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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

Old 3rd Feb 2010, 22:33
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I've been reading this thread since the beginning and I think you've done a really great job so far by keeping faith and strenght all this time with the correct attitude but I think that many of the "lucky" guys down in Maun may have spent 2 months or maybe more hanging around the operators and as a user before me said
Thomas Edison once said:
Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
And I think you're pretty close! why not keep trying a bit you never know if one of the new pilots will give up and leave a vacancy! Have yuo tried looking in some other places like Windhoek? Whatever is going to be your decision I wish you good luck!
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Old 3rd Feb 2010, 23:27
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Ok so Maun hasn't worked out for whatever reason, which is probably the same reason a lot of people aren't working, the economy is and people haven't moved upwards and onwards. We are in the deepest recession in living memory, now Harry Patch has died I doubt there are many who can remember the 1920s downturn...

However, you're in Africa and there are other places to go while you're over there and it's the cost of a regional flight or bus or back of a lorry, rather than the cost of a long haul flight. Use Maun as a base to come back to as everyone knows you now and there are people you can trust there to leave some of your things if you need to. As I said before, it'll cost you a lot more to hang out in a bar in the UK than the one at camp Audi.

Why not get a job at the airport loading bags or at one of the game lodges greeting guests? Maybe even as a barman, which is the best way to get to know a whole town over night. Work out your accomodation and get your arse out of that tent which will make you feel better.

The title of this post is "Maun, Nambia and Zambia it is then!" It feels like you've only explored the other places breifly and there is more face time to be done by you. What about Tanzania or Zimbabwae to mention a few...?

I have never seen a post get so much attention on PPRUNE so fast and have so many people write such positive replys. For me I have got up every morning and logged in to see how you are. I, along with many others, will be very upset if you give up now.

PM me if you really want me to give you some hardcore encouragement ...

Muddy Boots
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Old 4th Feb 2010, 08:01
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Hi Kash ,

Have to agree that as long as it may seem , one month is not long at all... the best advice i got after training was to try and stay as close to the Airport as possible.... With this, as it turned out I landed a flight ops job for 6 months before finally getting my lucky break. Two job offers came at once... Funny how it works.

All I can say is hang in ther and Try your other options... Look on the African Forum.. Namibian situation 2010.. You seem to be there at the right time... Worth a go...
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Old 4th Feb 2010, 10:39
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I Have Control
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Hang in there

Keep on keeping on. No flying jobs back home, thats for sure.

I almost gave up. Glad I didn't.

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Old 4th Feb 2010, 16:04
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Evening All,
Not been a good night for me, was lay in bed scratching my hand all night. Then waking up to notice that my hand had ballooned up, but still went into the airport and saw the operators to show face. One of the operators noticed my hand and advised that I should go and see a doctor immediately, it turned out that I had been bitten multiple times by a poisonous spider. So not feeling my best today, been injected and pilled up to the rim.

Anyway I hope you are all well and good, sitting comfortably in front of your computers reading this post. From your replies after posting yesterday I notice a general feeling that I should stay here longer because I have only been here a month. And a month doesnít mean anything in our industry.
I could not agree with you more, but please here me out. On the end of the day you are my seniors and I have complete respect for all of you. And I would never rule out anyoneís advice, because I wasnít born with all the knowledge I require.
I just want to say that ďyesĒ I have only been here for five weeks and it means nothing but what would you do with the information Iím about to share with you.
As you know I never mention companies or people on this thread so I will keep it that way.
Operator 1 Hired 2 people
Operator2 Hired 3 People
Operator3 Hired 2 people
Operator4 Hired 2 people
Operator5 Hired 2 people
Operator6 Hired 2 people
More than a few were hired from outside of Maun, there is 1 more position left in Maun. However I spoke to the person in charge of one of the operators who will be hiring one more but it will be filled by a local pilot. The pilots who were hired from Maun were here for a minimum of 2 months.
I canít take any other kind of work to tie me over here, because I will never be given a work permit as there are local people who can do the same job. May that be bar work, ramp or any other?
I agree that I will be spending more money back at home than I would be staying here. However at least at home I would have the slightest chance to go back into engineering. And then this will help fund my next journey.
I will be travelling again to one of the neighbouring countries on Sunday/Monday to go and speak to an operator. Iím wonít be going to Namibia as there are 3 people waiting for jobs here who have just come from there and were told minimum 500 hours and fluent German language. I have also confirmed this by calling the operators.
Iím would like to apologise to you all if you think Iím letting you down. Honestly I think Iím letting myself down too. However this is not the end of my journey. I will go home save some more money and find a new spot to pitch my tent.
I know I have always had your support on this thread and through my PM. And honestly thank you so much for it because I think I would have left a while ago if werenít for you. But this isnít just about the money anymore itís also about sitting here twiggling thumbs and waiting knowing that all operators have just took people on.
I will understand if you think Iím doing the wrong thing, but really tell me how you would feel with the information I have just shared with you?
As said before I will be heading up on Sunday/Monday and on every step I take there I will pray that it will be everything I hope. If not I will return home!!
Please donít think I have given up!! Because I am far from that point yet, Iím just trying to make a decision that will allow me to fund my next trip as Maun has turned her back on me.
I will sing of roof tops till I am blue in the face, that please donít give up your dreams. May that be flying or any other dream, the truth is without these dreams we wonít ever know what we are capable of. If you ever fall or fail please try again. I know how it feels to fall but I also know how it feels to stand up and try again.

