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British Airways Future Pilot Programme.

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British Airways Future Pilot Programme.

Old 7th Nov 2012, 15:43
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I'm starting to understand why some airlines just outsource all their recruitment to CTC et al now...
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Old 7th Nov 2012, 16:29
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Wirbelsturm. You are right. I was just speculating and I got the answers I hoped for
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Old 7th Nov 2012, 16:37
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Bitter& Twisted

So BA open FPP. That makes me wonder if they really value their people. Applied 2008 accepted sim check passed no offer flushed out of hold pool. Applied again passed sim check no offer flushed out of hold pool.

They must really like the whole recruitment process!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 7th Nov 2012, 17:07
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It's a real kick in the nuts I agree. The problem comes from BA's 'ivory tower' mentality where the funding goes on for a long term plan like FPP but the DEP process can be turned on or off at the whim of a HR manager irrespective of the chaos and strain it places on those in the pool.

I've been over this with some of my colleagues in the process and, on a personal level, they agree that it is ludicrous. Unfortunately the decisions are made by someone with far higher pay grades than us line swines sorry to say.

FWIW I'm 100% in agreement with you, occasionally the DEP system stinks.

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Old 7th Nov 2012, 20:42
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The people you think are missing are probably at uni doing medicine.
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Old 8th Nov 2012, 11:25
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Is this one also for 84k ? I can't find information on that on the website. Also, I'd like to ask how is it looking for non-UK residents from EU. Can you also apply and was anyone successful from outside UK last time?
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Old 8th Nov 2012, 22:36
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Ummmm .............. indeed. 84K is again the starting cost before all the other costs are factored in, and I imagine the starting salary will be a pittance again, but then you are getting into BA and none of Britain's other airlines compare (even if just a decade or so ago the training would have been free).

As for the interviews, there were many women and continental Europeans at last year's aptitude test and team game days, though I didn't see any ethnic minorities. I'm astonished to notice however that not a single one of the faces from my team game day is amongst the photo linked on page 5. I was sure at least one or two of the redundant RAF candidates were guaranteed a slot. Guess we were a wash-out bunch unless there are some in the cadet groups yet to start. Can't say I recognise any aptitude day faces either, but we brushed past a group before us and a group after us on my day, so out of so many faces at least one of them must have been spending their £200 test fee fruitfully.

Can't confirm or deny that Oxford are training more than their fair share (I'm not there after all). Would suggest though that their popularity is down to the slightly misleading promise to return 60K if you fail to gain a licence. The other schools only return 40K, but I seriously doubt that anyone who gets through the BA selection process would end up triggering the 60K payback.

Good luck to those I'm competing with this year, but don't expect much accuracy or genuine help from this blog. With 3000 applicants whittled down to just 96 last year, and the number of spaces and the academic requirements having been reduced for this year's applicants, those of us in the know need to maintain whatever slender advantages we have.
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 00:21
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Straight off the BA FPP site:

Kathryn B777 SFO: "I joined British Airways seven years ago from Ryanair where I flew the B737-200 for three years based in Dublin. I came to British Airways with just over 2500 flying hours so was sent directly to longhaul and the B777 fleet. Not only was I very excited about the prospect of longhaul flying but it also gave me the opportunity to fly with my father who is a British Airways Captain on the B777 fleet.

Is it normal to be sent straight to longhaul after 2500 hours on B737?
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 06:09
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2005...All you need to know.
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 08:17
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Realistically what chance does someone with little flying experience and no PPL have of passing BA's assessments and getting a place on one of the courses?
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 09:04
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Does anyone actually know what the process is once FPP candidates graduate from their FTO? Is there a job interview with BA or do they assume that is already done in the initialy recruitment stage? What happens if there are not enough jobs for everyone/ for anyone? Presumably you could then apply to other airlines but they would not pay your bond back. Or would BA put you in some kind of job holding pool until jobs become available.
I am very excited by the prospect of the scheme but I just can't get my head around the risk involved if jobs aren't available and what the consequences may be when you need to carry on paying the interest back on the loan for the bond and are potentially left jobless.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 12:56
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BAs requirement for LH is 2000+ hrs and a full ATPL. You don't need to have flown a jet prior to going LH either, as several before have only been on Turbo-props.

