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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

Old 24th Jan 2010, 03:45
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Kash's problem is not him personally. I'm sure he's a nice guy who would make a great pilot. I'm sure the operators probably really like him.

His problem is timing.... he missed the hiring the wave (the one the one that usually comes around once every ten years.)

Reality is operators can't hire him unless a position becomes available, and generally a position will only become available if a current pilot leaves for greener pastures.

Problem is because the aviation industry is contracting hard and shedding experienced pilots, so there's no greener pastures for the current pilots to move up to, which means no slot for Kash to fit into.

The industry may not see another meaningful hiring cycle for another 8 years... that's very possible.

My advice for Kash... offer to work for free washing the planes... do anything just so you can be around and pray for a miracle.

You've already spent a small fortune... may as well borrow some more to go the extra mile to pay for living expenses... you've gone this far. No point in quitting now.
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 04:59
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My advice for Kash... offer to work for free washing the planes...
Poor effort PosClimb. Sure Kash, if your down there and one of the guys is washing a plane, you could offer to give him a hand and have a yarn while doing so. As for actually going to the owner offering to work for free....just dont do it.
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 05:56
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Morning Peers,

Just woken up with about a million ants crawling inside my tent. I think they must of made there way through the ground sheet even though i move my tent around often. It freaked me out but, like many say this is Africa. The phrase "This is Africa" gets used allot it seems it gets used when people have no excuse or cant be bothered to make things better. But this is a great place. And I find it's a place where we should all come one day to see that sitting behind a desk working 9-5 then going home and watching TV isnt all that life has to offer.

Someone on here raised the question of my expenditure so far. Well I managed to get a flight BHX-DXB-JNB-MUN return for £1100. My tent,clothes and all the stuff i brought out with me abou £200. And so far i think i have used about £600 here. I still have about £400 left and will see how far this shall take me.

Someone else raised the idea of working for free!!! there are two issues that i see with this. The first being, that i do not mind what so ever helping out what so ever. But i will NEVER work for free, yes if any company said there is 5 aircrafts outide go and wash them i would. But if they said come every day and wash planes then i would hold back. We must set a standard to what we are willing to do. The second being Im sure you gave advice though my best interest but. There is a limit. Our industry is all ready on it's knees and i dont wish to be a part of it to bring it down further.

Another person said go around and show operators a letter from the magazine who has offered to run a story on me, to get some free publicity. To be honest im sure its great advice and someother people PM me saying the same thing. But i cant see myself walking in to an operator asking for a job on the back of a magazine article. Of course i do tell them that on the back of my thread i have been offered an article to make them aware.

Im sorry if you feel that i have set my standards too high, but i find that all of us have a role to play to make sure that we dont drag our industry down further. I had a great PM from someone who said. That we must show that there are other routes into this industry other than ab initio or SSTR. I was one as you know considering about paying for a type rating but am glad i didnt persue that path.

Of course i want a job, and ill sign any contract that comes to me first but i will never sign something that i find i couldnt survive on.

Anyway guys better go my breakfast has arrived, i will post again later.

But thank you everyone for reading and posting on this thread.

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Old 24th Jan 2010, 15:48
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Afternoon guys,

Hope all is well and good, just back from a dip in the swimming pool at Audi. God it has been a hot day, been into the airport to show my face to the operaters and to see if i could get on any flights. But again no progress today either.

Came back to the camp pretty early today. Tired from the lack of sleep.
Met one more wannabe today. Im not sure if im now starting to suck sour grapes but i really couldnt be bothered doing the whole "Welcome to Maun" speach.

I'm starting to find myself at a low point for the past few days, constantly wondering when this unemployment storm will pass over me. Starting to think maybe i have bitten of more than i can chew.

I will be calling emirates tomorrow just to enquire of when they can get me home. I starting to think that i have to accept defeat. But i gave it my best shot i could.

