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Flybe DHC8 F/O recruitment

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Flybe DHC8 F/O recruitment

Old 26th Jun 2014, 10:13
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No stress monk, if the window opens wider than a crack then Iíll be throwing myself at it though I fear that Iíll be a part of a very long and very disorderly queue!!!!!

In the meantime thereís a small matter of revalidating my MEIR before it conks out at the end of October.
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Old 26th Jun 2014, 18:56
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Anyone heard anything yet? Had a few withheld missed calls a few days so I emailed them to follow up just in case. No response yet. Fingers crossed!
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Old 27th Jun 2014, 09:22
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Life as a Flybe DH8 FO?

Dash 8

The Dash 8 is a beast of a turbo prop to operate, it is waiting to bite you at any given opportunity, that's why the SOPs are quite stringent but the latest fleet GM is allowing us to think and operate with the SOPs as a guide which is always good. It is fun to fly, it's obviously full EFIS and it's difficult to land well. You'll be challenged to the max in the winter when flying in all kinds of weather, and sitting in the weather in the cruise. The crosswind capability is fantastic and it's very rewarding when you do it well. Make sure your knowledge on all things winter (icing etc) is up together because you'll need it (hint interview hint)


Good company to work for. Definitely under the new management there's a feeling that they know what they are doing, unlike the previous incumbent. Flight crew are generally left alone and the culture has definitely changed. Same with any company really, don't take the p**s and you'll be alright.
As a new starter they will look after you. You get paid from day 1, they pay your type rating, there's a pension, uniform, crew food (but you might want to bring your own), car parking etc. Basically everything is provided for you and they'll look after you.
Middle management are approachable, (& senior management for that matter) regardless of what people think of them they generally do get onto any issues you may have and generally sort it. Communication has greatly improved under the new management; there are areas where they don't convey much information but that's to be expected of a public company.
We're more secure than we've ever been now. The airline has never really stood on it's own two feet and made money purely on selling tickets because the cost base was so high. We've always lived off the back of the BA connect merger (+£100m), the Olympic contract, offloading of Dash 8s & options, the floatation, the Brussels contract etc etc, but all that was under the previous management. We have a very different beast now and the airline has proven that over the last year we are standing on our own two feet and making money. We are in a great position now and we certainly do not need to make quick money by making employees redundant etc. We've got cash behind us and we have management who know how to spend it (& make it)


Time to command varies dependent on varying factors as coffin corner alluded to in a previous post. We have far fewer bases now but we are on the expansion train. The problem has been that nobody has really left Flybe in a long, long time, it's only been in the last 12-18 months where we've seen any real movement. Alot of pilots went to the desert early last year and alot of our colleagues have been made redundant. This is the previous management's fault, all of it, but on a positive note now we are expanding and will continue to look at every opportunity to expand. This means progression to command will come down but with so little movement since 2008 there's alot of first officers with alot of hours. A low percentage don't have the hours yet for a command but with any seniority based airline (let's not discuss policy F here) you will join at the bottom and wait your turn. Dependent on which base I'd say about 3-4 years plus for a DH8 command but one thing that will happen in the future is a retirement bubble. We have countless captains who are aged about 59/60 and in 5-6 years time we'll have alot of retirements all within a year.
One issue, and feeling on the line is that the retirement of the E195 has hampered any career progression if you want to fly a jet within Flybe. There's rumours abound about the arrival of Airbuses, some high up pilots say it's happening, some say it won't. There's also talk of ATRs as well. The bottom line is we just don't know and everything should be treated as rumour and conjecture until something solid is announced but again one thing is certain and that is the company are in a good place right now.

On The Line

Flying the line is hard work. By the very nature of the type of business we do it is very, very repetitive. This can lead to complacency and a lack of discipline so you have to be on your guard. The route network is good and you'll visit some interesting places but the best thing about Flybe and the line are it's people. You will work with some great people, pilots and cabin crew. Being a large company there'll always be people you won't gell with or click with, that's a fact of life, but on the whole there's a great bunch working here.

Quality Of Life

I'd be lying if I said our quality of life is brilliant, it isn't. There's alot of ongoing issues like finishing your week on a late, and starting back on an early, but this was addressed to a point in the last round of negotiations.
If you have children then expect to be disappointed if they want you to attend a school play, or go on a school day out, or sports day etc. You get 4 Trump days to book per year and you can request 4 days off per month but the issue is you cannot book these inside 2Ĺ months, so for example, The earliest I can request a day off now is the 1st September, this is the case right up to the July Roster release date of the 12th July. Personally I don't know what I'm doing next week, let alone in September but there we are.
Some bases do alot of nightstopping (EXT MAN BHX), so if you want to be at home every night you might be disappointed. Night stops are generally good, relaxing and the people you nightstop with makes for a pleasant trip away.
We are all being worked very hard at the moment, this is largely down to a lack of crew but also because the management want our utilisation to go upwards; you can't blame them. It's hard work as it stands and we're all tired, just take your leave days to recover like I am.


