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BA City Flyer recruiting.

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BA City Flyer recruiting.

Old 8th Aug 2013, 16:40
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BA City Flyer recruiting.

To all you currently flying multi crew airline opps with 500 hours or 100 sectors; this might appeal to you. Bonded E170 rating, London base.

Could be of interest to TP pilots wanting to move on to jets.

Good luck.
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 19:04
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BA Cityflyer pilots are leaving.

Good luck though.

1. Join BALPA

2. Sooner or later, you'll be glad you did.
Who are leaving Captains/Fo's/both?

Why are they leaving?

Is it that bad?

I have the experience to apply and a bonded type rating isn't something that you find everywhere.

Plus, it cant be any worse then where I am working right now
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 20:50
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Something about them interests me but I don't know much about the company, not one you hear too much about! What's it like? Noticed on the application they talk about multiple over nights or words to that effect is there really that much over nights in what is a short to medium haul European airline? Lets just say I've had my share of hotels
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Old 12th Aug 2013, 15:31
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I completed the application last night.
I wonder if I'll get a response this time around!! Hope can be dangerous!

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Old 13th Aug 2013, 10:34
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Could current BA Cityjet guys confirm whether or not this salary information is relatively correct??...

BA Cityflyer pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.
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Old 13th Aug 2013, 22:33
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Can anyone give any advice as to what the interview and verbal/numerical tests are like? Apparently the same format as mainline.... so what's that like?

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Old 14th Aug 2013, 00:01
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They're different from mainline. I would actually go as far as to say they are harder. Lots of detailed maths questions that involve several different stages of calculation, they'll also try and catch you out on the wording. The verbal reasoning is not too dissimilar to that used by Aer Lingus and easyJet recently. Prepare well.
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Old 14th Aug 2013, 00:27
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Oh god another hr jumping through hoops exercise, they have 14 planes and the start pay is less than 40 grand basic I mean is it really necessary? What happened to a chat especially as a lot of applicants I presume will be from Flybe so will have hours on type. Looks like hr has ruled me out of applying not going through all that for this job.....
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Old 14th Aug 2013, 09:25
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Stelios, add at least 4.5% to all those as pay rise just happened. Not industry leading, but you have to remember LCY is shut half the weekend, and the charters are summer only.
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Old 14th Aug 2013, 14:00
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It's their train set!

I'm amazed personally that you'd consider a 40k a year job to be below the threshold for a proper application and interview procedure. The Government will be dishing out minimum wages jobs to anyone who asks for one next!
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Old 15th Aug 2013, 14:45
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It is indeed their train set that is true. I think it should be a proper application and interview process I agree however equivalent to BA mainline I don't think is necessary. I just feel sorry for anybody going to be let go by Flybe. To fly the same plane from the same country to probably similar destination you must go through the BA mainline assessment process? Think it's over kill I'm sure they are a nice little company so I'm sure a nice little chat with a nice little sim would do the job.

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Old 16th Aug 2013, 12:03
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Superpilot I agree 100% this is the point I was trying to make although not as well said as yourself
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Old 16th Aug 2013, 16:37
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Hi guys, does anybody know why people is leaving from the company? Rosters,salary, company enviroment... what's going on there??
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Old 20th Aug 2013, 05:56
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Good friend of mine who has been there for some time told me it's the money for the Captains, and almost no movement to BA main line for the FOs.
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Old 21st Aug 2013, 16:00
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It's the same a friend of mine from the UK told me... I found a payscale at BA Cityflyer pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements. . Before or after tax? I think before, otherwise it wouldn't be so bad...
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Old 28th Aug 2013, 15:52
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It's before Tax unfortunately.


London is expensive as well.
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Old 28th Aug 2013, 16:13
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The verbal reasoning paper at BACF is exactly the same one used by mainline at Cranebank (statements followed by true, false, cannot tell).

BACF don't have any computer or psychometric testing like mainline. It's just 2:1 interview, group ex, verbal paper and maths paper. Day 2 sim.

I understand the airline has asked CTC to provide 8 candidates for selection over the next two weeks.
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Old 29th Aug 2013, 10:25
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How can a company recruit directly from one school if they are not on a "tagged scheme"? Is this legal?
Thought they required 500hrs commercial experience?
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Old 1st Sep 2013, 18:15
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Has anyone been called up for this one at all?....or has CTC taken the slots?
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Old 2nd Sep 2013, 15:00
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There are 8 people being sent to the airline from FTE and CTC.
Just for the sake of clarity are you saying that 8 individuals from FTE/CTC have secured employment with BACF or simply that they are going for interview?

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