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Pilot Apprentice - Jet 2

Old 2nd Feb 2013, 16:32
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Pilot Apprentice - Jet 2 is delighted to announce the creation of three exciting opportunities for Pilot Apprentices to join our Team. Working in Flight Operations, the Apprentice Pilot programme will last 18 months and consist of a winter season and two summer seasons across our UK Bases.

During the summer season the Pilot Apprentice will be heavily involved in the preparation of pre-flight paperwork (Operational Flight Plans, NOTAMís and Weather), supporting the Crewing and Rostering Teams and updating aircraft documentation. The winter season will see you based at Leeds Bradford International Airport where you will undertake a planned schedule geared towards giving you maximum exposure to the full range of business areas. This will include Finance, Human Resources, Jet2holidays and Engineering. In addition you will attend a range of management development modules.

At the end of the 18 month Apprenticeship will provide you with a fully bonded Type Rating. On completion of this you will enter the world of commercial aviation as a First Officer with

Successful candidates will hold a UK Frozen ATPL and Medical as well as JOC, MCC and driving licence. You will have excellent verbal and written communication skills and experience of office IT systems. In addition we require you to be flexible as we may require you to be based from any of our UK bases.

In return, we offer an excellent salary and benefits package with fantastic opportunities for progression in a growing business. As well as being part of a vibrant company, our colleagues can also benefit from our Staff Travel Scheme.

This is a great opportunity to be part of an exciting forward thinking business - help us to send the North on Holiday with and Jet2holidays.

A fantastic opportunity. Good luck to all who apply. This is a great way to earn your first FO job whilst gaining invaluable knowledge and experience on the way.
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 12:01
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Sounds like a great opportunity for somebody. I think this is in response to a government scheme to increase apprenticeships, lets hope other airlines follow suit! Unfortunately if I've understood it correctly you need a fATPL to apply, which won't help anyone that is struggling to fund initial flight training. I wonder if they'll put a max hours requirement on it (other than the 1500 defined by frozen ATPL), or if they'd be happy for instructors, low-hour turboprop pilots etc to apply.
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 17:04
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Sounds like an absolutely fantastic opportunity, does anyone have any idea when the closing date is?
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 17:43
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Sounds good. Though one season might have been enough.

Any ideas about the salary? Will Jet2 pay for license and medical during those 18 months? What are the conditions of the bond?
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 18:36
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It says a lot for todays 'wannabes' that this represents supposedly a 'great opportunity'. It is not a great opportunity, it's a very poor opportunity. The only plus is that you don't have to pay for a type rating. The more bright eyed wannabes keep accepting these deals, the more you are hurting yourselves and your future careers.

If you have a CPL/IR, you are a qualified pilot. You have already demonstrated your ability to fly, you should not be required to be an apprentice for 18 months whilst losing currency and flying practice.

When I qualified (not that long ago, six years to be precise) we were just starting to see the dawn of this pay for training epidemic. I followed what would have been considered the traditional 'apprentice' route. I started off on a small twin turboprop flying 19 PAX. I then got my 'lucky break' and got offered a job on an Airbus if I paid for the rating. Like an idiot I did exactly that and two weeks after my base check, the airline went out of business. I consider myself very lucky to have found work on an ERJ-145 for a very big airline in my wife's home country.

You are pilots. You may be low houred, unemployed pilots, but you are qualified to fly commercial aircraft, the idea of making you work in an office for 18 months whilst losing your flying skills just shows how backwards this industry is becoming. Only a year ago you would have been able to go straight into this company as a fully fledged FO if you were one of the very lucky minority that got hired.

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 20:55
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I disagree. I think this is a good opportunity and a very sensible way for a young person with no other qualifications apart from a CPL/IR to get some working experience which would be of great benefit to a career as a pilot.

The notion that someone who completes zero to hero flight training is a 'pilot' who has merely not had the opportunity to demonstrate they can fly and deserves more than to be an apprentice is nonsense.

Far too many people hold CPL/IRs and think this entitles them to something. Rubbish. Most people of average intelligence can achieve that much. Have some humility. This Jet2 job is a far more 'honest' entry into the profession than wearing one stripe at OAA and then expecting a shiny jet job, turbo prop or Embraer job.

Geez. Pilots are such an arrogant bunch. So many of the people I meet on the flightdeck wouldn't be able to cope with the training for many lesser paid professions let alone hold down a real job.

Edited to apologise for aiming that rant at the previous poster. No offence intended.

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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 21:08
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Red face EMB145-LR

You mention "the lucky break" and "very lucky minority" in your post. As you'll know in aviation, securing the first job is about timing, networking and (making your own) luck.

Just because you have a frozen ATPL it doesn't guarantee you any commercial flying job let alone an FO position with an airline. As you know there are far more pilots (not just low-houred wannabes) than jobs. The traditional route of instructing followed by air taxi, etc is as hard to break into or over-subscribed.