I'm still going to fight for a job until the last day i am here. But sometimes after fighting so long you get tired maybe thats whats happened to me. Maybe im just tired!!

I'm not going to confirm my flights just enquire about them. I feel like im constantly moaning about not getting employed. Maybe i've just not got what it takes.

I feel silly, coming on here trying to show you all on what to do and not to do. To get your first job, but i dont think ill get my first job yet to show you. But dont any of you DARE let your hopes down about your career. Make sure you fight for the first job and dont let anyone tell you that you cant do it. Think of all the people who look upto you or that are proud of you.

Again i will take this struggle to the end and see if i can get my foot on the ladder. I still have strength and hope, but at the moment they are damaged. Maybe after a goodnight sleep i will be able to recover.

For all those reading thank you, and for all those posting and PM me i salute you.

Take care and Godspeed!!
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 16:32
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Well dude, just to echo everyones sentiment here, well done and good luck! You really are doing what most people dream about or talk about doing yet never have the guts to strive to achieve. As a fellow poster mentioned we had the same idea yet you actually have taken that step.

You will no doubt have lows during yr time away. Keep positive and strong. Remember how you felt at Vic falls? Well keep that in mind, maybe try to take another trip if its permissable just to boost yr morale! At times like these, read through all the positive comments posted here.
Also bear in mind that your postings are also motivating a lot of people back home.

Your experiences now will also be a fantastic talkin point in future interviews or for those long winded application forms! You are already much more positive about a lot of things than many others so keep that focus in mind.

Good luck and keep us posted! You will never know whats around the corner!
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 18:15
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Kash after all your efforts you're thinking of giving up now?

I know you went through your finances earlier but stay another month please. Surely you can find the money from someone at home? You have effectively in the grand scheme of things only just got there. You have spent all this time becoming a face at the airport getting to know everyone only to leave now, before what I understand is the main hiring season? When they need a pilot, you're the number one in the queue, if you get up and leave one of the Johnny come latelys will take your spot.

You talk of "the unemployment storm", do you really think it would be any better in the UK at the moment? Now that you've paid for the flight out there it's probably costing you less to hang out there and not work than it would to be kicking you heels around the UK not working and trust me the weather is better and it sounds like you're having fun.

From what I understand some guys have to hang out for three months before they get a break, I know that's a long time to be in a tent. Can you try and find other work? Be a barman or work at the airport and then find more solid accomodation? It will make you look like you're there for the long haul and cement some of what you've done so far.

Don't leave early and be the fifth Beatle. It's going to be a war of attrition and the last man standing will win.

Buck up and hang in there.

Muddy Boots.
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 19:16
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@ above
Cant be said any better way.
Kash ,Saying and Doing are two completely different things i know but as everyone has said out here.You have been there DOING it the right way

I hope you find the right justice to your efforts..

Again,Like everyone my good wishes with you
All the best
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Old 24th Jan 2010, 20:39
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Kash you are an inspiration and I sincerely hope something comes up for you soon. I've been dipping in and out of PPRuNe for ages but still have not posted or even started my ppl yet! Your blog is the best thing I've read here in ages and I had to use my first post to offer you my encouragement.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 04:15
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Morning Peers,

Firstly i would like to apologise for sounding really down last night, I have woken up to check my messages am overwhelmed at the messages of encouragment. Yesterday was a bad day for me and my mind took me to places i didnt want to go.

But today the phoniex has risen out of the ashes and will be going to the airport in the same manner as i first arrived, it's amazing what a good nights sleep can do to a person.

I'm going to be sticking around until the end. Forget about Emirates they can wait!!

Muddy Boots has made some great comments in the above post and he is right in the grand scheme of things i havent even started!!

I do look back at all the post and PM people have sent me and honestly it cheers me up like no other.

My family read this thread yesterday and i got a phone call from them as soon as they read my post yesterday. My dad just said, "your not coming home yet, you have a job to do".

