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British Airways Future Pilot Programme.

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British Airways Future Pilot Programme.

Old 19th Nov 2012, 09:15
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If you've started an application process on the website and they do decide to close applications early, then you'll get an email notifying you. You'll effectively have 48 hours to finish the application. It was open for a good few weeks last time round.

Mike91 - You'll need to bring physical proof of either SQA results or Degree with you to assessment centre if you do get through the papersift anyway. It'll cost you 200 to even get there, so make sure you've found out first. I think unfortunately you'll most likely have to wait until the next FPP to apply as you won't have the necessary document this time round when it comes to proving qualifications. Use the time wisely!
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 10:44
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 10:57
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I wouldnt worry about it, you have until 13th December!
It is pretty well established (and personally from chat with BALPA, amongst many others, at Flyer) that last year, many applications that were completed in time, but towards the very end of the application window, never got screened due to the shear number thats were recieved. I would apply asap,certainly within the first week.

Unless your intention was to give bad advice so people miss out!?

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Old 19th Nov 2012, 11:19
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Incorrect. There is a guy on course at the moment who submitted his application form 1 minute before the deadline.
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 11:25
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@ V_2 you assume the worst of me

But in all seriousness, it wont harm in getting the application in reasonably early doors but I was more directing the comments at people who were worried about missing the opening as they had lectures! A few hours will make no difference at all, and if anything I would say that taking some time to think about the answers to the questions is probably time well spent
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 11:40
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In the interest of fairness, could people reading this forum who are applying to please refrain from posting any information regarding the application? I don't want to see people disqualified from the process simply by not adhering to their guidelines. For those not in the know, Airlines do read this forum, and BA read the 2011 FPP thread.
Good luck!

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Old 19th Nov 2012, 12:26
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Is anybody else experiencing horrendous slowdowns using the BAfuture pilot application form?

I've been trying to fill it in since 10am but the pages either take between 1-5 minutes to load or they don't load at all. Got to about 15 pages in before it crashed this time...

I guess there must be alot of people applying right now
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 12:37
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Agree, and people should think what they are posting before doing so.

However, the online application is currently open to anyone and so there will be no real advantage to be gained at this stage.

The moment to keep quiet will be after the assessment days (for those sucessful to that stage) especially bearing in mind that there are 72 places up for grabs and last year BA received something around 6,000 applications!
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 13:14
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Im experiencing the slowdown! It gets slower and slower the futher i get
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 13:26
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It seems that the slowdown is due to the number of applicants applying for this scheme. My advise would be to wait until things calm down a bit, maybe later tonight? What you can do though is look at the essay questions, copy and paste the questions to word and start working on them until things have calmed down. That way you won't feel like you are wasting your time. Good luck to all.
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 13:57
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I think the demand has reached the point where nobody can even access the website anymore! Competition is going to be fierce.
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 14:04
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It would appear so long as you haven't sat any ATPL exams or started an integrated course you can apply? But I would advise contacting the FTO for clarification.

EZY_FR, it's difficult to find extra time during a AeroEng course but my advice would be try to fit in some extra curricular activities - there are many clubs to choose from at Uni. It doesn't have to be flying related but helps if it is I guess. Not just for your application, Uni is more than just about developing academically - think you will look back and regret it if you don't. Try to think what skills are needed to be an Airline Pilot and what you can do to help develop those skills. Recommend at least a trial flying lesson - always amazed at how many people apply to be an airline pilot having never sat at the controls of an aircraft!
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 14:11
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Thankfully I have already had a trial lesson, which was pretty much the deciding factor for my chosen career. As you may have read, I was the student rep for a year, got a voluntary placement and am very close to getting a placement with another volunteering firm so I can do some extra-curricular activities within that firm(fundraising, organising events etc) to demonstrate the required traits. Do you reckon that will be good to have considering the degree that I'm doing(especially considering I'm in my honours year)?

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Old 19th Nov 2012, 14:25
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Dear all,

I have two questions regarding the BA programme.
Q1: JTE is referring to a phase II: "Phase II consists of a series of questions that you will be required to answer within a given time. If successful you will progress to Phase III which is a two-day assessment at a venue (soon to be confirmed) in the UK, which includes the following tests"
British Airways Future Pilot Programme | FTEJerez

It is not really explicit. Would you have more information about this phase II ? Are these questions answered by email ? Phone ? Web based application ... ? What type of question it is ?

Q2: As far as each FTO has one third of the quota, do you think we could have a better chance to succeed in one particular FTO (FTE for example which will not be the first choice of UK living applicants?).

Thank you very much for your clarifications.

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Old 19th Nov 2012, 14:36
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Sure, but make sure you follow your genuine interests too! All work and no play and all that!
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 17:33
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Hi guys. Quick question.

In the "Qualifications" section of the application form they ask to mention all exam results that were obtained including and above GCSE level.

Does this include university exam results?

If so, they are going to have quite a long list of exam results from me as I'm in 4th year of my Degree.

EDIT: looks like there isn't an option to enter University exam results. Only a whole degree. Hmmm...

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Old 19th Nov 2012, 20:20
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British Airways Future Pilot Programme 2013

Why all. If you have a passion for aviation then forget the rest, just apply. I have. Academics etc blah blah. I Have a CV worth anyone's weight but no degrees etc, so what I will have ago.

I'm not to impressed about not taking into consideration your current experience, i.e. PPL, Night etc. I personally have worked very very hard to fund such, Q1 - motivation? I would still have to start owing 84k plus living?

Still all said, Apply.

One special forces soldier once quoted to me " it's better to try and fail than fail to try"
Another great quote is " empty pockets never stopped anyone, only empty hearts and minds can do that"

Enough said.
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 21:29
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FTE is my first choice.

I think its got a lot to do with luck - people choose the school they fancy the most becuase they all basically offer identical training.
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 21:50
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not only do BA not recognise my uni as it isn't listed but they don't even list my degree! Bachelor of "other" from University of "other"... Oh dear - doesn't bode well...
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Old 19th Nov 2012, 22:06
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Dear applicants,

As one (now retired from BA) who continues to give advice in schools to those aspiring to a career in aviation, can I offer a few comments of my own?

With the opening of applications for the next FPP courses, I have taken some time to read all of the posts on this thread. I would suggest that anyone who is thinking of submitting an application takes the time to do likewise. This, together with careful reading of the official FPP site, including the FAQs, will address most of your basic questions.

If you have any doubts about your state of health a Class 1 medical examination now will hopefully put your mind at rest, or at least save you any further expenses which may be incurred during the selection procedure, before finding out at a late stage that you do not meet the requirements.

BA are not seeking to employ the cheapest co-pilots in order to satisfy legal crewing requirements; they really are looking for those with at least the potential to become aircraft commanders - in every sense of the word. Whilst once the answer to the question, 'Why do you want to become an airline pilot?', might suffice as a part of the selection procedure, they are now seeking applicants with a far broader skill set, which will encompass commercial knowledge and awareness plus management and interpersonal skills, as well as those in the traditional areas of piloting ability; with both the ability and motivation to acquire those skills in a very rigid time frame, on the ground, in the air and also during the simulator and route phases of training. In the area of pilot training time is most definitely money; resits and retakes are to be avoided at all costs.

The basic sifting by academic qualifications, on-line selection by essay writing, psychometric and Compass tests, together with the interviews, will seek to explore all of these areas in some depth. Assuming you score highly in all individual processes, it will be your personality (or lack of) which will determine your ultimate success.

I wish you all good luck. It is a brilliant career, which I was able to enjoy for over 35 years.

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