Again thank you for your support and for everything you have all done for me. I still hope!!

Take care!!
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Old 4th Feb 2010, 16:34
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Kash, I can't tell you how much I wanted you to succeed in getting a first rung on the ladder, if for no other reason but to show all those pay2fly fools that there is an alternative means other than resigning ones life away to a road of debt.
Please do not come back home to do that as the real problem right now is one of timing.
There are hundreds of pay2fly's who after completing line training find themselves replaced by the guy behind them. It is a vicious circle that is geared all in favour of the airline at the expense of the wannabee, safety and passenger ignorance and indifference. Do you want to join them?
I don't know anything of flying in Maun but I can't help feel that at some other time you may have been more successful.
The aviation world is in an unprecedented trough right now. It has never seen such extreems of losses for operators, crews, or T's & C's.
In that environment to try to get a first job on a freshly printed licence with no operational experience in a foreign country was never going to be easy.
Perhaps at another time things would have been different.
My only real advise to you is to network network network, wherever you are. Keep your ear to the ground and chase every oportunity that arises. Take any job in aviation.
I for one will look forward to the day I read on here that you finally got it sorted.
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Old 4th Feb 2010, 18:27
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Kash! Don't even think about going back home! Try SA first! Spend some time and money doing an FI rating. Schools are crying out for Gr3 FI's! As for cost, you can expect to pay between R30k and R40k.

I'm with a school now and they're guaranteeing subsequent employment!

Maybe not what you want to do and maybe a bit steep, but well worth it!

If you do it at Rand airport (FAGM), the beer's on me!
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Old 4th Feb 2010, 19:14
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747, you might be able to give him a beer, but it will only benifit him if you provide him with a SA workpermit too, which is impossible !!
Dont talk crap.

Fly safe.

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Old 4th Feb 2010, 19:40
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Hey Kash.
I am sure you have seen many of your peers fall by the wayside already in the short time since you have started your career. Some just arn't cut out for the journey. You are at another one of those points where a few more of them will throw in the towel. This may end up being your real test. Personally, I think it's a good idea heading home, getting together some more cash and heading out for round two somewhere else. Hold your head high and keep up the search. Just watch out for those man eating spiders!!
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Old 5th Feb 2010, 01:08
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Hi Kash,

From your post there seems to be a fair amount of hiring going on. Any idea why these people were hired ahead of you? Is it a question of experience or whether the operator likes you or not?

If you seem to be getting passed over by other people perhaps a chat with one of the operators might help.
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Old 5th Feb 2010, 06:39
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You sound like you're talking from experience gerpols???

If you're so experienced, you would know that work permits in SA are as easy to come by as a European with 200hrs and an A320 type rating!

Most schools offer subsequent employment, even if they are foreigners.

Did you expect Kash to work in Maun without a work permit? Methinks you need to revise your statement...
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Old 5th Feb 2010, 09:56
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I agree with 747. I didn't find it too hard to get an SA work permit last year.
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Old 5th Feb 2010, 10:19
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"The pilots who were hired from Maun were here for a minimum of 2 months."

- So wait it out another month?

