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Old 3rd Feb 2018, 21:11   #481 (permalink)

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There definitely will be tech questions, I am not type rated and had a couple tricky ones and even a A320 specific question. But all the questions were on relevant systems, stuff you should know more or less. AGK would be worth going over I would say!
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Old 5th Feb 2018, 07:13   #482 (permalink)
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Pay scale

Anybody have the pay scale or know how many years to top Captain pay scale?

Can you bid for stby/reserve?
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Old 6th Feb 2018, 01:43   #483 (permalink)
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22 pt pay scale, no bidding for STBY
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Old 13th Feb 2018, 12:28   #484 (permalink)

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Any News?


Has anyone heard anything after their assessment? Positive or negative?
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Old 13th Feb 2018, 15:53   #485 (permalink)
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I'm aware of 2 people who have invites to sim this week, they got them just hours after their assessment last week. I'm still waiting, did the assessment, interviews, I thought I did well, but to be honest I think so did everyone. Everybody I talked to was smart, prepared and pleasant, everyone was shining through the group exercises so I really think it's a lottery at this stage..
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Old 13th Feb 2018, 22:03   #486 (permalink)
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What anonymous_hopeful said - good luck all!
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Old 14th Feb 2018, 07:40   #487 (permalink)
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Hi Guys,

The question is : do people get positive reply ?
From Aer Lingus there is no reply when it's negative
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Old 14th Feb 2018, 07:53   #488 (permalink)
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This depends, sometimes they have and at other times they haven't - even with their cadetship it was the same.

There is a reluctance to send 'no' emails out, this seems to be because they rarely have a definitive 'no' on all people, there are times when they have actually sent out negative emails and then called the person back without them even reapplying. They seem to like to keep all their options open and for this reason don't like sending hard negative emails ... remember they can only take a certain number at a certain time, they may still really like some people and want them as an option in future.

This is what I have been told directly from those in the know and also from my own personal experience.
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Old 15th Feb 2018, 09:06   #489 (permalink)
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Ok, so why hasn't they gave an answer to my friends in august, and launch recruitment session in october... ? I guess there is plenty of guy waiting an answer from them.

I love your speech, this is a dreaming and loving one... sorry I buy it at 40% only
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Old 15th Feb 2018, 10:27   #490 (permalink)

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I think you've made your point. Good luck to you and everyone still in the process, let's hope for the best!
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Old 15th Feb 2018, 13:18   #491 (permalink)

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It is rather ironic, that a company whose last item in the company values list is "Honesty", can't be honest enough about your performance. I'd argue that after spending a considerable amount of time and money to attend, the least they could do is either let us go or give us a positive answer. At least explain what it is the hold up.
I have a family to feed and need to make a decision ASAP as to what am I going to do, accept a job outside aviation that pays well, in which I have to commit a minimum 6 months or hold on until I get an answer.
I understand your frustration completely, we can all rant here but it will all go back to something I have said before, industry and the airline owe us nothing, and it's pilots fault for selling themselves down the river for years too cheaply. I argued with many guys here over several things, it is good to disagree. I made it to the final and they didn't but now I think it was a blessing in disguise for them, as they didn't have to break the bank at least.
You only "buy at 40%"? good, that's how it should be, it means you're not naive and will questions things.
If your friends never got a response then they either are not telling you the full story or there are flaws with AL processes. We all heard that some guys were hired a few years ago, then couple of weeks after some agency advertised for those jobs and none of the original candidates were taken in. They aren't perfect or totally honest so yes, be sceptical. They owe us nothing but they were the ones who made the promise of a transparent and swift process, you have the right to question then. But also, don't lose your sleep over it, I made peace already and am not frantically checking my phone or emails. That said, never applying to them again as I know its a waste of time and money.
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Old 15th Feb 2018, 16:22   #492 (permalink)
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An organisation can appear to want to do the right thing - sadly many working in those organisations are not fully equipped to run it with their own values. Their methods speak volumes about them as an organisation. Sadly those seeking for jobs have their hands tied and have to accept this treatment.

But one must think if they will fit into an organisation that does not live up to their own values.

pay peanuts you get monkeys
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Old 15th Feb 2018, 20:30   #493 (permalink)
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Aer Lingus is without a doubt the most shambolic recruitment process I have ever applied to. A really poor reflection of what seems like a great company once you get in.
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Old 16th Feb 2018, 16:35   #494 (permalink)
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After 15 years of experiences with human ressources in 6 Companies, I totally agree with you. According to what I have seen so far in AL
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 00:12   #495 (permalink)
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Good company once you are in?

