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British Airways Future Pilot Programme.

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British Airways Future Pilot Programme.

Old 17th Dec 2013, 23:21
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Coriolis is correct, there have been two assessment days at FTE already. One of the ladies said not to expect a response until Feb regarding the BA HQ stage. I won't share any of the specific details of the day as to not compromise the integrity of the process.

I was doing a few calculations. FTE are running their assessments from 16th Dec to 17th Jan inclusive. That gives approximately 20 or so feasible assessment days. Given that they are assessing 16 per day, that means they invited between 300 and 350 to stage one.

We were also told what EB747 said; if you're good enough at this first stage then you'll make it to BA HQ. Only thereafter are the places truly limited.
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 00:33
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Regarding fees, I have a interview scheduled for FTE on January 7th and was wondering where I can find the amount and whether I have to pay it in advance. I'm travelling overseas for this interview so I need to know if it needs to be in advance or not! Thanks!
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 00:43
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G-FORC3, I've been told by staff at OAA that they have to rank all candidates and BA will tell them how many they can put forward for their assessment and it was around 100 last year for each FTO. So even if you pass the FTO's standards you still aren't guaranteed an assessment date with BA.

I have a question for anyone who has attended a CTC or FTE assessment, have you been told if you can get individual feedback on your assessment? OAA told us that they cannot do this, which I think is a big shame especially if you want to reapply in future
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 11:26
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The instructions I received from FTE were quite clear in their email: You need to produce proof of payment at the assessment day so obviously, you need to have paid BEFORE attending the assessment. The email contained a link directing you to their payment engine.

I'm also attending on the 7th Jan so most probably see you there
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 11:31
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Thanks for the info,
I wasn't aware that FTE had started already. Best of luck to everyone that has already attended.

Cheers Coriolis Effect for the hotel info
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 16:08
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Oaa are sending out assessment day result emails already!
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 16:11
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Did you get one? Good or bad news?
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 16:58
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Here is what I got. Reading it is like a rollercoaster ride:

Thank you for attending your recent assessment for the British Airways Future Pilot Programme at the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. We hope that you found the day challenging but enjoyable. As I am sure you will have realised from your time with us, not only are we seeing a large number of candidates but they are of exceptional quality.

I hope it was also apparent from the time you spent here, that customer service is very important to every one of us and for that reason we are writing to all of the candidates who we have seen so far. Understandably, waiting for news of the outcome of the assessment can be a very anxious time, particularly over Christmas and whilst we are not in a position to provide definitive answers in all cases, we can remove the anxiety, one way or the other, for some.

As of today, we have seen a little more than half of the candidates that we have invited for interview, in numbers terms that means that we have assessed several hundred against the British Airways criteria and as such we are in a position to make some decisions.

At this moment in time there are a number of candidates who have not met the British Airways criteria or that required for consideration for our own Airline Pilot Programme. Sadly we will not be taking these applications forward. We realise that those in this group will be very disappointed but we think it better that you know rather than be kept waiting for weeks until the end of the process.

There is a second group of candidates who have not met the very specific requirements of the British Airways programme; however we have assessed them as having the potential to train as an airline pilot through our APP FO course. Whilst these candidates will not be continuing with British Airways we would like to discuss their options with them.

Finally, there is a group of candidates who for the time being, remain in our considerations for British Airways, however we have several hundred more candidates to assess and a substantial number of those currently being considered will drop out of the mix as stronger candidates become available.

We have a limit on the number of candidates to present to British Airways and only the very best will make it onto our final list. If at this time we indicate to you that you are still in our considerations it does NOT mean that you have made it through to the final BA selection. We will be writing to you once we have assessed ALL of the candidates to advise whether or not you will be going forward.

in your particular case, I can advise you that your application is still under consideration. As I have clearly stated above, we still have a large number of candidates to assess and you should NOT take this letter as an indication that you will be going forward to the final selection.
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Old 18th Dec 2013, 22:53
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The OAA email is a courtesy to those who have been assessed so far - essentially, don't spend Christmas checking your inbox every hour to see if there's a note from BA Recruitment. It explains that some applicants have been rejected outright; some haven't met the criteria for progression on FPP but are invited to train with OAA outside the scheme; the remainder are still under consideration and can expect to hear something by the end of January.

