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Calling all experienced pilots...we need help!!

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Calling all experienced pilots...we need help!!

Old 2nd Jun 2010, 22:13
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Yeah mate, but it's still a Citation.

Ok, the Citation X is pacey.
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Old 3rd Jun 2010, 14:37
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D A N G! Kash360,

If you'd spent as much time writing those mammoth posts to finding work i am sure you'd have something now...

But joking aside i really hope you and every other wannabe finds work.

All the very best to all of you.
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Old 9th Jun 2010, 03:17
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Kash360 for sake stop wallowing in self-pity... the world isn't fair and doesn't owe you a living.... (despite what nooo labour might have told you). Just man up and move on. If you want to stick at trying to find a job in aviation fine but posting c**p like that last post certainly won't help.
Is there any reason to think that taking the job in Algeria will help get you onto a flight deck? is it attached to a flying school that will give you hours or train you up as a flying instructor? Does it pay more than what you are making? If not what is the point?..... why do you think teaching English to pilots will make your CV more attractive to an airline?
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Old 9th Jun 2010, 08:40
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"going mad but this is just a part of being a pilot is about isnít it? Seeing if you have the patience and will power..."

No. Frankly. It isnt. Its more about growing a pair! and getting a job.

No flying job?....get a engineering job!

How many engineering graduates are sitting writing similar posts on PErune right now? I'll tell you....none, cos most of them are WORKING.

Here, I'll tell you what to type into Google ..."Graduate Engineer Manchester". Better still, hereís the link. Just press it.

http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&rlz=1T4GGLL_en-GBGB367GB367&&sa=X&ei=nkAPTLf7I5T40wSxx8CKDg&ved=0CBgQvwUoAQ &q=graduate+engineer+manchester&spell=1

220,000 hits. That'll keep you occupied until your next car washing shift.
Sorry Kash, I donít usually berate anybody, but you need a good kick up the ar$e. Youíve got your fATPL Ė which is a lot more than many people have! You will get a flying job, but you have to accept the fact that it might not be today, or tomorrow!
You're in the same boat as 100s of others. The difference is about getting off your ar$e and doing something PRODUCTIVE with your time! Like Haiku.

Your morbid ramblings,
in spite of their eloquence,
become tedious.
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Old 9th Jun 2010, 12:19
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Sorry guys, have deleted my previous post as it was all about self piety and was written early hours of the morning. Plus the fact that writting things like That wouldn't help me or anyone else. Again sorry to all!!
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Old 25th Jun 2010, 16:05
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I've read your threads on and off as your African thread is in a part of the World I know a few people.

Have you any idea of the amount of guys who do exactly what you do? Not just go and camp for a month, but go and stay out there for six months or twelve months.

I'm sick of hearing "I even went to Africa!". Hoo bloody rah! One month on the Dark Continent does not make you an exception. Bleating on just shows your attitude is that you feel you've pulled out all the stops when I've seen hundreds of guys trekking through multiple countries hunting down jobs for months.

What also surprises me are the amount of people posting about how amazed they are you've gone to the ends of the Earth to find a job. I'll let you in on a secret. Guys were treading that route purely as an adventure, long before the likes of you decided it may be the answer to finding a job when none were available at home.

Plenty more kids who went there and stuck it out, and got the job. Africa is a vast continent. But funnily enough, people know each other throughout Africa in the aviation industry due to the nature of contract work.

You got a hint of a job and then it fell through. That's life. I'm sure you made a good few contacts at the company and if they have another opportunity for you they'll contact you? as far as has been posted you can't PIC in Zambia with less than 1000 hours, so imagine that may have had something to do with things rather than a nefarious company stringing you along for a friday afternoon jape? I'm sure if they read PPRuNe though they'll not be calling.
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Old 26th Jun 2010, 13:50
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Something constructive....

I went to Turkey and paid for my line training hours, since then our airline has stopped doing this but I am 2 years down the line and still with them. Theres no shame in paying for hours and I re-couped the money in 5 months. And with a Turkish airline you rack up the hours.
My advise is IF Pegasus are still offering training
Pegasus Flight Academy | Courses

...try that link. Then go for it. Timing is key, the application process will take 2 months and course I dont know but time it to start on the line in the summer and you will work 100+ hrs a month. If your good enough they will need you for sure, and it will be hard work. But if you want a job its the only way. Or you can say I'm not paying and be jobless 1 year down the line and someone that paid is working and paid off the cost. I dont work for Pegasus, I just know from knowing pilots from there that you would work bloody hard there and so a job should be on offer when you finish. Which is key.
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Old 26th Jun 2010, 14:26
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Thank you for that post, I've been wanting to tell this guy the same thing for a long time but refrained since I thought I may not be in such a position to comment on him.

