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Susi Air interview

Old 15th Jul 2015, 19:55
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I don't wanna go to Susi or have intentions to move to Indonesia, however i've been reading this post for curiosity only because in the past i thought of applying to them but in the end i decided not to do it.

With the conditions getting so bad as you say, I wonder who can still have any motivation on moving to such a horrible place like that. C'mon.. current currency? IDR instead of Dollar? Cutting salaries? and the most important: cutting in maintenance a 40%? I would not risk my life just to bring some food and supplies to a isolated tribe in a isolated mountaint in the asshole of the world for a few rupias each month and living with such poor conditions.

Shame on them. Well if it's true they prefer to ground Boeing and Airbus instead of letting expat fly them, then I'd like to see how they will manage that situation with only local guys ^^. Yeah I'm sure the standards will be so great in Indo schools.

Everyone thinking about this, think twice before going.. I think that cutting costs in maintenance it's unaceptable, pilot lives are at stake!
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Old 15th Jul 2015, 21:26
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Where are you getting this information from?

I've been dying to join Susi for a while but if what you write is true then I'll keep on instructing until I find a real airline to go to.
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Old 16th Jul 2015, 08:59
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This talk about Susi has been going on for years.....fact is that Susi still is and always has been a great place to get your break as a professional pilot. Arrive there with an open mind and it will be the greatest experience of your life!
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Old 21st Jul 2015, 11:20
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Since my previous post have been deleted, I am reposting it again.
Even though I am pretty sure I'll be censored again.

So here we go.

Before applying to Susi Air, just be aware guys, of what you're throwing yourself into.

Lately, pilots have faced an unilateral decision to decrease their salaries, and after trying to create a discussion with management, they have received a direct threat from management.

For you to fully appreciate the situation, I am publishing here the letter sent by the pilots to Susi, followed by the "response".
Or one might call that, a threat from ***management***.

Letter from pilots:
Dear ibu Susi and management;

We would like to inform you that the conditions mentioned in your previous unsigned e-mail were nowhere near our expectations, and far from the agreed upon terms in our contracts with the company. The whole point of a contract between two parties is to prevent one from changing the terms without the consent of the other.
We are not sure if upper management is speaking for you, or if you are aware of what they are saying on your behalf. But suffice it to say that we were lead to believe in their meetings with us that a discussion is taking place, and decisions will not be made unilaterally.
We tried to open a dialogue with management but we were told such discussions are closed.
Instead, we were given an email without even a name at the end announcing a loss of wages of up to 13% with the promise of potentially more adjustments to come at the end of the year.
Therefore we would like to advise you that if an urgently needed dialogue between the company and its pilots is not scheduled within the next week, with the exception of medical flights, company' aircraft will stay on the ground Saturday the 25th of July.
This action will continue and increase in frequency if an arrangement is not found between pilots and the management.
We have purposely delayed this potential action until after Idul Fitri, out of respect to our passengers travelling home to see their families.
We hope you understand that we don't intend the company any harm, nor do we wish for further escalations. However, it is the absolute minimum to expect respectful treatment by management as valuable employees; and that the signatures on agreements stand for honor and moral resolve beyond what is currently being proposed.

Best regards

Company Pilots
Terrorism from Management :

To all employees,
We have been forwarded a message from an anonymous email address that claims to represent the Pilots of Susi Air.
As you can imagine, we have no way of verifying this email, its author, or whether its contents are the views of any particular individual or otherwise. As such we are forced into a situation whereby we must ask all employees to state their position so we have a true reflection of our Pilots intentions and do not take action against those not involved.
We therefore require a response from each of you, individually and from your email address that the company has listed for you so as to confirm your current status in relation to this anonymous message.
It follows on that the outcome of this feedback will largely determine the companies response to what may be a singular entity acting alone, or a minority of individuals who’s sole aim is to attempt to harm the company. Whatever the case, please be aware that any action carried out by a Susi Air employee as mentioned in the message will not be tolerated.
You are now required to email Yes or No to the following question:
As an employee of PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation (Susi Air) are you refusing to report for, or perform any assigned duty, flying or otherwise on or after Saturday 25th July 2015?
Please reply to this message with your name and the answer in the subject title.
E.g. Peter Jeffries - NO
All emails are to arrive before 12:00 JKT on Tuesday 21st July 2015.
No other wording should exist in the subject field other than your name and either YES or NO (RE: is acceptable at the beginning of the message if your email client adds this when replying)
A non-response to this email will automatically be interpreted as your answer being YES
A response other than your name, plus YES or NO will automatically be interpreted as your answer being YES
Any additional comments, remarks and content included in the email message will not be read, reviewed or monitored so should therefore be omitted
If you are on vacation, days off or unable to email for any reason, this is not an excuse. You may call, sms or visit CRD directly to register your response
If you feel that someone has been omitted from receiving this email you must inform the Chief Pilot or CRD immediately and they will be contacted directly otherwise their response will be listed as a YES
If you are currently on, or due to be on days-off, vacation or off-duty for any other reason from the 25th July 2015 then you must still reply with your YES or NO reply as if you were on duty
Please do not underestimate the importance of this email and the future actions that may be enacted as a result of the replies received.
Kind regards,
Corporate Secretary

