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Employment with Susi Air?

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Employment with Susi Air?

Old 5th Jan 2010, 11:13
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Employment with Susi Air?

I have read the threads on here regarding Susi Air and just want to check that the hours flown over there are legal and can be logged? I have a JAR licence and have been invited for an interview so would like to know if anyone knows anything about the legal stuff involved with working for Susi Air or if its just a waste of time? Nothing around so hope its a legal operation all above board!


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Old 5th Jan 2010, 14:24
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I think their was an item in the news awhile ago about crew not being able to operate a C208 . For you to use the time on your JAA licence you will need a JAA TR on the C208 otherwise everything seems above board.
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 16:04
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JAA | Licensing Class and Type Ratings - List of Aeroplanes List of JAA type ratings(not sure how recent this list is) The cessna 208 is on it so you would need the rating. Now do Susi provide the JAA rating for you on the 208 or do they provide an ICAO one?( if such exists) And is there a differece between the two?

All questions for you to ask the CAA. Be sure you can log those hours before you go out there.
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 21:45
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I have a friend out there, been there since November.

She is type rated on the C208 and socially it seems ok, however, I don't think she is logging any hours and won't be logging any hours until Command (i.e. 1000 hours).

Hope that helps.

She too has a JAA fATPL.
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 22:03
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So she must be logging the dead legs from the right hand seat until 1000 hours?
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Old 5th Jan 2010, 22:10
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Susi Air Interview

Heya bud,
A friend of mine has also been asked to come for the interview. I wonder how many people have been asked and how many people will be appointed.

I'm thinking of coming to indonesia too. Whens your interview date? Also, are you planning to visit any operators while your there?

Good luck mate!
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 02:39
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the Indonesian CAA can not give you any validation at this time (like many other Asian countries), chance you are sent back home after a little "compass test" made in home!.
Come to Indonesia with a return ticket or you may be deported immediately!.
I know some guys who did their interview and got nothing!

They still interview but I believe 100% of pilots are sent back home.
Maybe it' s a way to promote their company.
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 15:44
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I've been offered an interview at the end of Jan too. Apperently it's a 25% hire rate. I'm gonna go over there knowing I might not get a job, but I plan on staying for a couple of weeks, do some sight seeing, hand out resumes to other operators etc. Don't waste your time by going there for the interview just to go home two days later with your tail between your legs. My two cents.
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Old 7th Jan 2010, 19:25
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Don't bother. Complete waste of time. I went out there last year which cost me 1,200 for 2 days. Sat around waiting to be collected from the site for 3hrs after a 1.5hr taxi ride from Jakarta airport. Got dropped at an accommodation block in the pitch black & rain, with no instructions as of where my room was etc. Had to find my way back to the main reception, and about an hour later somebody came back to get me (that spoke English this time). Next day, i went for the interview. I was very dissapointed that the gentleman interviewing me had no interest as to what i was saying, and was typing away on his laptop right through the 5 minute 'chat'. After i finished telling him about myself, he then asked me 2 questions, both which i had already covered which proved that he didn't have any interest at all. After that, i had the compass tests. I was expecting the compass advanced, but was just the basics (that you'd do to get into a training school). After these it was apprx 100 question (not multi choice) on aircraft tech. Every single question was written word for word from 'Ace the pilot Tech' (or whatever it is). That wasn't too bad (considering i had read the book inside out on the flight over). Also included were a few local SID's & STAR's which weren't too challenging. Just a bit hard to read due to the bad copies.

I was asked to come back the next day at 7am. At 9am, the same person turned up and asked me what i was doing. Obviously i explained that i had been asked to arrive there at 7am. I was then told that all of my assessment had been completed the day before and that i would recieve some contact within a few weeks.

This was back in March 09, and after numberous emails & phone calls to the company, i still haven't heared a thing which is very dissapointing after the money i spent getting to jakarta for the assessment.

I hope that my experience has given you an insight as to what i experienced. I'm not saying whoever goes out there will see the same, but just be warey

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Old 8th Jan 2010, 02:14
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Thumbs down

Once again, the indonesian CAA can not give you a license to fly, and you can not receive a work permit.

They have too many indonesian pilots looking for job.
It's a no go for Susi Air, and they will ask you to go back home to free the room.

ask them to pay for your flight ticket before you go, and see what's happen!

here more:
Susi Air - Jetcareers
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Old 12th Jan 2010, 10:35
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Thanks for all the replies and i have decided not to go to the interview which i hope is not a bad choice and i miss out on what could be the only flying work for some time. The whole operation sounds very dodgy i have been talking to a guy who worked for them and was put in jail for not having the required Visa etc, he also claims that the hours are not legal as you are not given a CR for the 208B which means your not legally qualified to fly it. Susi air also makes you teach at a flight school even if you have no FI rating!! This with reading through other posts had led me to my decision so look into it if you are offered an interview with this company!

