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Old 9th May 2003, 17:24
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I have been writing and sending C.V.`S to Air Wales for over a year and have not even had an acknowledgement.

I have a U.K. Frozen A.T.P.L. etc 950Hrs total (620 MEP) and I have a house 15 Min drive away from Swansea Airport.

I would be very interested in any comments.

Thank you.



e-mail: [email protected]
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Old 9th May 2003, 17:44
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Bit of advice i got today, and it seems very logical. Make yourself a pest. You only live 15 mins away, why don't you drive down, and give their ops department a little visit. I know it's still a small company, and they must be absolutely inundated with C.V.'s maybe they don't have the resources or the time to reply to the c.v.'s of people that they don't want to employ yet (i didn't say don't want to employ. i said yet). and call them on a regular basis. ask if you can get a jump seat (even pay for a round trip ticket and arrange beforehand to sit up front) if it's allowed.

anyways i'm in a similar boat to you, good luck
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Old 9th May 2003, 17:47
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If you live 15 min away why not go there show your face and ask them?

(Oops looks like someone beat me to it by 3 min)
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Old 9th May 2003, 18:18
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A colleugue of mine is also very interested in Joining Air Wales and lives in Cardiff. I don't know if he went to see them in person or called, but he spoke to the CP and they are only taking type rated guys, of which there is a plentyful supply. Wouldn't have thought it myself, but it seems they can get the crew AT THE MOMENT and they don't seem bothered how many hours you've got. Keep pestering them and go down and hand your CV in and have achat
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Old 10th May 2003, 05:30
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Regarding the previous comment on type rated guys, I spoke with a friend of mine who works there and apparently they have just/are about to, take some people who are paying for their own type rating as there is far from a ready supply of ATR guys available.

I also have been told they have a tie up with some ex Cityflyer people who have just opened an ATR TRTO.
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Old 12th May 2003, 01:23
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Although there's nothing wrong with turning up in person if the Chief Pilot or others have the time to see you (and I'd guess that most wouldn't), surely if you

Make yourself a pest
there's a risk that you're going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.
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So if Mark Giordani contributes towards his own type rating then he'll be offered a job & whether he "pesters" them or not it won't make a blind bit of difference unless he's got about 6,000 to 8,000 spare. Yet another tin pot outfit milking the large pool of unemployed pilots desparate for that first break....COME THE REVOLUTION!
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I'm ATR type rated - haven'y heard a word from them.
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Look here. U have applied to BMI baby who apparently are not a bundle of larfs to work for.....u have applied to Air Wales and heard nothing....u have had an interview and passed it at NOW...and been offered a sim ride.......just chill out.

In my opinion by the fact you passed an interview means NOW want to employ you. They will check your skills and offer u a job unless u f?ck the sim up.

If you want my opinion, get in a jet sim quickly and practice if u can afford it or unless u r current. But it does not sound like u r.....

Just sit back and wait. NOW could be the next easyJet, or they could be another Debonair.... who knows, but u will gain experience.

However I reckon u will get the job!

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Found this today, doesn't appear to be 100% finished though
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