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EasyJet MPL 2017

Old 25th Jul 2017, 13:23
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Originally Posted by jimi_riddler View Post
No CTC have the same route 4 as OAA, basically haven't been accepted by the airline but can continue on whitetail course.
From the information provided, easyJet have 3 routes via CTC. MPL, MPL Upgrade and fATPL. They never used to have (and still don't according to their website) anything along the lines of an 'easyJet route 4'.

OAA on the other hand have a fully marketed 'route 4' which is basically just unfounded spin on their normal ATPL integrated course.

I think the person asking the question is referring to the route 4 that CTC used to have, which sort of an AQC for those who already hold the licenses and they would do the TR with easyJet via CTC ... the plug got pulled on it from what i recall.
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Old 25th Jul 2017, 14:48
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Thanks for your replies.

You have to undertake both days to be offered a route (to answer Mat's q).

I also wonder whether the easyJet contract is the same for route 3 as for route 1/2? I have heard of flexi-crew and non-permanent contracts (for all routes) which is slightly disturbing.
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Old 25th Jul 2017, 15:04
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Route 4 at CTC is basically the applicant has passed CTC selection but hasn't been successful with the airline at stage 4 so can still attend whitetail but 'non-tagged'.
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Old 25th Jul 2017, 17:44
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Has anyone heard of any upgrades happening for the guys and girls on route 2?
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Old 25th Jul 2017, 19:46
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interested in that as well
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Old 26th Jul 2017, 04:13
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Where routing is concerned at L3 they've traditionally followed Routes 1 - 3 we will all be too familiar with by now. Confusion comes from Route 4 which as I understand it at Oxford is simply their marketing for their Integrated ATPL whereas the L3 Route 4 was an entirely different scheme launched in the latter portion of last year to fill the sudden additional demand from easyJet. L3 took non-type rated, non-L3 cadets onboard to complete the AQC and Type Rating. If you fail to secure Routes 1, 2 or 3 at L3 then you may well still stand a chance of the typical Integrated scheme and that's no different to any airline program at L3 but on the face of it Whitetail and Route 3 are much of a likeness.

Route upgrade wise I've not heard anything personally but the majority of the new easyJet Route 2 / 3 cohorts are coming to the end of their ground school in the coming weeks. Perhaps things will come to light then.
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 18:36
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Guys, I was speaking to somebody today regarding this scheme.

They told me that they got through to the final stage last year but failed on the final stage. They are able to rebook onto the final stage for this year's scheme. Is it free for them to do so or do they need to pay the assessment fee again?
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 21:36
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I believe PILAPT results are valid for 1 year. So as long as he passed that stage within a year he should only need to do the last assessment stage.
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Old 28th Jul 2017, 22:03
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They will be classed as a re-applicant, and will therefore be required to pay 168.00 for re-doing the element(s) that they failed, whether that was PILAPT/Maths, or the Interview/Group Ex. Hope it goes well
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As a follow-on from my previous post about easyJet's internal sponsorship scheme ('Tagging Talent'), they've just launched their biggest recruitment drive ever for cabin crew -
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Old 1st Aug 2017, 13:08
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On the CTC application status page, does anyone know what the "Airline Process" section is referring to?

Also to those who have been successful and allocated a route:
Do you find out if you have been successful with CTC/L3CTS, in other words eligible for whitetail, before finding out if you have been successful regarding the easyJet MPL scheme?

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The "Airline Process" section doesn't require anything from us, it's just there to highlight that your "file" has gone to the airline to be assessed, i.e. you have completed all stages of the assessment, and then just need to wait to hear from easyJet.

With regards to route allocation, if you meet CTC's criteria, you will get an e-mail, advising that you've passed "L3's standard", but that doesn't mean you have passed easyJet's, so you then receive another e-mail, specifying if you've been offered a route, and if so, which one... some people have waited a matter of days for the airline e-mail, some weeks, others several months - think it depends on how lucky you are with how many applicants easyJet is reviewing at any one time...
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Has anyone applied with BBVA for a loan in the past few months and can give some feedback on how it went/wait times? Feel free to PM me if you would rather. Would be greatly appreciated!
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Old 1st Aug 2017, 19:59
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I contacted them and was sent through their pack about a month ago. I decided not to apply as their lending criteria was very strict and unless you are practically mortgage free the amount they can lend, in my instance wasn't enough. I would advise to shop around a little as although BBVA offer a 'tailored package' for funding they also charge for it! There are many other places to look. I would recommend talking with a financial advisor as they seem to hold the key to the universe.

That probably doesn't help at all does it?
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Old 1st Aug 2017, 21:06
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I've actually already applied I'm just waiting and was wondering how long it took and what people's experiences were! To be fair I never really thought about looking elsewhere I wonder if people have got a similar style product from another bank.
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Those looking at BBVA, I've written a comprehensive guide on their offering and process on my blog (link in bio). With that said though, I would strongly advise looking around. It would appear the latter half of 2017 has brought with it some rather attractive mortgage products from the high street lenders -Santander and Halifax so i've heard.

BBVA offer a great solution should you qualify but it's not as easy to get the full course cost as they make out in their materials. It's very tightly risk assessed. I mean, we had to fight to get 70k, let alone the 110k for the MPL. That and the interest is steep!

The advice of chatting to a financial advisor is perhaps your best bet. They will know more about any financial offering than any of us on here.
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From what I can see of this whole situation, and I know from first-hand experience, getting a job as an airline pilot is more difficult than getting into university to read medicine.
Trust me I'm a doctor
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I presume that's largely because flying planes requires large sums of cash up front the vast majority of the time. With medicine, it does seem to be more of a meritocracy, of course there are some who've benefitted from a private education etc. but overall it's presumably going to be on your grades, life experience and aptitude.

Naturally, vast numbers apply for these programmes, on the two occasions I've applied for cadet programmes (both had airline funding attached and odds of success of 300:1), I've been shortlisted and at that stage fewer than 10% of the competition is left. I'm far from being a superhuman though feel that funding is the hardest bit, if all programmes required no candidate funding it would be much easier for those without the requisite cash and much harder for those with.
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easyJet: Inside the Cockpit

First episode: 14 August - Monday - 2100.
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Any ideas?

Hey guys, been offered a place on the MPL (route 1) and would like to contact easyJet in order to put a case forward for underwriting. I've been told that this is not possible by CTC but would like to give it a crack regardless. Anyone had any experience with the way that easyJet runs this scheme/who is responsible for it? Not really sure of the best person to try and reach out to.
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