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Airbus 320 type rating & 500 hours of Line training Rate of success??

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Airbus 320 type rating & 500 hours of Line training Rate of success??

Old 31st Jan 2013, 16:09
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First you get very heated and personal in your attack, you are 24, with relative little life / work experience, so wait!

What you know about my GA experience, I started flying and had my PPL before you was born!

I did loads of Club flying non logged for free!

I was offered to do skydiving in UK, the club wanted 5000 for the C208 training, which would be refunded after 12 months free work for them!

So I said no thanks, I will try different way!

My research was good, but even with 1500 hours on type, there are no golden gates that will open, one of the reasons are the P2F and schools like CTC cornering the market!

There is little will to stop P2F because TRI and SFI's making great money on people taking a TR without job offers, it's a vicious circle!

When I get my 1500 hours I will do it myself, get SFI and do it as extra work, why not?

The other thread did not have you as the target group, I could not just leave may family and go working for bananas and coconuts, as I don't have other people to help!

The clear message is, do P2F, and watch the job you wish for soon will not exist!
There are FO's and Captains with thousands of hours on type, working trough crappy TC's, not getting a job with a proper company!
The rot will stay longer than you expect, not everybody wants to move to China for this job!

Get a realistic view of what you are getting into, and stop destroying your own futures, if this what you want to do!

I think the main point is, that even with 500 hours on type, your chances are marginal to improve your chances of getting a job, as example in 3 months I will have 500 hours on type, and so on, but many others will have even much more, and keep building, so it leaves you with little hope of success, unless you stay working for very bad TC's! Which will not help yourself in the long run, specially considering the debts you will have to repay!

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Old 1st Feb 2013, 12:10
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it was mentioned in this thread you are a RYR 1st officer, because of our constant battle with each other this put a smile on my face as I would never work for RYR I think they are the scum of the industry, on par with Lion.

FYI I wont give up my day job on the 737 thanks
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 12:51
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You must be either the biggest fantasist or biggest liar of them all here!

Do you have no integrity?
Some kind of moral compass that guides you? Are you just full of BS?

Few days ago you are searching for jobs in Africa flying a 727, and in October 2012 you claim to have failed the Line Training program with Falcon for Lion Air!


Join Date: Jun 2012
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ah good luck to all those who go for this, I self funded a TR to go on this with Falcon, but failed the sim assesment, and there are no second chances.

if your not up to scratch they take no pitty on you, nor do they care about the money you have spent to get this far.

they really do put you through your paces in the sim, be prepared.

despite what you read on here, Lion do have very high standards and its not a job you can just walk in to."

"yes pretty much straight after type rating, this was the intial sim assesment in Jakarta, I had got past the JAA check ride in Miami but only after 3 extra sessions.

in Jakarta the instruction was poor and I personally felt things were very unclear which led to mistake after mistake, I left the sim furious."

So for you P2F with Lion Air is better for the industry than RYR? Seriously, you need to get a grip of reality!

You posted a video of your first solo from 2009 in Piper Warrior, yet on 24.th of September you claim you have a TR on the 777 and in process of doing 737NG - not bad progress, going from wide-body to narrow body jet! Did you fail to mention your TR is on MS FSX PMDG, computer flight simulator!


Join Date: Jun 2012
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The 14 ATPL subjects in the UK are renowned to be a real bitch, and this was even agreed by a Check and training captain I spoke to at Cathay.

a couple of options for you, FAA ATP is just 1 exam, or CASA is 7 so if you fancy a bit of travel and are prepared to obtain the nessasary visas this would cut down the volume a bit.

on the more negative side, when you get to TR, interviews etc the amount of paperwork and knowledge requried is massive compared to ATPL subjects.

I have a TR on the 777 and am currently in the process of doing the 737NG and there must be something like 50,000 pages to read, its endless!! "

Excuse me, think your opinion about RYR and bitter twisted double standards about P2F - seriously - when I did my TR I passed within required hours/limits/sessions!

Line training the same, minimum required time!

And yet I do not have any grey hairs as you had in 2009!

Btw I have never mentioned that I worked for RYR, not that I would have had any issues working for them!

Have a good flight tonight on your MS FSX PMDG 737NG, it is a very good model, don't worry about the landing if it is hard, nobody will feel it!

You say RYR is the scum of the industry, on par with Lion.
Yet you tried to buy yourself into Lion, and failed, you was actually a P2F failure, I mean you was not even good enough to get a flying job when you was willing to pay for it? How does that feel?

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Old 2nd Feb 2013, 12:34
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aaoouchh. That last message from truckflyer was like seeing Rocky Balboa getting hit in the ring, over and over again.

Well we all have our issues. I'm flying for RYR aswell.
To be honest some things are good and i actually enjoy my life. And comparing RYR to Lion? Come on thats just ridiculous.
We earn between 65-83 euros/hr not paying for it!

RYR could be really good, the potential is there. So everyone working for RYR: Sign up and vote at Ryanair pilot group!
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Old 3rd Feb 2013, 08:57
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Some great 'on the fly' moderating going on. Nicely done sir!

cirrus_, I think you need to calm it down and stop playing the person and concentrate on playing the ball. If you have an argument to put across it is pointless doing it in the way you are doing it as the posts are meaningless and get deleted.

Unfortunately you have tarnished your own name by claiming previous posts were 'made up' hence you can no longer post without others contemplating what is and what isn't true.

Just for clarification RYR doesn't, the last time I looked, fly the A320.

Wirbelsturm (S61N, Squirrel, Jet Ranger, A109, A320, B777 and a few others,real world only none of which are on MSFS!!!! )
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Old 20th Feb 2013, 11:04
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are 3000 jet hours not enough for interview?

I think a few of you considerings these P2F schemes, should have a read at this thread a little bit first before you wander into Cuckco - Cuckco land and waste more money!

are 3000 jet hours not enough for interview?


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