.. if they manage their recruitment in this way...then just imagine how they manage their training and operations - let alone the treatment if you need support .
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 08:56   #496 (permalink)
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Apparently they said they would be in touch by the end of March to all. Over 360 pilots went through assessment centre I believe.
If you haven't got a call for Sim or interview by now surely you can read between the lines. You'll know for sure soon. Those scoring well are the priority those not will know by March end.
Move on folks...
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 11:41   #497 (permalink)

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That will be nearly 3 months later...LOL what a joke. As I said, wish I haven't bothered. That money could have bought the missus something nice, or hundreds of nappies for the child, take the family on a little break etc.
Its about choices, and I have made the wrong one in bothering with this sorry excuse of an airline. And as you said, moving on.
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 13:00   #498 (permalink)
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It is just one week (!) or five working days since the assessment days are over. So I think we should give them some time. In my opinion there is nothing to complain about. For me it was a positive experience, even if I haven’t had an Interview yet. And I still have a positive mind setting.

The EI team expected to meet a certain personality when I was showing up there. They already knew who I am because I answered lots of personal questions. Now, guess what they are doing? They are simply looking for evidence that I behave like they expect me to behave from those questions. That's what it is all about.

They crosscheck that during the group assessment. For example your profile says that you are an active listener. This is important when working in a team environment. Well, great. But in reality you are not listening to others, don't engage with the whole group, overrule others... That’s it, you are out. That’s not what they expected, not what you pretended to be, based on your psychological profile they have. They score us during every exercise. That score has to fit into the whole picture.

One could also have bad luck with the group itself and get drowned in the dynamic behaviour of some people. That is the, or another reason for the panel exercise…

You had the interview? Oh, it was really relaxed… Nice people, a little Smalltalk, they want to learn more about you… Just be yourself….
Did they ask for your weakness for example? Believe me; they already know your weaknesses. At least they have a rough idea of it. Again, does your answer show evidence to their idea of who you are? Yes? Great, so time to go to the Sim.

Here is another place where it all comes together. But they are not only assessing your flying skills. They expect you to be able to handle the acft in a professional manner… But again, what about the personality you showed during the whole assessment? Does it fit in the big picture?

There are so many hidden hurdles to stumble about…

They collect a lot of data during the assessment. The evaluation will take some time. Even if somebody made it in the Sim, that does not necessarily mean that all went right.
But I think they progress those at first to the next stage, who showed the best prospects for a good outcome during the process.

Some will fail; some are only an average fit to their needs. It might also be that others have a better gig with another company. Especially some of the experienced guys will probably have more than one opportunity. This is the time where they will look at those who haven't had the interview yet.

That is just my point of view and I really have to say that I met some good people with a professional attitude in Dub. Most of them, if not all will make their way somehow. At least the assessment day was a good experience, not only about the company itself, but also on what to expect in Ireland.

And yes, I spend money and time in the preparation process. But I did that for me, not especially for EI as it is not the only airline I applied to. It is an investment in my future.

And yes, I spend money in a MCC refresher on a 320. I'm not rated on any type, but I believe it is important to keep my MCC skills sharp. You never know... But again, it was for me and myself and nobody else. But I want to be prepared and show a professional way of working should I need it someday.

The only money I spent especially for the assessment was the journey itself. And this is something I was aware of in advance, even before applying for the job.

But I agree it would be somewhat annoying if they do not give an answer at all about the outcome of the process. The first filter was the online assessment, but thereafter it is getting more personal and it wouldn't fit to their company values if they just leave us with no response. While saying this, I'm confident that we will hear from them.
Just give them time to assess and work with all that data they collected. There are more than 300 personalities to be looked at in a respectful way. And that’s what they do.

So let’s stay tuned and keep each other informed if there is any movement…
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 16:52   #499 (permalink)

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So according to some people it takes them too long and that makes EI a bad company straight away?

If your really that short minded, you don’t belong in aviation. Cause you will need a lot of patience is this career my friend.
As said above interviews have only finished like 5 days ago, and they saw around 300 people, do you really think that you’ll get a call or email straight after the first day there done? You should know better.

There professional people with flying jobs next to there recruitment job too so give them a bit of time before you start writing it’s a stupid company.

I have invested money and time as well, and it was all worth it. Is it not for EI if I do t make it thru this stage it is a good experience and I’ll use that experience for a next assessment.
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Old 17th Feb 2018, 17:25   #500 (permalink)
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You knew what the competition was like before you purchased the tickets to come for the interview, didn't you? Having you whine about the expenses is just childish. The process isn't even over yet and you're already are making a scene.. I was there too, I also had my expenses and had to take time off to attend.. but they owe me nothing, I can take a hint and move on.
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