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Captain Punishment 23rd Sep 2008 18:03

Airline Training Partnership - easyJet Line Flying - Jobs after??!!
Hello guys has anyone actually completed the course yet and actually got employment with easyJet or one of the middle east carriers that have been promised to them?

It looks a very interesting course if it all comes off - But the proof is in the pudding!

Any thoughts or first hand experiences would be of great help, I think many people are watching this course to see if it delivers what it promises. If it does, it will be a little gold mine and I would certainly consider doing it.

Look forward to hearing your views.

MIKECR 23rd Sep 2008 20:50

I hope the poor boys and girls sitting in the Ezy hold pool get placed long before anyone from the ATP scheme.

IrishJetdriver 24th Sep 2008 00:16

Unless you have a rock solid, absolutely guaranteed, earthquake, bomb and fireproof job guarantee then don't touch it with a barge pole.

There are over 800 newly available fully qualified and highly experienced pilots on the market and you have no chance whatsoever of getting a job ahead of them.

Do something better with the money. Please.

Captain Punishment 24th Sep 2008 17:08

It all seems a little quiet out there on this subject, I was hoping that there would be some people with first hand experience or know of somebody that is doing or has completed the course.

They are still advertising heavily and I would have thought that the first batch of students would have been through the mill by now for us to see the end result and find out if it really does what it says on the tin??

Wing_Bound_Vortex 24th Sep 2008 20:10

I believe it's exactly the opposite, in terms of being up to scratch, than ATP were suggesting. Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole, there's no job with easyJet at the end of it, and it's far far too costly.


QAFPS 24th Sep 2008 20:53

I think you should go for it. The more people we get paying to fly the line, the more money easyJet gets and the more money available for next year's pay rise for the guys that (shock horror) actually get paid to fly easyJet's aircraft. I have only heard good things about the ATP guys on line...some say that they are the children of Bader himself. The CTC cadets are by comparison nothing but wannabes with dreams higher than their station.


Screwballs 25th Sep 2008 00:24

Is this a modular or integrated course?

take a step back...

Flyit Pointit Sortit 25th Sep 2008 05:00

Even CTC Cadets who have been flying the line for Ezy for the last 6 months are being released to the job centre.

What chance does anyone have from this ATP scheme who are doing type rating groundschool in a day?? Especially with the reputation they are receiving.

Forget it!

Captain Punishment 25th Sep 2008 14:21

There is a lot of talk about not getting into EZY after the course, aparently the view on this has changed and there will be NO job offer with them.

The question I originally posted was any job with ATP's partner airlines Etihad / Air Arabia. I heard from a mate that he had heard that the first batch of students went or were going to Air Arabia in the first week of Sept. I just wanted to find out the outcome etc.

Does anybody have any further news regarding this please?

Troy McClure 25th Sep 2008 14:22

According to an Easyjet TRE, a lot of these ATP guys are failing their type ratings. ATP only care about the money, and if they do any form of selection (other than cashing the cheque), their tests are far too easy. There's a misconception out there that you can 'buy' a type rating. If only it were that easy....

redsnail 25th Sep 2008 16:01

According to BALPA, easyJet will not be entering into an agreement like the ATP scheme again for the foreseeable future.

EpsilonVaz 25th Sep 2008 16:25

Just to be clear, there was never any job offer with ezy from ATP, nor any sort of "hint" of a job with ezy, it was made clear to the ATP cadets that they are going to receive a TR and line training by ezy only. After that, they are free to apply to ezy the normal way, just like everyone else.

And Captain Punishment, you are correct, as far as I know, the first batch who have just finished their line training have gone to one of ATP's partner airlines, Air Arabia.

Troy McClure, as far as I know, only one person has failed their TR, but after some extra sim sessions, they passed their LST.

Captain Punishment 25th Sep 2008 16:36

If the students are failing type ratings does this not reflect badly on the easyJet TRI's as they are supposedly conducting the TR?

I think that this is diversing somewhat as all I need is info on the job prospects at the end, do they deliver or not.

I have no issue with the type rating as I am under no illusion that it will be hard work, but I will prepare well before hand and have performed well in all courses that I have done. I also have a strong raw data IFR background so am hoping that I should be fine.

The only real concern is that they deliver their claims of a job with 'one of their several airline partners'

I have a friend who is cabin crew for EZY and from what he says the TC's have not got a problem with the quality of the students coming through the ATP scheme, although maybe 2 or 3 were below par, but this would be expected out of 30 or so candidates. They may have got the type rating but line training is another thing with real pressure and tight time constraints etc so some may not have the spare capacity to deal with it all.