Thankfully, I'm in the latter group and understand that I'm currently ranked highly enough to go through to BA HQ, but as other candidates are assessed and potentially ranked above me, I may find that I drop out of the cohort who are presented to BA.

OAA are being very transparent here and it is appreciated. I would be very surprised to hear of anybody getting a positive confirmation from OAA at this stage, given the contents of their email.
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 09:00
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For all that are going to the FTE assessemt in Hounslow, London. I stayed at the Civic Guest House, a simple but tidy place 5 min walking from the metro to Heathrow AND the assessment center (Civic Centre).

I highly enjoyed the assessment day, the FTE people are really nice and interactive.
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 10:18
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CTC Stage 3

CTC are sending out Stage 2 results already!
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 13:20
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Yeah.. got my stage 2 result yesterday from CTC, didn't get through
Their mail suggested I could do a reassessment for CTC Wings in 6 months.
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 14:17
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Anyone else who has had an assessment with OAA still waiting for their result or update on their situation? I have not heard anything from them yet.
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 15:39
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OAA Stage 1 rejections are being sent...
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 16:10
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Good to hear everyone is getting a quick response, even if it isn't solid news, but just keeping in the loop. Lots of progress already it seems so already getting nervous but interview isn't until 9th Jan!
Anyone else for FTE afternoon that day?
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 16:23
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@Chelmo I'm not sure if OAA are sending out their updates/outcomes in batches. I received mine yesterday afternoon informing me that I have met the requirements set by BA but as they can only send a limited number of candidates forward for final selection, the final decision can only be made once all candidates have been assessed in January.

Has anybody else received their updates from OAA or are most people still waiting?
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 16:45
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Interesting! In terms of what oaa are saying of you fall under the second category then whats the extra criteria BA have over oaa for their fo app?
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 17:32
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CTC Assessment

Sadly got my CTC rejection email yesterday after attending last Monday's session, although the email did state: 'Your performance in selection was to a standard that means you can be considered for reapplication for the CTC Wings Cadet programme in 6 months time.' So I shall give this some thought.
As for the assessment day, I found it to be a good afternoon with friendly people and even though I didn't progress I see it as valuable experience. Considering my age (just 18!) and the fact this was the first time I have applied I was pleased to even get as far as I did.

Good luck to everyone who still hasn't heard!
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 22:06
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'Your performance in selection was to a standard that means you can be considered for reapplication for the CTC Wings Cadet programme in 6 months time.'
Be very careful about getting excited by this - it is CTC's way of getting you to pay them for a commercial license. They are now clearly aware of your wish to be a professional pilot and will happily strip you of a substantial amount of cash for the pleasure. And you don't have any guarantees of a job.

If you do follow their lead, you must ask them detailed and probing questions about where they will 'take' you.
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Old 19th Dec 2013, 22:59
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British Airways Future Pilot Programme.

I'm sorry to say that the conclusion I have drawn from stage 1 of this process is that it is a massive money making scheme. Churning through as many "hopefuls" as possible is a cruel way of making money. At £200 odd pounds a pop you'd think they'd be in a position to give feedback to any candidate that asked - but no. And to add insult to injury , they're not content with the measly £200 they got out of you - they want to get the full £84-£100k out of your pocket by insinuating that you 'scored well enough to be considered for a full license with CTC/OAA/FTE ...'

I have been left very disappointed by this process and feel it is all wrong in its approach and delivery. We are allowing these few schools - who dominate the market - to play on our hopes, wishes and dreams of becoming an airline pilot and -I'm sorry to say - shaft us out of as much money as possible. I am surprised that a reputable company such as BA would allow such practices and condone the herding of hundreds of dreamers through this who may have no hope in hell of ever seeing the controls of an aircraft.
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