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Susi Air interview

Old 20th Nov 2013, 09:42
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The problem is that EASA is making the instructing career impossible to pursue as well
Please elaborate?
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Old 20th Nov 2013, 10:00
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A109 & A119

The A109 Grand in Jakarta at Susi Air seldom flies usually grounded for spare parts , the A119 if it ever finishes the 800 Hrs inspection might fly in Papua
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 10:35
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whether Susi is flying just VFR or also IFR?
They fly both,you will need an IR,part of your checkout will be some approaches.
When working out of places like Halim and Medan you will generally do approaches to get back in at certain times of the day.
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 13:58
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Btw. Is it still true that pilots there are working illegally with no job permit because it is very hard to get one and Susi Air is not even helping you?
Anyone received a screening invitation recently?
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 20:59
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I receive it today to be in jakarta the 22!
Is it normal?!?
I not exactly in the neighbourhood!
I don't know if I will go.......
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Old 17th Mar 2014, 23:31
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@Mirimigghi, what's your experience?
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 01:05
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I have also been invited to interview. Haven't heard anything from any other company I've applied to, so I'll go along.
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 13:00
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When did you guys apply? I sent my application 10 days ago. I know that's no time, but I was told Susi Air replies quickly if interested ...
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 13:22
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I applied thur/fri last week, heard back on sunday.
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Old 18th Mar 2014, 16:31
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Wish all of you guys the best. Would be great if we meet in Indo .
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Old 19th Mar 2014, 20:31
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Well I am going to guess competition is going to be harsh, the real question is... how many candidates are they looking at recruiting??
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Old 21st Mar 2014, 19:39
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Is Susi Air accepting ICAO Level 4 or only Lvl5 and above?

How about the DGCA 250Hr rule?

I've ANAC (Brazilian CAA) CPL SE ME IR and also FI rate. ICAO lv 4, Frozen ATPL and a Jet Trainer Course (like european MCC) in a static B737NG simulator. 200hr TT.

There are no jobs in Brazil. Can I apply for Susi, or the low TT and the ICAO lv 4 would invalidate my application?
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Old 23rd Mar 2014, 05:42
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Hi all,

The prerequisites for FO recruitment state "Minimum of level 5 ICAO English proficiency test".
As for the 250h rule (on type), it only applies (so far) to airplanes with 19+ seats.
Minimum requirement is 250h TT.
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Old 28th Mar 2014, 01:14
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What did you guys include in your email application? Personally i attached a cover letter and resume. should i have attached other documentation aswell? what did you guys do?

PS. i never got one of those automatic receipt email when applying. did this happen to you aswell?

Best of luck to the guys attending assessment over the next few weeks/months
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Old 28th Mar 2014, 12:37
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CV + Cover Letter is all you need to send until they contact you requesting further documentation. Do not send unnecessary documents... Force them to make contact to request these documents rather then let them view everything and reject you without even notifying you!

There is no confirmation e-mail, just be patient, wait 6 weeks and if you haven't heard anything since just submit a new e-mail.

Good luck.
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Old 17th Apr 2014, 09:53
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Time on type is not required, but 250TT is. The dgca will not give you a validation if you have less then 250 total time.
So SusiAir can't do anything about this as it is a dgca requirement.
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Old 17th Apr 2014, 23:21
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In the last round Susi had about 40 applicants for assessment and took 4!!

That is some pretty stiff competition.

The main places that people fall down are C208 basic knowledge and not being able to fly the synthetic trainer to within tolerance. You wouldn't believe how many people can't find their position relative to a VOR or even track to it when they do.

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Old 18th Apr 2014, 17:25
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Damn that's some tough competition.

However if you don't know basic VOR usage and you have an IR rating, that rating should be withdrawn.
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Old 23rd Apr 2014, 23:56
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Have they been looking for people for their Porters lately? I assume the requirements would be higher than those for the Caravan?
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Old 24th Apr 2014, 17:34
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From what I have gathered they won't put you on the porter straight away. I think you need to work for them a while to get used to flying in Indonesia first and then you can get upgraded to the porter.

Don't quote me on it though.
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