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Wizzair Pilot Academy

Old 4th Aug 2021, 14:43
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Hello everyone, do you now if wizz air is doing assessments for the cadet first officers (Cadet (non type-rated) ?
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Old 5th Aug 2021, 07:14
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cadet type-rated and above at the moment
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Old 15th Aug 2021, 08:58
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So are they recruiting zero experience cadets?

My application on the portal says “you have not been selected” but I didn’t receive a rejection email. So are they still considering my application or not?
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Old 16th Aug 2021, 16:48
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Hi Everyone,
Has anyone been hired as a cadet recently with Wizz?
What's the offer at the moment & T&Cs?
Finishing flight school at the moment only need to complete the UPRT. Still unsure whether to apply to Wizz or Ryanair dont really have the 30K for Ryanair
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Old 17th Aug 2021, 08:59
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Hi mate, try to find a forum about Wizz and not the Pilot Academy. This is an ab initio program. But as far as I'm concerned, Wizz is only actively recruiting experienced pilots, graduates from their pilot academy or cadets with A320 rating.
Ryanair is recruiting cadets for summer 2022, not earlier. You pay 30k for the rating but have no job guarantee (only the line training).
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Old 18th Aug 2021, 10:40
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Im seeing the same "you have not been selected" msg since February. When i return from my vacation i will reapply to see if anything changes. When did apply?
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Old 19th Aug 2021, 15:24
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I applied early August. I don’t think they are hiring zero experience cadets. Which makes me wonder why are the applications open.
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Old 19th Aug 2021, 15:39
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Hi. If you mean WAPA program - they still do assesements for cadets for 0-ATPL program continuously.
Do not mix it with WizzAir pilot interviews.
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Old 19th Sep 2021, 01:24
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The price total of program.

Hello. Can you tell me,the price total of program. If you know it.
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Old 26th Sep 2021, 13:01
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Hi guys, how are you? I have an assessment day in October. I received the mail with Math and Physics material. Can someone tell me which part we should be focus on in Math? I was looking that what they send us, it linear equations, functions, quadric functions etc. And again on some site I read it that they are giving basic things like multiplication, division, subtraction as well as speed, distance and time calculations.

Has anyone done the test and can tell us on what we should be focused?
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Old 10th Oct 2021, 11:54
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Its roughly 61,710 euro, including the cost of the aptitude test (price doesn't include accommodation and transport) however, if you stay with wizz air for 5 years, and do not breach any contract, that the last 5 thousand will be written off. this is structured as such : 13950 payed upfront before starting training, then, after being released as a first officer by wizz air, you will start making monthly payments of 520 euro, for the next 30 months, then 897 euro for the 30 months after that, and finally, an optional payment of 1000 euro per month fro the next 5 months. cost of aptitude test may vary between 210 to 250 euro, depending on the flight school you apply to.
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Old 5th Nov 2021, 10:28
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I applied on 24 OCT 21 and have yet to hear anything. Has anyone else heard anything since applying then?
How much is the type rating at the end and if there is a bond how long is the type rating bond for?
Additionally, do you need to have a valid Class 1 Medical for the assessment or for beginning the programme?

Thank you in advance.
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Old 7th Nov 2021, 20:44
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Yo don't have to bring Class 1 medical for the assessment. You can do it afterwards, if Wizz will select you. Having or not haviing Medical does not affect the assesment.
Type Rating - bonded scheme available.
24-Oct - is not too far from today. Just check yoou status on the career website (don't forget to switch UK/US language on the career website - check both of them)

Best Regards
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Old 10th Nov 2021, 16:06
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Hi, guys! My assessment is at the end of this month. Since the situation from the application to the assessment unraveled quite rapidly, I had to acquire tons of information over a very short period of time. Perhaps the most difficult for me was to revive my Physics knowledge, since I learned it for the last time 10 years ago in German, which is not my native language and now I have to do it in English.. But aside from that. Do You have any tips on how to improve my skills in listening to the radio? I have bought few prep packages - SkyTest, Pilotassessment for WizzAir (incl. Cadets), and the listening-comprehension tests trouble me the most. I manage to understand only partly some phrases and codes and usually my results are below 50% Thanks in advance!
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Old 20th Nov 2021, 17:52
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Officer33 Congratulations and Good Luck!

Could I ask when you applied?
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