Flybe is a good place to work, it's an honest company that is as safe as it's ever been. You'll work hard but you'll have fun along the way. The people are fantastic and there is some career progression but how quick will depend on alot of aspects, attrition being one of them. It's a great place to start your career and if you can cope with the Dash 8 then you can cope with almost anything.

cgwhitemonk11 I hope that has answered some of your thoughts. This is only a quick overview really but it gives you a flavour of what it is like. As for a previous post of yours about an EXT base I would say you will be extremely lucky to get it. There's a little bit of expansion happening at EXT at the moment but if you don't get in you could wait years for a place. Exeter generally goes on shut down for years because nobody moves from there, not very quickly anyway.
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Old 27th Jun 2014, 10:27
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Thank you very much for your reply you covered basically everything I was wondering. That is all very positive to hear and it is a great encouragement to hear someone with good things to say about their airline. Especially considering the general level of discontent I have come to learn is standard among flight crew be it justified or not.

Early days so not getting my hopes up yet but this is good news for everyone and if I don't make it this time I'll keep applying until they come to me down in the wilderness of EXT stand 9 and ask me to stop

much appreciated
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Old 28th Jun 2014, 18:55
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Folks, to keep people in the loop, interviews have taken place. Can't comment on experience levels, or numbers, but I believe 6 days worth.

Type ratings planned for July August September.

I can't comment if more are expected.
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 00:10
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Without wanting to sound like a hopeless optimist, I would assume that the majority of those interviewed so far are recent flight school graduates with near immediate availability given the timescale from when the application process opened for us experienced pilots.

This is a geniunely exciting opportunity, and one that I have been waiting for since 2008. I would hope that I might at least peak their interest with my hours and experience, but if not then I wish those who have been successful all the best.
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 06:32
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Ctc graduates are getting the interviews.
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 10:03
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Has CTC got every UK airline sewn up?? OAA and FTE will be green with envy!! Cant believe even internal Flybe guys got overlooked.
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 10:37
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I believe Flybe were taking people from the CTC pool back in May time, before this external recruitment window opened.
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 10:59
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So are these windows opened just for "show" , and they already have plenty of ctc guys etc already in the pool?
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 11:45
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Flybe DHC8 F/O recruitment

For real???why bother with a recruitment window online then. They don't have to be "equal opportunities" in where they source their pilots,

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Old 29th Jun 2014, 15:37
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I hate these CTC robot plastic so-called pilots like everyone else but where are the foundations for these rather annoying rumours??
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 15:43
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Lets put it to the test, if any non CTC student has been successful please let us know!!
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 19:45
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Given that the flybe wings 2014 scheme opened in April, wouldn't these interviews be for the scheme's wannabe cadets??

Come on M33, think a little.

Flybe Wings | CTC Wings
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 20:26
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I know someone who has already got the job. They're not ex CTC so presumably they're taking a mixture

Good luck to you all
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Old 29th Jun 2014, 21:01
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I'm not a cadet, have been flying for over 5 years post training completion. Called for interview and I specifically asked the question in the interview.

No I can say with certainty this was NOT for the CTC wings cadets. Plus I don't think a cadet even from CTC can complete all the requirements for a July August or September TR.

BTW I got a PFO.

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Old 29th Jun 2014, 22:24
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All this CTC talk and only advertising so it includes cadets is a load of nonsense. I know of two flight instructors who have had interviews, two fATPLs who have interviews and another instructor who has an interview coming up. Don't listen to the scare mongering. Flybe recruit a mix of pilots from cadets to instructors to fATPLs, air taxi and current airline pilots. They take a range of ages from the youngest to first officers in their 50's.

Flybe did indeed just employ a handful of MPL cadets but these cadets had already done the training and were subsequently dumped onto the free market when we hit financial difficulties. They were offered jobs and re-employed.
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Old 30th Jun 2014, 15:41
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Given when this application window opened, has anyone who actually applied since mid-June heard anything back? I presume most of the interviews talked of are people who applied before this round of applications opened...?
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Old 1st Jul 2014, 09:41
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Not a CTC guy in any way.

I asked 'if successful at interview when were the planned TR?' Response was July,August,September.

As I mentioned in my first post, I am just feeding back interview dates I was offered.

I have been applying to Flybe for over 5 years, got my shot didn't get through. Can't comment on who they interviewed apart from me, what backgrounds others had, or who was successful. Nor can I comment if more dates expected.

Although rumour network, my posts have been fact for this interview phase.

My background is approx 1500MEP 1300ME TP (over 10000kg uk operator)

I do hope some experienced people get in!
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Old 1st Jul 2014, 12:23
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M33, May I ask where in the interviewing process you think you fell short? Thank you. All the best.
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