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Aer Lingus - Direct Entry Pilot (A320)

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Aer Lingus - Direct Entry Pilot (A320)

Old 22nd Jun 2017, 12:13
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I've got a mate who's been there about a year now who went to EI from another well known UK airline in which he was captain and went direct SFO.

He says training was good, company is good, although just like any other airline job. All positive stuff.

Captain's he has worked with have been welcoming of his background and experience.

He does get the odd overnight places, even being on the 320. He's Dublin based but gets moved all over the show between, Belfast, Cork and Dublin with the odd overnight in London too.

Regarding the salary, I haven't spoke exact figures with him, but he says it's fantastic at the moment as he gets paid in Euros and the pound is so weak.
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Old 22nd Jun 2017, 13:06
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They do have overnights in Heathrow, not sure about gatwick. The guy is trying to suggest his mate lives off these allowances, they are very few and far between (certainly not offering anything in a quantity you could consider to give you a decent enough salary boost) and i think some porkie pies are being told.
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Old 22nd Jun 2017, 14:00
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just to jump in, I don't know what AerLingus is like, but I do know what Dublin and Ireland in general is like.. from 54k a year you will pay just short of 1/3 in tax which is fairly standard across EU. Ireland has a progressive tax system, so small and middle income earners pay less tax. As for the accommodation - yep, it is expensive and I doubt you will find anything decent for 1k in Dublin.. However, especially if you have a car, you have no good reason to live in Dublin, there are loads of commuter towns surrounding Dublin airport where you can get a decent 3 bed house for 1k or a 2 bed apartment for less

taking that into account, the average salary in Ireland is about 45k, so really with 54k one should expect to be doing alright
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Old 22nd Jun 2017, 17:45
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Thanks for posting this it was very entertaining to read! Pure nonsense nonetheless though!
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Old 24th Jun 2017, 03:09
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Agreed, pure nonsense.

For what it's worth I find the training department to be excellent, with the current lot very hot on SOPs whilst still encouraging us to hand fly as often as the conditions permit (not sure how many other airlines even let their pilots take the auto thrust out any more?)

Plenty of relatively cheap places near the airport to live, Swords is basically a town full of EI employees for example, although many choose to live in Dublin City. In my experience Dublin is better value than most other major European cities, but stay away from Temple Bar (although locals don't go out here anyway).

The bidding system generally works well and those who want the overnights tend to get a lot of them (Belfast, Cork, Shannon, London) so it is possible to save a bit of extra cash from these. Others bid for routes with better sector pay, higher hours (more performance pay) or simply easier days.

Decent union and a company that's performing well both on the Atlantic and in Europe, even with Ryanair competing against us in our own backyard.

Type rating paid for, uniform and licence, Crew food, parking, summer leave, pension, incremental pay scale, decent hotels and long haul opportunities if that floats your boat. Sure it's not perfect and we work hard in the summer, but I can't imagine working anywhere else.
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Old 1st Jul 2017, 03:04
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Originally Posted by Fdoffbirdon View Post
I can see you are going to do well in the Aer Lingus selection with your fastidious knowledge of the Irish tax system and knowledge of Ireland in general. Perhaps sing a few ballads from the Dubliners in your interview, that will really impress them.

Taxes are low in Ireland if you happen to be Apple or Microsoft, not if you are a PAYE employee. They are amongst the highest in Europe along with a thing called USC, universal social charge which everyone has to pay as the government bailed out the failed Irish banks. I feel silly telling you all of this as you have such a good grasp of the subject.

He is from Ireland...yes, but doesn't fancy living with his parents, if you want to live in an apartment without your parents you have to pay a charge, it's called rent, perhaps you have heard of it in your country or do landlords let you live for free in return for your free tax and sound financial planning advice. Unfortunately, he is not as gifted as you and has to pay 1500 per month for a one bed in a decent area.

No, he is not bonded but all DEP's start on the same salary regardless of previous experience, cadets start on a lower salary as AL deduct training costs from their salary, again I feel silly telling you all of this as no doubt you have researched the subject in preparation for you interview and imminent move to Dublin, perhaps you spent too much time rehearsing Dubliner and Pogues ballads and forgot to check the pay and conditions of the job.

Good luck in you interview, wear a green suit with a T shirt that says "kiss me I'm Irish".
I think you have no idea how the market is nowadays.... I said and I mantain...one of the best options to develop a career. Lccs in all Europe paying much less and offering much less... No comparison at all...
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Old 7th Aug 2017, 10:31
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Sources say:
6 contractors just made permanent last month - at last
4 DEP offers scheduled for Nov type rating course start.
more to come apparently
A321 NEO LR alone creating 43 commands in 2018
ignore the haters!
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Old 21st Aug 2017, 17:50
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Holding pool

Hi ladies and gents,

I got a call recently where they told me I passed the selection and will be in a holding pool for upcoming vacancies. Made my day.

Now my question to those guys who have a little insight on the planning for upcoming TR courses and the available space: is it realistic to expect something this year?

I attended the assessment in January. So don't worry if it takes a while. They'll give you an answer even if it is after 7 months .

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Old 2nd Sep 2017, 10:58
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I heard courses in Nov & Dec filled already.
more course dates in Jan, Feb, March
Good luck and well done
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Old 5th Oct 2017, 17:09
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Originally Posted by EIDW RJ85 View Post
Any idea if recruitment for DEFO will happen again this year?

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Old 6th Oct 2017, 15:56
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I heard they'll hire this month!

Hopefully its not through some agency, if it is you have no seniority and no staff travel to USA. You can apply for listing on gen dec within Europe with Captains approval. Terrible!
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Old 12th Oct 2017, 22:35
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Big info sessions planned in Dublin and rumour has it DEP program launching next week - lot's of talk of additional big aircraft too...
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Old 17th Oct 2017, 11:56
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here we go !
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Old 18th Oct 2017, 06:40
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Lovely ! Let's try again.
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Old 28th Oct 2017, 18:29
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Have they started sending e-mails yet?

Any good method to prepare or what to expect on the online assessments? Thanks in advance!
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Old 1st Nov 2017, 16:47
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I got an email today saying that I need to complete 4 different sets of assessments. Anyone else?
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Old 1st Nov 2017, 16:56
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Yes same here. Any idea why you hate to complete the video part on smartphone or tablet instead of laptop
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Old 1st Nov 2017, 17:06
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Hi! have you done the assesment? i 've the same email.. and i don't know anything about how is going to be the questions and the interview.
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Old 1st Nov 2017, 17:18
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Same here, received the mail to make the online assessment but ... how to prepare it ...
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Old 1st Nov 2017, 17:57
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Hello , I got the email today too , what about this video recorded only with your smartphone or tablett ?? If anyone have and can share informations...
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