The new-starter FPP pictures taken for our flight ops newsletters show quite a diverse bunch of people.
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Old 9th Nov 2012, 13:37
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the BA FPP mentions that you need to have a degree or 3 A Levels.....is this true??
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Old 10th Nov 2012, 08:44
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Question When ?

Does anyone know when interviews will take place ?

In two months, three months or maybe more ? (Regarding to last selection)

Thank you in advance for any replies
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Old 10th Nov 2012, 14:09
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The final selection board is run by BA at Cranebank, and if you pass that, there are no more selection interviews to go through. Of course, you still have to pass the course.

If there are suitable flying jobs available (i.e. short haul places), then FPP graduates would get those. However, at the moment BA has a surplus of pilots, due to the BMI merger. Flight operations cannot hire anyone into BA whilst there is a surplus of pilots. This includes FPP cadets. I've heard this surplus will run until the end of 2013. Barring a further world crisis, significant oil price rise, world calamity, 911-type event, then BA should hire again in 2014.

In the early 1990s, during Gulf War 1, no cadets were taken on in pilot positions for a while. Some were offered cabin crew (which at the time paid more than first year cadet take home pay), others went elsewhere to fly. When jobs became available, many of those cadets came back to fly for BA. The difference then was the cadet got the training for free.

There is simply no way of knowing that BA will be able to offer, as 24 months is a long time in aviation. However, compulsory retirements will start happening again in 2016.
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Old 10th Nov 2012, 14:20
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Should we start reviewing our maths notes from high school and practice the compass tests?
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Old 10th Nov 2012, 17:27
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Just as good a chance as someone with a ppl and many hours experience, that's the honest truth. (in reply to the person asking about no experience)

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Old 10th Nov 2012, 19:05
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FPP - Educational Requirements

the BA FPP mentions that you need to have a degree or 3 A Levels.....is this true??
erika7189, if by "BA FPP" you mean this website, and I'm sure you do, then yes, it's true! Does that surprise you? Were you expecting BA to spin a whimsical fairy tale on their recruiting website, just for a laugh?

The educational requirements are clearly stated:

You will need:

5 GCSEs at Grade C or above, including English Language, Mathematics and a Science (single or double award), excluding General Studies.


either 3 A-Levels at Grades BBC or above, excluding General Studies.
or an Honours Degree at 2:2 (or higher) or a pass (or above) in a higher degree such as MSc, MA, MPhil, DPhil, PhD, MBA.
All clear?

Last edited by Stuart Sutcliffe; 10th Nov 2012 at 19:05.
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Old 12th Nov 2012, 11:05
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I have just started a PhD in aerospace engineering. I would leave this at the drop of the hat if I am successful with BA. Do people think I should include this on the application? by the time I come to fill in the application I will have been doing my PhD for a 1.5 months. I also have a BEng and MSc so I more than meet the educational requirements.

I firstly don't want BA to think that I am "overqualified" for the role. Obviously having an understanding of the physics of an aircraft is of benefit, but what I am doing goes far above and beyond what a pilot might come across on a daily basis. There is also the danger that they also might think that I'll be a bit of a "know-it-all". I am also by no mean's a "nerd", a phrase which was coined earlier in this thread.

FYI these prejudice's that I have noted above may be completely unfounded, I am just voicing concerns that I have.

I also don't want them to question my commitment - my willingness to "jump ship" - albeit for my life's pursuit, which could also work to my advantage - showing my commitment to BA.

If someone could enlighten me on this matter I would be most grateful. Do many pilots have degree's or post graduate degree's?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 12th Nov 2012, 17:26
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either 3 A-Levels at Grades BBC or above, excluding General Studies.
or an Honours Degree at 2:2 (or higher) or a pass (or above) in a higher degree such as MSc, MA, MPhil, DPhil, PhD, MBA.
I am spanish so I don´t understand exactly what these qualifications mean, is a Registered Nurse (3 years of university) within the requirements??

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