Again im sorry if i came across like a little girl. But today i have my strength, hope and determination like no other. I am hoping for some feedback today from a operator across the border. I pray it comes back positive.

Anyway i have a job to do, i have to go and find one. So for now you all take care and i hope you all feel as content as i do today. And if you find your not then i hope you have the strength to make yourself content.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 12:25
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Keep at it Kash, think about the stories for the grandchildren!

"Back in the day when grandpa forked out your now obsolete inheritance to go flying, I had a ball. I remember, it was called the 737, the grandest airplane of the day, I had 500 wonderful hours before I went to work at the convenience store"


"Back in the day, when grandpa went to Africa, in order to try to get a foot on the ladder, [insert blog here], and after a long time of hardship, finally luck caught up with me, and let me tell you there's been some stories after that too! But I can tell you more about those next time, little fellow"
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 15:48
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Great stories Kash! I've got the deepest respect for you heading out to africa without any prospect!!
Today I heard that Citylink in Accra, hired someone if he was willing to pay his TQ.
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 15:54
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Good Stuff!

Hey Kash!
Excellent blog. I really appreciate all of it, the good and the bad. I too lived in my tent in North West Ontario Canada for a couple months waiting for the big break. By no means was it as hard as your journey, but I rode the same wave of emotions you are. I love how your blog demonstrates resiliancey (sp?). It is great to show all those low timers out there that this is no cake walk. I spent many days cooking Kraft dinner on the hood of my jeep dreaming of the break. Stick with it, I reached ultimate lows but eventually got the highs (a job). Keep the blog raw and honest as you have done already. If you do go home, by no means is it a failure. No doubt you have learned and accomplished more than many out there!!
Bon Chanse!
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 15:56
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Afternoon Guys,

As always i hope all is well and good, just got back to Audi camp sitting with a ice cold coke, waiting for one of the lads to cook us all a meal.

As you are aware yesterday was a bad day. But today was a new day and as said in my post earlier that the phoniex has yet again risen from the ashes.

Was at the airport again bright and early popping my head around the door of the operators. After my rounds sat back at Bon arrive only to have two pilots from different operators come over and ask if i could help them with some data analysis and have a look at there computers.

It made me feel great being asked, i shot out of my chair paid the bill and ran to the operators. Sat most of the morninng doing work for one and then running to the other operator to help ot there.

They were very pleasant and thankful. I like it when people ask me to help out, it beats sitting around Bon arrive watching my pokets loose weight while my stomach puts it on. I think Bon arrive should make me a stake holder.

3 more new guys in town today, i've lost count now,but now i dont even care how many people are here looking for work. I have my A game with me now and nothing is going to get me down. When every door has closed in my face then i will know it time to move onto somewhere else.

Some of the guys were talking about heading to the delta by road in about 2 weeks so think i may join them ifthey still have a seat left.

Again guys sorry about yesterday, i had a PM from a person who i would now class as a friend, basicaly saying " stop being a D**K" " Get yourself together".

I have not heard of any other news from any leads or jobs that i have applied for. But it's ok, im in the playing fields at the moment and will see how it goes.

To all of you posting on here sending me your notes of encouragement THANK YOU SO MUCH. It really is a morale booter, many of you are sitting in front of your computers thinking GOD is Kash on his periods. He keeps going hot and cold on us. Well boys hopefully it will be all hots from now on. Well im going to try my best and if i fail ill keep trying.

Anyway guys enough for the day, im starving going to get a bite to eat. But as always i hope this post and every other finds you well.

Take care!!
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 16:56
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Gee's Ant's what else? On one hand reading all of this has been a bit of a hoot. On the other, something is going on, they are having you do stuff for them. Are they asking any one else ? I don't pretend to know how things are done there. It seems to me that you are being looked at and in a good way. My guess if there is a job on the horizon, you are going to get it.

