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Pilot Interview questions

Interview questions
1. Tell us about yourself.

2. What can you bring to this company?

3. Have you ever had an Emergency?

4. How did you deal with it?

5. How did you get started in Aviation?

6. Who have been your role model's, or who has had the most influence on you?

7. What goal's do you have?

8. What are some goal's that you had that were never achieved, and how did you deal with it?

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 year's?

10. What is your greatest accomplishment?

11. How would you fly this SID?

12. We see, your flying various type's of aircraft for different companies, how will you feel about coming to work here and just flying one type of aircraft. Will it become monotonous, boring?

13. We have a 5:30am show every morning, how do you feel about that?

14. The Capt. continues an approach beyond minimum's, he tell's you that he's shot this approach a 1,000 times, know's the area, and everything's fine. What will you do?

15. You find your Capt. drinking before a flight, how will you handle this?

16. You are talking to the Capt., and you smell alcohol. Although you didn't see him drinking, what would you do?

17. You smell smoke in the cockpit, what initial action should you take?

18. Then what do you do?

19. The Capt. tell's you the smoke is normal and it will clear itself, 15 minutes later the condition is growing worse. The Capt. gives you the same response.. now, what would you do?

20. The aircraft is loaded way beyond gross wt., the Capt. tell's you that he does this all the time, and the aircraft will fly. What do you do?

21. You have been cleared for take-off, upon getting airborne with the gear in the well's, what kind of conversation are you going to have with the Capt?

22. Can you brief this approach?

23. What is V one?

24. I see your flying various twin's, do they all have a critical engine?

25. Which one's do not, and why?

26. Can you define Balanced Field Length?

27. You find yourself flying with an arrogant Capt., and you have a real personality clash, how do you deal with this?

28. We see your flying a _________. Tell us about this aircraft. ( the question's are endless here with engine's and system's, etc.)

29. What is the most difficult decision that you have had to make? Aviation or non-aviation related? What did you learn from it?

30. If you were a professional pilot and had an early morning trip; how would you prepare yourself for this trip?

31. Discuss a bad situation which you managed to turn around?

32. If you could no longer fly due to medical reasons; what would you do?

33. Besides good pay why do you want to be a professional pilot?

34. What makes a great pilot?

35. What makes a bad pilot?

36. Most people have a person in their lives that influenced their career. Who was your mentor?

37. Discuss a typical briefing of an instrument approach to minimums?

38. Based on your aircraft discuss a flight in IFR as well as icing-conditions?

39. Your aviation career although progressing nicely is happening very slowly. How do you feel about this situation?

40. What event in your life caused you to feel the way you do about aviation and flying?

41. What are some of the limitations of your aircraft and yourself?

42. How would you rate yourself in relation to communication skills, dependability, and integrity? 1-10

43. If you attain all your goals as a professional pilot what do you intend to give back to aviation?
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Main question interviewer asks himself: Can this guy think on his feet in anyway whatsoever or is everything he says going to be scripted & rehearsed?
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Thanks buddy ... should be of use sometime or the other
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Thanks Sharma for pilot questions interview list. I hope that it's very useful for our community. However, there's a disvantage because of not including the answers.

I search Google and find out suggestions for most of questions, but not all. You can see at

+ 100 Pilot interview questions.

+ 103 common interview questions and answers.

I insist that you should have your ideas before seeing suggestions.
Please post your answers for questions you can't find here. It's really good for others.
Best rgs!
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Airlines are looking for various skills and they're all fairly obvious: responsible, diligent, determined, gregarious, team oriented, motivated, etc etc. You're job is to figure out which qualities most apply to you and set about weaving examples into your answers which demonstrate that you have these qualities.

Many airlines now ask the standard nonsense questions which usually begin with the words, 'give us an example of when...' and then score you on your answer using a matrix. It's complete nonsense, but dreaming up examples which demonstrate that you have one or more of the usual qualities is your key to success.

Interview coaching could be the shrewdest investment you will ever make; I know because it worked miracles for me.
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or is everything he says going to be scripted & rehearsed
In an in-flight emergency, your words and actions are expected to be scripted & rehearsed.
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where do you see yourself in 5 years?:

"well probably in another airline as you airline is on the edge of bankruptcy, I suggest you to look for a job too"

!!! I like you, You are hired!!!!
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Pilot interview

Hi everybody

Just went though your conversation and might be that the link below be of your interest. It's a book on Pilot's interview techniks. Who knows might be useful.

A Pilot's Guide to the Successful Interview - Airline Pilot Interview Guide
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