I receive a plethora of CVs daily from integrated pilots with 200 hours to experienced, type rated, operators with thousands of hours. I have peers that trained before, with and after me that are still looking for their first break and are employed outside of aviation.

I took the plunge and accepted a similar role to this and, after 12 months, now sit in the RHS of a fantastic airliner. Along the way I have acquired knowledge and experience a low-houred direct entrant wouldn't be exposed to. This has helped me (and my crew) in line flying.

A job like this is a great opportunity to break into the business. Jet 2 may offer their apprentices the opportunity to keep current in the sim or by using an FTO. They may also contribute to medical and IR renewals. I don't know as I don't work for them. Whatever is on offer the role is a pathway to an FO job.

If you pass this up in 18 months you could still be in a non-airline job wishing you'd applied. For three lucky (your words) individuals they will be starting in their chosen career as an airline pilot. They will have been prepared to try something other than self-fund to get a step on the ladder. Don't knock them for trying - there aren't many other avenues open.
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 21:18
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Yay or nay

It is a difficult one really, I would label it as a decent opportunity and good alternative to paying for the rating, although 18 months does seem like alot a year would suffice surely. Having worked as a flight dispatcher I think getting that exposure is a good way to give future FO's the ground experience to actually appreciate the people you are going to spend your career alongside - cabin crew/gnd handlers/engineers.

However, the simple fact is that those hired last year didn't have to do this and I would guess you only start working off your bond once it has been 'paid' i.e it dosent include the 18 months you just spent on the ground.

In that context its a shit deal but still unfortunately probably the best thing to come along in awhile, clever stuff from Jet2 really
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 22:39
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Please don't get me wrong, I don't think that the experience gained in another area of aviation won't benefit the pilot. I worked in operations, HR and as cabin crew prior to starting my commercial training. That experience was invaluable. I just think that this represents another changing of the goal posts for wannabes. While I accept that the majority are in their 20s, often recent high school or university leavers, many new entrants are older, more experienced and for them this 18 month secondment is just a further delay in their ever diminishing careers.

This sort of thing works very well with cadet schemes such as those offered by West Atlantic. It gives a good foundation and basis to understand this industry. However, I would argue that it should come prior or during flight training, not at that vital time when you have just finished and your new skill set diminishes very quickly.
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 07:49
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Read the small print of your contract very carefully. Of course, that is if there is any written contract. If this is all word of mouth and a 'gentlemans' agreement, then they have a history of changing their minds when it suits them.
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 10:09
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Wasn't this tarted as part of a government scheme to help those finance pilot training? With the requirements set at f-atpl: what's the point?

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Old 4th Feb 2013, 10:16
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Would you rather be employed, with massive debts, while you wait for a flying job or would you rather be unemployed while you wait?
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 10:21
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There is no point if one cannot fund the CPL/IR in the first place.
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 10:22
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Sorry CA, not directed at you but a general question and you do have a point.
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 10:23
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Basically, you pay 100k to start an 18 month apprenticeship in a completely different discipline, on an 'apprenticeship' wage presumably. Government apprenticeship to help fund the looming shortage of pilots!? What utter utter tosh! This is a joke. Bring back the path up through FI/charter/cargo/regionals etc.
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So Jet2 get money from the tax payer for their "Apprentice" pilot. This "Apprentice" must already be a fully qualified pilot. The apprenticeship will consist of no flying training or flying experience whatsoever. So after 18 months you are no more 'qualified' to start the type rating as you would be on day 1.

Don't get me wrong, 18 months in OPs will make you a better Pilot, providing you with an understanding of airline ops and more importantly an appreciation for the people in other roles and what they do. But you are NOT a "pilot Apprentice".

This is simply misleading the government into using tax payers money to pay for employees in administration roles, which in my opinion is immoral.

.....and I think the grants from the government are partly based on the age of your apprentice (older=less grant). So I woundn't be surprised if it's unofficially limited to those who will be under the age of 24 at the time of starting their Type Rating so that the company can get the grant money.....which is after all why the company is doing it under the governments "apprentice" label.

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Old 4th Feb 2013, 14:24
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I don't believe this has anyting to do with the Government-backed Pilot Apprenticeship scheme announced last year. That is yet to come. As far as I'm aware, the Pilot Apprenticeship is still being worked on with the next announcement due end of March.
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 14:34
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Let's hope so then. Unusual for Jet2 to bring out a 'Pilot Apprentice' programme a month before supposedly starting the government backed scheme:
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Old 4th Feb 2013, 14:34
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I didn't quite understand this... Is this "pilot apprentice" for people that do not have ATPL Theory/CPL/IR MCC i.e a frozen ATPL ?
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