"I canít take any other kind of work to tie me over here, because I will never be given a work permit as there are local people who can do the same job. May that be bar work, ramp or any other?"

- I'm sure you could find work in a bar where the owner is willing to overlook the absence of a work permit!
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Old 5th Feb 2010, 11:46
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I'm not wishing to burst anybody's bubble here, but you'll find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to get hired in Africa with any less than 500 hrs TT.

No matter how clearly motivated you are.

I'll bet anything that's why you're hearing/seeing all these other guys from outside Maun jumping the queue, so to speak.

I'm a little surprised nobody's brought this up sooner...
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Old 5th Feb 2010, 12:55
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Thread Starter
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Again thank you all for your posts and PM. My hand is still ballooned up and still has the burning sensation running through it. But I have been given medication, so hopefully will get better soon.
I donít know how to put this across to you guys. But Maun is a small place where everyone knows each other. I tried to get some bar work but as said earlier you must have a work permit. I know in the UK people work without permits but in Maun the word gets around pretty quick that you are working illegally. I donít wish to take such risks and get deported, but thank you for the advice.
Also I would like to stress ďI AM NOT GIVING UPĒ far from it. Someone raised the point that you cannot find jobs without having 500TT in Maun, Iím sorry but I donít think this is true. People who have been invited from outside are friends of pilots or chief pilots with 200-300 hours TT. Maun is one of the only places in the world that takes low hour pilots.
The point rose by a fellow poster about if people have been hired after 2 months then why donít you stay another month. I wish that was the case but I have spoken to every chief pilot in Maun who has said clearly that they have recruited everyone they needed and that I should come back in November at the earliest.
I believe that people here have been hired because of a number of reasons, which include they have had perfect timing in coming showing their faces for 2 months and so have been hired. Everyone in Maun knows how to fly otherwise pilots would not come, but no one here is disliked my competition are a bunch of great guys who all deserve the jobs they have got. I wish I had come a little earlier but such is life. I get on with everyone here and have been told by a few chief pilots that they would have hired me in a heartbeat however their hands are tied because of management.
I have given it my best shot here, and I will still carry on trying. My spirit is still high.
I have booked my flight and will be travelling to one of the neighbouring countries on Sunday to try my luck there. And as said before, that for every step I take towards their I pray thing turn out for the better.
Nothing much happening at the airport today, yet again an early start and full of hope with a spring in my step trying for the big break. But not much today, spent most of the morning running around trying to get flights for my trip on Sunday.
Will be attending a party later to witness a pilot who has just come on line do an omelette. Which includes eating a raw egg including the shell. Should be a sight to see.

Anyway must go, and as always I hope this post finds you well.

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Old 6th Feb 2010, 18:37
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Good luck with wherever you're heading onto next, sorry I won't be around for the farewell braai tomorrow! Safe travels.
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Old 7th Feb 2010, 01:42
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I have been following this thread for sometime and as a former Maun pilot I feel that Kash has indeed done everything possible to get a job and whilst many people on here are offering advice, a few seem to have little idea of how Maun works.
"The pilots who were hired from Maun were here for a minimum of 2 months."

- So wait it out another month?
If there were still jobs going I would say the same thing but come Feb. with the operators themselves telling you the hiring is done, why waste time on a losing battle?

"I canít take any other kind of work to tie me over here, because I will never be given a work permit as there are local people who can do the same job. May that be bar work, ramp or any other?"

- I'm sure you could find work in a bar where the owner is willing to overlook the absence of a work permit!
Maun: 49,800 Black locals and about 200 Ex pats. A strange new white face in a bar would arouse a fair bit of attention and the Botswana government actively looks for illegal workers...not good to get on the wrong side of them if you want them to one day issue you a work permit.

I'm not wishing to burst anybody's bubble here, but you'll find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to get hired in Africa with any less than 500 hrs TT.

No matter how clearly motivated you are.

I'll bet anything that's why you're hearing/seeing all these other guys from outside Maun jumping the queue, so to speak.

I'm a little surprised nobody's brought this up sooner...
I think you'll find there are hundreds of pilot's out there who showed up in Maun with 200-300 hours and successfully found work and now have 10 times those hours.

People who have been invited from outside are friends of pilots or chief pilots with 200-300 hours TT
It's the old story of it not being what you know but who you know. Such is life I guess.