So just beware guys !
Susi Air was a wonderful opportunity to start your career with, and pilots were once considered let's say, correctly.
But today with this unilateral decision to decrease salary, hiding behind some Indonesian Law, stating that expats can no longer be paid in foreign currencies, and this kind of ***management*** where sucking balls rather than skills or expertise gets you hirer in the hierarchy, where pilots are threatened to do some real dodgy flights because ***management*** decided so, where sometimes captain get call to be sermoned because they refused to execute a flight for legitimate reasons.
I think it is time for everybody to realize that they are at the coffin corner of their existence.
Wether they change the course of their actions quickly, or they will start having crashes again.
They tend to forget that It happened before, it will happen again !

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Old 24th Jul 2015, 09:25
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Official Statement

To avid readers of PPRuNe who take a keen interest in Susi Air.

We have been reading this forum and remaining silent in the hope that a fair and open debate is allowed to exist. However it seems that despite our intent of observing free and open discussions we are being slandered beyond what is acceptable and need to place some facts into the public eye. We occasionally request confidential information to be removed from online forums and articles, as any company should, but these requests are not always adhered to and as such we are continuously being hindered in our operations through wrong and often vindictive statements.

Beforehand, let us be clear that what you read on any public forum is the opinion of each individual and is by no means factual or true. As with any large company there will be employees both current and previous who feel that they have been hard done by and hold a grudge. But many more who are not and are sadly not as vocal.

Susi Air has provided a stepping stone for over 1,000 Pilots in more than 10 years of operations, many who are now flying all over the world in almost every conceivable aviation related position. The vast majority of people leaving the company fondly remember their time with us here and we have many, many resignation letters to back up that fact.

Recently you have seen posted some financial remarks pertaining to Pilot contracts and rates of pay. It is no secret that the Indonesian Rupiah has been losing value against the USD. When considering the nuances of Indonesian contracts and our revenue stream of income in IDR vs outgoing in USD the operating cost of the company has increased by ~30% in 18 months. Unsustainable in any business without action.

In order to try and stabilize the Rupiah the Indonesian government has enacted a number of measures. One of these is shown in the following regulation:

This rule forces us to pay all employees in IDR. Non-compliance is not an option and is heavily enforced with fines and ultimately the restriction of buying USD, which is required to purchase items essential to running an airline business.

To counter another misleading rumor: Our maintenance spending has increased by ~40% in the past 12 months.

We have taken many difficult decisions over the past 10 years, all necessary to allow us to continue operations in Indonesia, providing a valuable service to millions of people. Slander and non-factual information will continue to present itself, however, we will continue to provide flights to Indonesia and its wonderful people and provide an opportunity to aspiring aviators who dream of coming to fly here.
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Old 27th Jul 2015, 04:28
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"what you read on any public forum is the opinion of each individual and is by no means factual or true"

So one must assume the same applies to the above post too?

If I had received that hostile, vindictive and totally unacceptable email from my management team, even if I wasn't part of the group that had sent the original email I would be thinking about my options going forward, no wonder the senders wanted to remain anonymous! If all this e mail business is indeed true Susi management have shown their true colours. Any member of the Susi pilot body who was in any doubt about the quality (or lack thereof) of their management team is certainly crystal clear now.

I have lost count of the amount of battered and bruised ex Susi guys that have found work across the border (all have good knowledge of short, steep strips - particularly the Porter blokes, and are very capable drivers). Almost universally they back up the negative stories above........are they all lying?

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de minimus non curat lex
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So we can see what happens when collective bargaining is probably not an option.
Even a staff association created by the employer is better than nothing.

It is quite clear by the tone of the management response, that they are concerned when challenged.
YES or NO.
Hardly the way to generate that old fashioned concept of goodwill.
Problem is one of "losing face", if the management are seen to be reasonable and discuss the matter. Ruling by fear is self defeating with jobs picking up back home.
Management might win this battle.......the war will be lost by the troops voting with their feet.
Fantastic flying. Great experience.
Management need to COMMUNICATE meaningfully with the workforce. Not wave a big stick.
Hope the issues can be resolved soon.
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Old 2nd Aug 2015, 16:39
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The way the value of the IDR/USD is going must be a cause of concern.

For foreign pilots wanting to convert to USD, it probably equates to an on going pay reduction of 10%pa if the current graphs are any guide.