You complain about the heat, well I am going to clue you in on something, yesterday was the first day since Christmas were I didn't need the Silk long Johns and the Durafold thermals on. The other day it was -2 F when I got up in the morning, this morning it was just about 57 F. Its warn wet and very windy today. At least you have a pool and plenty of cold beer to go along with the ants.

Well it good to know that you have support from family, its a catch 22 you can't get a job with flight time and you can't get the flight time with out a job. Welcome to the part of aviation that nobody talks about when you go to flight school, only there are jobs to the end of the horizon out there for you with your Wet Inked Pilots Certificate.
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Old 26th Jan 2010, 01:51
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You are an absolute paratrooper! If anyone deserves a job it's you. You have the right attitude, the commitment and by the sounds of it the personality to succeed.

If you can't do it no one can: so we're counting on you!

The very best of luck to you sir
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Old 26th Jan 2010, 03:30
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You are defiantly an inspiration to fellow aviators, I registered on PPRuNe just to post this to you. I commend your efforts and determination of finishing what you started. That is a quality that is all too often forgotten about in todayís society.
Reading your blog has made me think about wanting to go to Africa and try the same thing. The flying looks fun out that way and it sounds like much warmer weather that Iím used to and no icing to worry about, but I already have a job and it would take me quite a bit of time to save up enough money to attempt that.
I wonder if you ever thought of going to Canada and looking for some work. I donít know what the immigration situation would be to get a visa but there are opportunities here, although times are slow.
Keep up the battle, there is much support here on this forum for you I think we all want you to succeed.
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Old 26th Jan 2010, 07:39
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First post on this thread but I have read it daily, each time waiting for the page to load with figers crossed that the job you deserve has found you.

You understand better than anyone else that you arrived in africa with no guarantees. However, you can be doing no more than you are. You are a credit to newly qualified pilots and if all were like you the profession would be as it always was and may be again.

I have no advice to offer as I have never been in your situation, however I can say that you have come too far to give up before your last allocated penny has been spent in search. Enjoy the journey, as you have so far.

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Old 26th Jan 2010, 12:46
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no icing to worry about
Oh well... Don't let high surface temperatures lead you to the conclusion that there will never be icing at altitude. Haven't flown in Africa myself, but from what I've heard, beware of towering cumulus and of course CB activity. Furthermore, I suspect onboard deicing/antiicing equipment might be less common on some aircraft operated in Africa, than elsewhere. But that's just my guess!
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Old 26th Jan 2010, 13:38
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Not that I know what it's like to be in your shoes right now, but I must say I agree with the last few posts. You should find a way to stay a bit longer. I know you've said there are twenty-something pilots there right now, but if you're willing to stick it out maybe you'll be the only person the operators recognize when it does come time to hire someone. Good Luck! And don't be so hard on yourself if you have a bad day. You're certainly entitled every now and then.

On a practical note, how did you arrange your return flight to be flexible? I've been looking into that part of it and I seem to have to book a date and then pay large fees to change it if I needed to.
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Old 26th Jan 2010, 13:41
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Afternoon Peers,

As always i hope this post finds you well and good, another day has passed me by in Maun. Woke up pretty early this morning to hear birds going mad uo n the tree above my tent. Oh and last night had my hair shaven off, which has left me looking like a idiot. That is the last time i let the lads talk me into something.

Heard of one of the operators hiring two guys today, one out of town and another who has become to be a good friend of mine. But it's ok my hopes are still alive and am more hungry than ever.

Been helping around again at the opertors working on there computers, which is cool because i get to sit in a air conditioned office.

Went for lunch at the Buck and Hunter and ate the biggest burger i have ever seen, a foot long.

Back at Audi relaxing waiting for another day to start tomorrow.

Wish i had more to tell you today, but unfortunatly i dont. I feel like im getting along with everyone in town always laughing my socks off. One good thing is, it doesnt matter where you are in the world aslong as you have good company around you. Im glad i have!!!

Anyway must go, but please feel free to post and if you have any leads world wide please please please PM me.

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