I was in the neighbouring country when kash came down to maun and I came to know about him since I used to fly a lot into maun and through PPRuNe. The biggest and probably the most horrendous mistake he did was give maun a lot more of publicity in PPRuNe and that gave him a lot of unnecessary competition. I was told by the guys who actually managed to get hired this season that when he arrived there were only 10 pilots looking for work but a week after that, with all the adventures he was describing from his laptop, the number jumped up to 30.. Pilots with much better qualifications and character were available for the companies to choose from.

Anyway, what I intend to tell you kash is that you have to stop advertising yourself in PPRuNe, as so far as I can see, its only working against you.

Please do not feel offended by this post.

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Old 27th Jun 2010, 17:14
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Am is right, after you got the job you can say where you work.

I am in contact with a company for a 320 job, will I tell you it? no!
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Old 1st Jul 2010, 18:36
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Sorry not been able to post sooner, have just been run of my feet working out in Algeria. To the above posts I couldnt agree with you more in terms of people travelling to the Africa to for work long before I was born. All I did was document my time spent in Maun and Zambia. To allow wannabes like myself to read about the difficult times and hoops that we must jump through to get our first job. It was also written so wannabes could see that it wasn't as easy as our flight schools had made it out to be regarding getting a job. Also yes there were about 10 people looking for work when I arrived in Maun but just take a second to think, I went to Maun when we were at the peak of the recession. Which meant that people came to Maun when they could not find work in there own countries. Speaking to all the people that arrived to Maun had never heard or read about my thread aprt from one person who had booked his tickets before I had arrived.

I'm sorry if I have given you the wrong impression, but my intensions were in the right place and my reasons for documenting my journey was also for the right reasons. Of course I cannot deny that I have had some great feedback and leads and many well wishes from people. However I can not see the harm in receiving well wishes or leads.

I spent 2 months looking for work and I dont regret a single moment. I went back to the UK with more than I hoped for, plus it was an oppertunity to learn more about my attitude towards other people and not taking simple things for granted.

I am back on the African continent again trying to find work, but this time while I am working teaching technical aviation English to pilots.

Again if I have upset or offended anyone for documenting my travels I apologise. I meant no harm or disrespect.
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Old 1st Jul 2010, 18:45
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Having worked in Algeria for six months as a pilot I can tell you something that will save you a bit of time. With your hours and your passport you will not get a job flying a plane in Algeria.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 15:15
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Hello again,

As always I hope all is well and good, firstly I must apologise for the lack of postings during recent months. I did not really want to come on here and loath in self pity, I have recently returned to the UK and have been occupied with a course which will allow me to return back to Algeria if I donít find any flying jobs soon.

Also have had my ME/IR renewed which is a big weight of my shoulders. Algeria was overall a great experience and a chance to get my hands dirty even for a little while. However as the above poster has said donít look in Algeria for flying jobs. There isnít any and if there was you would have to be Algerian. Canít believe how fast I have used up my saving from Algeria, paying for the course, accommodation and the renewal.
I was recently invited to my first interview for a flying position which I didnít secure, but either way am glad that I was invited a chance to get an insight into the process. I am now in the process of going of making a new plan of action, to try and get my first big break. I have spent the last couple of days travelling to some airfields to hand my CV around. I was thinking about going over to Indonesia to try and find work there but not too sure. I have been applying for engineering positions aswell.

I was wondering if you would be as kind as to advice me of what I should do next, as I feel like I have covered all my bases?

Many thanks in advance.
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 16:39
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Well since you are so fond of africa....

Try this

Air Nigeria - AN Careers

Dont know any other details but give it a shot

Good Luck
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Old 30th Sep 2010, 16:47
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You know what Kash mate, I stayed up till 4 in the morning reading this tread in my hotel room. If I was in a position to offer you an interview, which I'm not, I would. I like you manner in your writing.

I don't post very often on here, more a browser realy, WWW is right in what he says, the industry has changed drasticly and for the worse.

Heres what I would like in a newby FO. Someone who isn't cocky and thinks he's the best pilot since sliced bread, some one who can pick up my mistakes but points them out in a diplomatic fashion, (and doesn't worry if the Captains spelling and gramma isn't what it should be),someone who will listen and learn and strives to improve, someone I can rely on to do a good job everytime with out me having to put a rocket up'em, but most of all, someone who I can sit next to for 4 hours and spend 4 days down route who's company I can relate to and will stand their round from time to time.

This isn't about good pilots or bad pilots it about understanding human interaction, team work, and diplomacy. If any of that is forign to you then go and be a flying instructor where you will learn to deal with people from all walks of life and you will learn a lot about yourself. I recommend it to all pilots how ever well qualified they are.

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Old 4th Oct 2010, 13:40
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Hey Guys,
Firstly a big thank you to Rapa and Cyrilroy for posting and providing me with a lead. I had applied to Air Nigeria within an hour of seeing the post. I have recently been advised by more people than against into doing an instructors rating. I am currently looking into this further, however was wondering if anyone could please give me some indication of if there is much recruitment happening within this area.

