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Wizzair-2 cadets

Old 31st Aug 2021, 01:54
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Vow... they have improved I guess.

As before you just needed to give the right person a lump full of cash in a brown envelope or bank account in some tax free haven to get a job with them.
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Old 31st Aug 2021, 16:10
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Guys any idea what does it mean PRE SCREENING STATUS?
Has been more than 1 year mine is like that, is there any hope to be called ?
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Old 1st Sep 2021, 06:57
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For those who have been in, if you are TR -and I believe everyone that has gone has the TR-, did they have many questions about the 320? or they were all about basic ATPL? 60 questions?
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Old 1st Sep 2021, 19:34
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It is usually pretty much same for all companies. When you are rated you get type related exam if you are fresh from school you get Atpl questions or/and questions about your last flown aircraft at school.
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Old 4th Sep 2021, 20:55
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Hi all,
I'll attend my interview soon, applied for Type Rated Cadet and I have no time on type. Anyone who has gone already through the interview (possibly also TR Cadet) could share their experience and shed some light as to what to expect for the sim, theory test, etc.? About the psychometric test, would SkyTest be helpful for preparation or is just the type of test to assess your personality?
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Old 5th Sep 2021, 00:37
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Did Wizz hire anyone recently? Is it just some elaborate PR stunt to get their talent pool full so when they need someone, they can just summon a pilot at will?
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Old 5th Sep 2021, 07:22
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Hiring. Full swing.


Hello. Check ADAPT by symbiotics 👍🏻
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Old 5th Sep 2021, 15:39
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They are hiring. Someone mentioned they had been given 8 days for training start dates after the positive call.
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Old 9th Sep 2021, 10:43
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What do they use for the tests? Is ADAPT by symbiotics or SkyTest?
There are interviews tomorrow, if someone has been there, either positive or negative, it would be great to know how was it.

I plan to go next week and I'll report here when I'm back
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Old 9th Sep 2021, 11:45
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Adapt as mentioned above.
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Old 13th Sep 2021, 17:33
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Anyone has info regarding NTR - they sent an email to update the application with the notice period couple of days ago ...
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 09:44
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Hey Javeee, what e-mail did you get? I have applied for an NTR cadet position, and I got an e-mail last Thursday, that my application go shortlisted. What is your notice period? Thanks, and good luck!
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Old 14th Sep 2021, 15:27
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Hey! Just to upload the medical & license in case it has expire and also to add the notice which I put around 30 days. Finger crossed! Good luck to you too!
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Old 16th Sep 2021, 12:31
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Anyone went to the assessments those past few weeks ?
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Old 1st Nov 2021, 13:58
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Hi everyone.

Any news on the NTR Cadet position? Does anyone know if they are actually hiring or starting TR course?
From what I have heard, graduated from the Wizz Pilot academy are currently doing the theory for the Type....
My application says that they are still currently reviewing all applications, but as most of you, I already lost all my hopes.
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Old 14th Nov 2021, 16:55
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Hi Pilot Beck,

What nationality are you and when did you submit the application? I am applying next month so would be great to get an idea of how long it is taking so far.
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Old 15th Nov 2021, 03:46
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I have applied for 4 months ago, still my application says “it is under review”. When did you guys apply?

I know the waiting game is killing us, let’s have patience and help each other.
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Old 15th Nov 2021, 13:29
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from what I heard they are restructuring the the recruiting dept. and that is the reason why they are not processing applications at the moment
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