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Old 17th Jan 2010, 18:38
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A bit of an update. A friend has just returned from an interview out there and let's just sey, any doubts he had have just been compounded even more.

Whoever they had conducting the interview was a poor rep. for the company as his lack of knowledge was seemingly, frightening!

So, sorry to say it, but another iffy review.
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Old 17th Jan 2010, 19:19
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fish Susi Interview

I have also recently returned from an interview with Susi Air and I can say that I thoroughly recommend going out there to make your own mind up and ask lots of questions.

If your single, no commitments and are prepared to work for a small amount of money for at least 2 to 3 years, then I would whole heartedly recommend going for an interview and seeing if the place is somewhere where you think you might fit in.

As Susi Air is rapidly expanding in a developing country where corruption and such are rife, the staff will openly admit that there will be slight inconveniences that you will have to be prepared to endure, such as the licence validation process, work permit/visas renewals etc.

One important point to remember is that this is not a viable option for someone who has a wife, long-term girlfriend or children because you will be moving around a lot somtimes at a moments notice and visiting each of the company bases and are not permitted to have a partner in the pilot houses and any change in this policy does not look likely in the near future.

I can confirm the testing involves 2 written papers multiple guess, a Psychometric profile and a COMPASS test which is similar to PILAPT. Followed by a short chat about yourself and maybe a question or 2.

Please do not PM for specific answers to questions as it is not in the spirit of the the test, but I will be happy to discuss more general queries.

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Old 18th Jan 2010, 03:06
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i have been talking to a guy who worked for them and was put in jail for not having the required Visa
My dad work for the immigration so I know a little how it works.
this is what will happen ., too many think you can spit to the face of foreign governments (this is Asia, a third world country, who give a toss?).
Maybe 9 guys will have no problems being illegal and will tell you not to worry(immigration doesn't care, they never check work permit or flying license, bla bla...), and they will take one guy who will pay for the 9 guys by sending him to jail and deport him (3-6 months jail until a judge decide to deport you).

Then you will have a stamp in your passport that you can not come back to the country for 10-20 years, and you can find yourself on the no fly list as well with some companies.

Companies will ask you if you have an UNrestricted passport...if you are still looking for a job after Susiair. I am sure you don't want be a criminal.

Continue to BREAK the laws with Susiair, you won't go very far in your aviation Career!...or fly with a fake license, no work permit and a tourist visa....

I think a respectable companies should be legal and play by the rules .If you work illegally, you make a nice gift to Susiair. If they catch you, it will cost you a lot. Susiair will probably just pay a fine.(Susiair is not interested to pay for work permits. They prefer to hire illegal immigrants...)

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Old 18th Jan 2010, 05:08
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I had high hopes for your post based on the first two or three paragraphs.

Unfortunately, from there, it evolves into what can only be described as utter bullsh*t.

Get your facts right before making untrue and offensive remarks about any company.

I don't work for them.
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Old 20th Jan 2010, 02:36
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why don't you call Susiair and see by yourself?

be sure to ask them about work permit, license,...

" Sure, it 's totally legal to work while waiting for your work permit. You can work under a tourist visa"."

I have friends who have already been in trouble with them...I am just warning you!

and if there is one day a crash, be certain the immigration and their CAA will investigate to find who work illegally?
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Old 25th Mar 2010, 03:01
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Does anyone know if you are allowed to use a calculator in the compass test?
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Old 25th Mar 2010, 11:10
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I applied last year and so did a few of my friends. One of us got the job. He's still over there and enjoys it dispite the some times late pay the visa and license validation problems.

I was invited for an interview before they changed their mind and told me I didn't have enough hours even though I had almost 300h more than my friend who got the job. My other friend was told he was to young and that there was an age limit of 23 even though the friend who got the job was 21...The third friend went there for an interview but didn't get the job. I haven't spoken to him about it yet.
Old 25th Mar 2010, 13:17
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I was offered a job with SusiAir that I unfortunately had to turn down.

I wouldn't wish to publically state my entire experience with them, however if anyone needs any further info PM me and I'll forward you on most of my correspondence with them.

All in all my interview experience was a positive one, however, that may be as it was conducted in Europe.
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Old 25th Mar 2010, 14:07
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@ erikN

Susi recently changed their hiring age to 23 after a recent board meeting. So there are still guys who are 21 in the company who got hired before this stuff.
Secondly they don't want experienced pilots to sit on the right seat, they're just after a seat warmer.
They want to train some one from the scratch who is also cheap to afford rather than experienced pilots to whom they'd have to pay more.

And I'd like to add that its a registered and well operating company with great maintenance record. So if you're after your first job,I'd say take it. I've got 4 of my friends working at susi and they all cant be anymore happy.
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