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Future Fighter pilot in FFA, or heli

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Future Fighter pilot in FFA, or heli

Old 3rd Jan 2011, 00:05
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Future Fighter pilot in FFA, or heli

Shot in the dark,
Hey, i've wanted to be a fighter pilot since about 7, i don't know how, i'd never watched top gun or anything like that, never seen one and never seen anything about it, i knew what one was and have always had an REALLY wanted to be one, then my eyesight went bad... , my eyesight now is about 20/70, but if i get [email protected] eye surgery i can get it to like 15/20 (or the other way around :s, which every one is better) and i can i get the money for it, so i'm hoping that in about 6 years [email protected] eye surgery will be more accepted (i'm planning on joining the fleet air arm (royal navy air force, as i guessed they have less applicants than the raf and i'll have a better chance) so apart from that, i'm almost 14 right now, i'm good at maths and physics, i'm not extremely tall, i'm like 5' 6", i'm physically fit, i have no medical conditions (asthma, ect.), i don't get air sick and i love flying, i"m planning on doing duke of edinburgh gold if that'll help me and i'm really determined, my eyesight only makes me more determined (and i hope the [email protected] eye surgery thing will work)
So what do i need to do to help me and give me an edge, anymore information you need i'll add. thanks in advance.
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Old 3rd Jan 2011, 00:54
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Keep working on your maths and attention to detail. You say your age is 13. Your profile says you are 20.

Join the Air Training Corps. They need people like you...

P.S. Go to bed earlier, too.
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Old 3rd Jan 2011, 22:07
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1) its become habit to put my birthdate for anything as 1990 incase you need to be 18
2) Ok
3) About bed time? yes sir *walks to bed*
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Old 4th Jan 2011, 22:52
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I thought the forces didnt accept [email protected] eye surgery? I remember asking this question when i got "shot down" for pilot and i was told that it wasnt accepted.

Dont quote me on it as it was last year sometime and my memory is quite bad. But it might be worth looking into.

Either way, goodluck and i hope it works out for you.
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Old 5th Jan 2011, 09:09
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You should be aware that following the recent withdrawal of the Harrier, the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) has no fast jets, a situation that will persist for some time to come. Therefore, if you are set on being a fast-jet pilot then the RAF is the only way to go. That said, military helicopter pilots have more fun, so don't discount the other streams, and RAF, FAA and Army Air Corps (AAC) all operate helicopters.

You need to do some research yourself (eg visit a recruiting office and ask some questions) but I am pretty sure that [email protected] eye surgery is a disqualifier from joining the forces as a pilot. Before you make any life decisions check this at source, not just on some internet forum. If I am correct then you may choose not to have the surgery, apply anyway and have your eyesight assessed in a military aircrew medical. That is the only way you will really get a definitive answer. Unfortunately, if your eyesight is so bad that surgery seems like a viable option, then I expect that military aviation will not be open to you at all.

In that case, you may want to consider civil aviation. Your first action must be to undertake a Class 1 medical. If you fail that on eyesight then I believe that [email protected] correction is acceptable. If you cannot achieve a Class 1 medical at all, the professional aviation will not be the career for you (although you may be able to fly privately for fun on a lesser license). If you do get a Class 1 medical, then you need to start doing a lot of research about whether pursuing a career in civil aviation is a wise move. There is plenty of information on PPRuNe to help your research.

Finally, it's great that your maths and physics are strong - these are important subjects. Try to work on your English: capital letters and punctuation are also important. You will be judged on it by those who make recruiting decisions. You want to give yourself the best possible chance.
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Old 5th Jan 2011, 12:21
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Ok first up, as it stands neither the RAF or FAA accept [email protected] eye surgery for it's pilots, this is due to it still being a relatively new practice and not proven over time, maybe this will change, I don't know. As for your comment about being 'less applicants so better chance' this is wrong as the FAA have less spaces than the RAF and there are more steps in the selection procedure, such as flight grading after you undertake initial officer training at dartmouth. The FAA is in decline in numbers at the min with losing the Harriet and now it looks like the CHF (junglie) force will be on it's way out in a couple of years too. Good luck in your ventures and get yourself down to the local careers office they will be able to help

(former RN Officer and FAA pilot)
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 23:47
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I wanted to do a similar thing to you when I was your age but I was held back by crap eyesight.

I know that the Army Air Corps will accept pilots who have less than perfect vision so that could be an option for you (depending on how much your eyesight deteriorates) as at the moment I don't think [email protected] eye surgery is acceptable for pilots in any of the UK armed services.

However, as you're only 13, things could well change by the time you're old enough to join up as some air forces (US I believe?) will accept pilot applicants who've had [email protected] eye surgery.

Good luck
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 23:06
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The US Military accepts eye surgery, each service has different requirements and standards and they are always changing. I have friends with worse vision than 20/70 and they still become military pilots without eye surgery.
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