EpsilonVaz 25th Sep 2008 17:23

Captain Punishment: Yes, it seems ATP are living up to their promises.

Superpilot: Sales pitch or not, no one I have met on the course is under the impression that they will be staying with ezy. Everyone expects to go to Air Arabia, and the first batch have already gone.

So, to answer some things about the ATP scheme, mostly, what do I think of it all? ATP have been more than accommodating, and extremely helpful with any issues that have arisen, and for people who have needed extra training, it was not made an issue. Yes ATP is a business, but they don't come across as "money grabbers" at all.

I understand that the scheme is contraversial, however considering the current climate, and most importantly, what you feel is best for you, ATP is definately something to consider.

With everything of course, there is risk. So just like you did when you undertook fight training for the first time, and had made the decision to go all the way, you need to look at this scheme, assess the risk to you, and if you can survive if it goes tits up.

(No, I don't work for ATP)

Captain Punishment 25th Sep 2008 18:18

EpsilonVaz: On what grounds do you make these comments? You certainly claim to know a hell of a lot about the scheme along with what seems to be a cracking sales pitch for them - But you say that you do not work for them?!

What is your position and how do you know all this?

You are apart from me, the only other person as far as I can see that has anything positive to say about ATP.

Have all students that have passed through ATP and completed line training got jobs with Air Arabia? I would of thought that they would have been shouting this from the roof tops as this is the strongest selling point of their product in the current climate - Which would set them apart from the eaglejet's of this world!

Without the job at the end, it is just a more expensive eaglejet with another failing string of promises.

Superpilot: My cc friend was def talking about ATP not CTC ATP as he even said that there was a little aprehension about the quality of the students that would come through, but they were pleasantly suprised that they were of a good standard, with like I said a couple slightly below par as you would expect from any course intake - including CTC.

In general I would just like to ascertain that the course delivers at the end as I have my MCC in a couple of weeks and would be looking at this course as my next step and would like to work for EZY and apply through the proper channels ofcourse, but would be fine to work anywhere in the world that the job would send me.

potkettleblack 25th Sep 2008 18:29

Where to after Air Arabia? What are your dreams and aspirations after you have done your time with Air Arabia? Don't forget that your CV will be with you for your entire career so unless you want to end up being a journeyman scouring the earth working for every and any operator that will have you then you need to consider carefully who you are prepared to work for and their reputation in the industry.

Captain Punishment 25th Sep 2008 18:40

potkettleblack: The Air Arabia thing is sold as 'full time employment' so I would maybe quite happlily stay in middle east if I liked it out there and then on to Etihad, Emirates or one of the other carriers to graduate onto the A330 or something when I have a few thousands hours - Why do you ask?

I think the newbies looking for their first job are not able to pick and choose their first job on the carriers reputation nor what it looks like on or CV's, so my aim would be to take anything going and pick and choose my next step after that.

It's all a nightmare at the mo I know, but we all just want to get a start and start living the dream. With the money and time spent there is no going back now for us all. Just need to open as many doors as possible and take what is offered.

EpsilonVaz 25th Sep 2008 18:51

Captain Punishment: I am on the ATP scheme.

I think the reason many people on the ATP scheme don't post here is because they know they will get jumped on. However I can say that most of them definately read this forum daily.

potkettleblack: Beggars can't be choosers in a climate like this, but once I have hours on type, I will be better off. I have many ideas on where I would like to go after Air Arabia, I am 21, I wish to eventually work for a large airline in the UK, but who knows what will happen in the future? All we can do is use our judgement to try and ensure our best possible futures.

Screwballs 26th Sep 2008 00:48

I see people are now taking advice from Cabin Crew.


assymetricdrift 26th Sep 2008 12:16


So you think that having a few hours of line training under your belt is going to actually be a great aid in an industry that has effectively gone up it's chuff in the last 6 months?

Just think about the number of experienced pilots out there who have just lost their jobs. XL, Zoom, Silverjet - and on and on. Those guys and girls most likely have a vast amount more experience of commercial operations, flying, command of a commercial aircraft and will also be very employable.

Let us not forget that this industry is going through a bleak time right now, and schemes like this are not helping anyone. If you want sympathy - check out those 25 odd guys and girls from CTC who have just been released after their 6 month probation period. I am sure schemes like this have not helped their cause at all - the reason is that pilots who pay for this are cheaper than cadets that would be with the airline for a long time, and eventually get command.

Very short sighted decision really by all concerned. I hope BALPA get involved and prevent something like this from happening in the future again.

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