The only words of advice I can offer is keep looking for that first job even if you now have to look in a different place. There has been more than one person in Maun turn up one year looking for work that never materialised only to return a year later and try again, usually with success (funds permiting of course). I'm certain you will find something one day, persevernce is the key and you seem to have that in droves.
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Old 7th Feb 2010, 03:31
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Morning All,

Sorry for not posting yesterday, went on a boat ride which kept me away from my computer all day. But to be honest it was worth it. I love every minute of the trip. I'll be travelling for most of the day to one of the neighbouring countries.

I will be at some point in time be returning here, as I have made friends here. I have not finished with Maun yet but I must try and follow the leads I have been given.

I' sorry this is not of length or detail however I must go and pack my stuff. I wish you are all well. And as one of the guys here said to yesterday " look at it this way, your one more day closer to getting a job".

Again thank you all for reading, posting and PM me. If I do get a chance I will post later today and keep you posted regarding my day.

Take care.

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Old 9th Feb 2010, 17:42
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Afternoon All,
Again I must apologise for not posting yesterday, having travelled for over 2200km in search for a job and not having any internet connection or power led me not to post until now.

So my dear peers, I hope you are well. And everything your doing leads you to that lucrative first job.

As posted not long ago I tried travelling to a neighbouring country (Zambia) but had car troubles which led me to return to Maun. I decided to try again as I had promised. However I called in advance advising that I would pay a
visit on Monday.

I left Maun on Sunday morning and flew to Kasane. I had then hitched hiked by car and boat and travelled a further 600km to my destination. Spent the night at backpackers which was the worst night I had spent in my life. However I was just waiting for the sun to rise so I could get to the airport. As a fellow friend of mine PM me say ďIt carries a certain amount of tax not being African in AfricaĒ. So I believe everywhere I went I was being over charged. Arrived at the airport and spoke to some of the pilots who worked for operator who I went to visit directed me to the headquarters. I arrived at the office at 08:00 and after a brief discussion with one of the managers. I was told to go and speak to the CAA about licence conversion, again more tax and more money pouring out of my pockets.

Spoke to the director of CAA who was extremely pleasant and helpful. After finding out the requirements I took a taxi back to the operatorís headquarters to speak to the manager who had sent me to the CAA. However being Monday he was extremely busy and did not have the time to see me. I was told to book an appointment which I was told by the secretary would not be anytime soon. I left the office feeling as I had lost everything I had. I decided to return to the terminal to take a taxi back to the bus station. However as I was feeling I did not want to spend another 9 hours on a bus. I decided to take a flight with the operator in question. I must say that the service they provide their passengers was great.

I arrived at the destination thinking that I would have loved working for such a company. After disembarking one of the pilots had approached me, only to be the person I have been liaising with through PM. I advised him of the situation and was told to email him. I must say it is a great feeling when you go from no hope to just a glimmer. Arrived back in Kasane hoping to get a bus or a flight back to Maun however all had left for the day. This left me trying to hitch 600km ride back, but after a 2 hour wait in the baking sun, I decided to call one of the operators which was stopping in Kasane and flying back the next day. I was overwhelmed at the way they had received us and offered me to stay the night with them and transport me back. Had the best flight I have ever had on the way back from Kasane to Maun. Arrived back at Audi exhausted and got some rest. Just woken up to have a bite to eat and post to you guys, who are probably enjoying the comforts of your home?

Iím now not sure what to do, as always I find myself lost in this journey. To every door I turn I find im to late, Iím not saying a have I right to get a job because I have turned up to Africa. Im just saying I wish I had tried harder and earlier. I was not born with a right to fly, but believe you me I am trying my best maybe I just donít have what it takes to get my first job. Iím not asking for hand outs or people to feel sorry for me. I just want to say to anyone out there training or close to finishing, itís hard and itís not like they promised us at flight school where we would go straight into a right hand seat of a shiny jet. Itís hard out here trying to get your first job. But donít be afraid of the hard work. Otherwise you will lose this battle which we are fighting for. Keep your hope, beliefs, strength, determination and the rest.
We will get there one day!!

I know that sometimes I have been down and probably I am a bit now. But like I have said tomorrow is a new day. And with it comes more hope!!!

For now take care


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Old 9th Feb 2010, 19:15
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You are my hero.

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