I have been invited back to Algeria and would be delighted to go back, but knowing that I have a full licence I feel that I am wasting my time doing so. I feel that I could be applying for more positions worldwide. I have spent all morning for the fourth time applying to every airline in the world using Wikipedia. Iím grateful of people saying that they would hire me if they had any influence. I have been on this rollercoaster ride for over a year now trying to find work. However I still have the determination and courage to travel this path instead falling out like some. Sure I feel like my courage is dented at times however as someone on here said once. Itís a battle for the strongest, and only the weak will drop out. Even though I donít agree completely with this as some people drop of this road for personal reasons.

I just canít get my head around this industry; I have spent my entire working life apart for 10 months in the aviation industry. From hanger cleaning, baggage handler all the way to designing power supply systems for space shuttles. I always thought that if my CV was full of aviation related jobs I had it would favour me when I applied for flight crew positions.

I donít regret for single second travelling to Africa living in a tent looking for a flying position. I donít even regret the number of times I have travelled around the country sleeping in my car visiting airfields. It has all made me stronger.

However I was wondering and to a certain degree pleading for your help. I know you donít know me and I also know that you may be thinking that ďthis is just how thing goĒ. But if you find it in your hearts please would you guide me on the right track, it does not have to be leads or contact just some advice of what I could or should be doing. I appreciate everyoneís views, Iím not the only one on this journey there are thousands like me and we look up to our seniors which are you for help.

Please PM if you feel that it would be of some use.

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Old 4th Oct 2010, 14:24
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Jeez you are a whiny cry-baby, areīnt you? Did you possibly think it was going to be that easy to find a job? Sometimes low-hour guys get jobs without having to pay2fly over pilots with thousands of hours.
But whining does not help. If youīve got to stock shelves then stop your crying and stock away. That way you wonīt have to scrounge off your parents anymore.
A flying job after flight training is not a right, it is a privilege.
Until times are better guys will pay2fly if that is what they think they should do and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
If we want to stop this practice, with which I see nothing wrong, then wait until times are better and companies are hard pressed for pilots, which according to all respectable organizations will be around 2012 or so, the airlines will have no other choice then to pay for TR+LT.
While there is a financial crunch and airlines are cutting back on expenses, they are looking for guys who are self-sponsored.
This is the new model, ladies and gentlemen. I suggest we adapt to it or get out of the way.
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Old 5th Oct 2010, 18:07
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Hey guys,

Firstly welcome to PPRuNe Chadkhan, I see this is your first post above, and wish you have many more to come in the future. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart in regards to your views that you have shared with us all.

However I feel as if your views maybe based on the industry model from 2009, and so taking that into account I would like to welcome you to 2010 where we are all currently living. I couldnít agree more with your thoughts with regard to P2F. I too find this scheme to be disturbing for our industry and Iím sure many would agree with you there.

I do however find that the industry is improving for the better, captains not approving of this scheme and neither helping the industry t+cís. I must correct you in a few matters though as I feel I may have given you and many others the wrong impression.

I havenít asked my parents for a single penny towards my training, in fact I paid my own university fees and accommodation while I was there. Also whining?? Well if you read my previous post ( the one you kindly misinterpreted) You will find that Iím not whining. Iím grateful for the experience I am going through looking for work, never sitting at home waiting for companies to call me instead travelling halfway around the world looking for food.

Yes I agree that I do come on here sometimes looking for help and advice. I for one have no shame in asking for here asking our experienced pilots for help. I can only imagine that many of them went through what we are going through. They know this road they know which is the best approach. We must respect their views, just like I have respected yours.

We are here to learn, not from books but from people who have been doing what they do for years. Experience trumps theory every time my friend. Again If you or anyone else feel that I am stepping out of line by voicing my views please correct me. Iíll be the first to put my hands up and say I was wrong.

But again, if any of our seniors feel that they can guide us in the right direction, please do there are thousands of us here willing to listen.

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Old 9th Oct 2010, 02:32
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I would say I am quite current. I got my license last year after completing MCC but Iīm still here and I would say very current, indeed.
I have a TR rating too and a contract. My dad flew for major airlines for 35 years but fortunately, for my own self worth, I stuck it out and did this on my own, without his help. I owe my flight school a lot of credit, my instructors, all the people Iīve befriended along the way, as well, who have helped guide me along.
Its just not worth stressing about, thatīs all. The thing to think about is that as long as commercial aviation has existed there have been out of work pilots.
P2F is just part of the evolution and what some captains donīt like is really their problem. Obviously no serious company will accept an incompetent pilot, even if he paid out of his own pocket. There are thousands of highly competent pilots out there with enough hunger to pay for it out of pocket and go absolutely anywhere.
So letīs just chill with the quick judgments, shall we?
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