There is no easy solution when USD are used to in so many strands of aviation.

Stabilising, and then improving the economy is the only long term solution. That of course will require a great deal of courage which might well be in short supply just at the moment.
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As another (former) member of the expat community at Susi Air, I've found it difficult to refrain from commenting here but here goes...

Yes, those emails were sent and yes, they do reflect the culture these days. Any 'discussions' with the expats were totally one-sided and from the outset, were seen as a sham anyway.

Disappointing that the email and the PPRuNe message from 'Susi Air' were sent from someone who should know better and who probably was viewed with some regard - not anymore. A former pilot who returned to Susi Air (to milk the cow?). Also slightly embarrassing that the company actually thought it wise to post 'it's side' on PPRuNe rather than just keep quiet. Seems to have also backfired judging by the responses to it on here.

Most do not hold senior management in any regard and certainly don't respect them. They are totally impotent and most know why they occupy those positions. So, to many of us, we are only slightly more disappointed in management than we have ever been.

Communication has never been a strong point here.

As for any paycut, yes, we are losing out due to the rupiahs slide but we lose out further as we are not being paid at the current exchange rate but in fact, about 10% less than its actual value against the dollar.

'Cost-cutting' doesn't wash with most when we observe huge inefficiencies everyday. Another huge bone of contention with the banding around of that phrase - 'cost-cutting', is the aircraft we have that do absolutely nothing or act as a personal taxi service for the CEO (Avanti's, helicopters etc).

Susi Air is not what it was and sadly is likely to continue spiralling downward. It was a great opportunity, now, sadly, it is less so.

People are leaving and being unhappy with recent changes and management attitudes has a lot to do with that for many of those. For others, it's the uncertainty of when the next shafting will happen and what that will be.

Of course, these are my views and so 'are by no means factual or true'.

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Thumbs down

I can't agree more with the previous message.

Susi Air is not even the shaddow of what the management is trying to sell you as dream...

Everyday the salaries are getting closer to the 20% cut and we are just at mid-year! Who could seriously accept such a pay cut with no discussion, no consideration and so many responsabilities in their hands?!

Because of what happened pilots are getting FIRED randomly (or not) with no reason or some bullshit saying that the company is experiencing some bad times while they are still hiring new FO who would get paid less, accept more and be better b*tches regarding this "great" management's standards.

So basically Susi Air is losing some of its best and most senior pilots.
Susi Air is paying less the remaining pilots hoping that they will accept to work more with more and more aircrafts having poor maintenance and no Air conditionning system (for a country like Indonesia and flying up to 12 sectors/day that's not just a detail!)
The morale on bases has never been so poor and there is absolutely no more trust between pilots and the management (after the e-mails posted here, you can guess why...) Also I don't even mention Susi herself who has always been seen as someone who never knew anything about aviation industry and who has no respect for her employees.

There are so many bad things to mention about Susi Air right now and even if that's not the purpose of my message, I think it is important to keep telling the truth for people who would still be interested to apply and especially since the "great" management of this so beloved airline is communicating way more on this forum than with their own colleagues trying to rewrite the story despite the evidences already posted here.

Good luck to all, but with a salary going a bit more down EVERYDAY, I hope that the remaining pilots will be able to save their asses in the "worst place to be a pilot"!
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47, yes FORTY SEVEN pilots have resigned within the past few weeks.

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That's about 25% of the pilots...the last few years they lost about 30 a year.

It concerns me the lack of experience they now have in their mountain ops, and the increased chances of bending something in the future having lost many highly experience and excellent operators.
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Any one got interview dates recently?
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rajivwick Any one got interview dates recently?
How can you still be interested in this company after reading this thread?
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Question Susi Air Interview

Hey guys,

This has been inactive for a while but I'll give it a go...

Got an interview in mid January.

Anyone else heading up then?
I'm into Jakarta on the 11th and out on the 16th.

There is a lot of worrying things I'm reading on here yet people still fly for them. Can someone give me an overall "is it worth it for the experience" summary?
I've only got 500 hours (270 turbine) and could really use the boost in hours.

Thanks in advance.

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Go for an interview on 14th of January. I heard that apllicants have to pass an air law exam,but how can I prepare for an indonesian air law questions? does anybody know smth about that?thanks.
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Far as I am aware the air law exam is done during initial training. And it is unbelievably easy.
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Originally Posted by UAV689
Far as I am aware the air law exam is done during initial training. And it is unbelievably easy.
Yeah. The air law exam isn't part of the interview. It is part of the licence validation and you will get the necessary resources to study/pass the air law exam during your initial training.

@Kryukov and others with interviews coming up, Good luck!

Oh... and Merry Easter and all that
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I'm going to an interview in Jan 2016. Any advices?
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Any updates on the interview process?
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