find it hard to imagine they're doing this for the shear hell of it, although stranger things have happened.

Are CJ hiring at the minute? Do they have a hold-pool at the minute? Is it likely that even though they themselves are running the scheme, and presumably have predicted their intake need in 2012, you could automatically be put into a hold-pool? The mere thought beggars belief, but once again, stranger things have happened.

I'm struggling to find current financial / business reports for CJ to see how they're actually doing so that's where I'm a little stumped.

kingofkabul 30th Jul 2010 12:26

As a private company the accounts they file are a bit limited, but for 2009/10 total losses increased from €16m to €64m, this is on a base of €293m revenue. yield dropped by 18%, and the operating loss - which is of most interest, was €55m. On The balance sheet its net assets are €158m, and it owes €130m to airfrance. The assets are quite high as it owns over half of the rj85s, and only leases 12 of them I think.

Overall that's not a good result, but that's to be expected given it's exposure to the city.

As for the comments on airlines running these schemes to make money, i would have thought that's a bit far fetched. It wouldn't make that much money for an airline, if any considering the costs of running a recruitment process. the problem is that with nearly a 2 year lapse between deciding to set up a cadet scheme and pilots making it onto the line the world may have changed. Typically, Airlines are pretty bad at making recruitment judgements.

Yahweh 30th Jul 2010 22:05

From a mate who works for them, Out of the previous cadet class not one was actually taken. 2 or 3 were put in a hold pool and the rest were basically let go with minimum notice.

If your applying for this scheme just go in with your eyes wide open cause there are definitely no guarantee's with this one :uhoh:

eomni 31st Jul 2010 11:23

But this is what I can't understand:

Why in hell would they bother running this course?

First of all, they can get the fATPL candidates fresh out of FTE any day of the year as there are surely plenty about.

Secondly, if they're doing it for the mentoring aspect, what is the point when they are frequently putting their cadets in a hold pool, and chances are they will with this new FTE batch they're sending in!

It's beyond belief!

Vin Diesel 2nd Aug 2010 01:05

Didn't Cityjet also run a scheme through 43 Air School in South Africa in recent years, in association with Sigmar? I wonder how many of those graduates ultimately flew the line with CityJet given the way the economy has been in recent years. I'd love to know the numbers.

I think that modern day Cadet Schemes have one major advantage. IF the 'mentoring' airline is doing well when you graduate then you're top of the queue to get onto the line.

But, if things aren't doing so well with that operator, then you're no better off than your fellow coursemates who self sponsored their training, and possibly, many thousands of pounds or euros worse off than those who hold the same licence via the modular route.

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