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EASA licence - South America?

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EASA licence - South America?

Old 25th Jun 2014, 14:10
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EASA licence - South America?

Hello guys

I'm just curious to know what kind of licence do they require in South/Latin America in Countries like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile etc

I know you need a work permit/visa but do they recognize EASA licenses or do they prefer FAA licences or do they have their own licences?
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Old 17th Jul 2014, 07:43
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Hi Incognito,

I'm currently in South America having finished my FAA CPL ME IR in the US.

For all these countries they are very strict on keeping local jobs for locals. In Chile they require you to convert your FAA CPL to the Chilean CPL. This means re-doing your theory, oral and flying test, in Spanish of course. I've just started studying for the theory.

You can validate your CPL here but it is pretty much a PPL. You cannot be paid for your services but at least you can start your training. You still need to do the Air Law segment which is a question bank of 175 with the exam being 20 questions.

I know in Mexico through one of my classmates from the US, you can only gain a CPL if you are a Mexican national.

Think for Peru, Argentina, Colombia etc it will be a similar story to Chile.

Regulations are different here as well eg your IR expires every 6 months and you need to carry out an Instrument Approach with an examiner to be current.

I know that studying the FAA and getting ME time here is favourable as all flying up to CPL is usually done in Single engine aircraft. Also English comms experience with ATC is a huge plus.

Everything has gone quiet this year and I have it on very good authority that LAN are not hiring until 2015 when they build up their fleet of 787s and I think A321s.
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Old 24th Jul 2014, 22:36
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Good evening.
Most of the Airliners worldwide prefer FAA because it's a very complete license, and everyone who has both FAA and EASA knows what I am talking about.
I've been traveling a lot worldwide and actually the worst case scenario is having an EASA license. As a pilot it is very expensive to maintain, as a job, any FAA pilot will be in better position.
I would suggest to get an FAA license.
If someone wants to move to an EASA country...well...my condolences, it will be a long road.
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Old 28th Jul 2014, 02:42
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If you want to work in South America, First of all you will have to convert to the Local ICAO CPL or ATPL license.

I converted my EASA licence to ICAO in Venezuela and it was a very straight forward process.

I have dual citizenship which allows me to work in Venezuela so I would double check with the Local aviation authority if you can work as a foreign in that particular country. They will convalidate and give you a licence but with a restriction of not working for Hire.

And Regards to Mr.Travis comments, I don't agree that Airlines prefer FAA over EASA, on the contrary I would say.

I hold FAA, EASA and ICAO licenses so I can make my own opinion and both worlds have goods and bads.

But I wouldn't suggest someone that wants to go to south america to get an FAA licence if your FAA licence is good only for N-REG A/C...

I do not mean any disrespect to the FAA or anything I love flying in the USA, I find it a fantastic place to fly!!

There is plenty of jobs in south america, but citizenship, passport or right to work can be a big impediment.
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Old 15th Mar 2018, 23:14
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Follow-up question

Dear Forum Users.

This thread is a bit dated but comes closest to the subject of my follow -up question:

Can someone please tell me if flight hours gained in a EASA country for a PPL, before a PPL licence is acquired (before the check ride) count for the flights hours needed for a PPL licence in another jurisdiction, in this case specifically Argentina. Example: You have 30 flight hours towards a PPL licence flown in an EASA country. Do these hours count towards a PPL in Argentina?

Many thanks
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Old 23rd Nov 2019, 00:30
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EASA to Brésil

Hi guys,
I would like to know if any of you have converted an EASA lincence to the bresilian administration. I’ll get married soon and hold the right of work &residence in Brésil (I’m French).
I’m planning to pass IR & CPL in France after going through the ATPL.
We heard a lot about converting foreign licences to FAA or EASA but I Would like to know if some of you have been in this situation and can share your experience.
thanks in advance,
See ya !
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