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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

Old 10th Jan 2010, 02:31
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I agree with above totally..dont let yourself down mate. you have been here so far and really have had the determination to head to a totally new place looking for a job.

Takes some guts. and i really admire you for that..
I just hope you stay out there which i know you will

People like you deserve the break. all the best
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Old 10th Jan 2010, 08:19
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this is a great thread and i hope it continues after you find a job. there are lots of guys on here saying they will go there next month, next year, or whatever but you never hear back from them. my guess is they flaked out and stayed at home. i respect your commitment for heading down there, and determination for finding a job. stay positive.

somewhere online there is some d-bag who's selling his blog on his african bush flying experience. i appreciate the free, honest information, and wish you good luck finding your first flying job!
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Old 10th Jan 2010, 13:13
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Good afternoon Ladies and gents,

A new day and so a new start, feeling allot better than yesterday. My spirit levels are back to a 100% and im roaring to go.

Last night we had a barbeque and invited allot of the pilots from the operators,not many turned up but the ones that did knew how to throw a party. One of the guys asked me if i had ever tried straw rum, and me being me said no. Well he was really addiment for me to try it. Straw rum is 80% proof alcohol. Anyway after 1 shot of that i was dribbling and shaking as the burning sensation ran down my throat. Well another 4 shots later i wastoally wasted but so was everyone else.

Im sorry if some of you felt that my post was a little depressing yesterday, but i like to write on how i feel and what i experience in Maun.

The bar at Audi camp has had the Modonna CD on loop for 2 days, i was ok with it but woke up sining American Pie. Thats when i knew that i had to request the bar to change the music.

Went to the airport today popped my head around the doors of the operators but nothing really going on. Everyone in town knew that we were on straw rum and were all laughing about the stories.

Dont worry i never got naked and started dancing on the bar!! I was the good boy.

It's a little cooler weather today which is great.

Im glad that you guys are enjoying the thread and long may it last.

Again thank you to all of you reading and inputting into it. Without you guys this thread would not be possible. So again thank you and keep posting anything you like. Its your thread too!!

Take care and stay happy.
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Old 10th Jan 2010, 15:03
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Good On Ya!

Hey Kash,

Glad to hear that the spirits are up again! We all have our days. Especially when we are not able to do the thing that makes us happy and the thing that we've sacrificed a lot for.

Hopefully, for your sake, (and everyone elses), things will start picking up soon when the wet season calms down. I would love to say that I will joining you up there soon but I start my instructors rating tomorrow. So I will be teaching people how to drill holes in the sky. Poor students lol

Anyway, must be off. If you see Luke, Theo or Tuan up there say hi from Tyron.

Blue Skies.
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Old 10th Jan 2010, 19:52
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Gee's this was an interesting read to say the least. What you guys do to get a job flying a 206! Nothing more that a heavier 172. I take it that you have not done much camping, till now. Well you have any tuck tape or 100 mph tape as we call it? You can fix that air leak with that or some rubber cement. The problem is that all airmats will leak. A foam mat is better. Looks like you spend a lot of time in bars and drinking a lot. I would not talk about it to much, it gotten to be a big no no here in the states. I been flying for almost 40 years now, for a living. I enjoyed your posts, but the first question I had in my mind is , dose he have a drinking problem? I would bet a dollar or a pound that employers read these posts too. I am not saying that I would not consider you for a job if I had one for you, but you could bet one of the interview questions I would have for you would be with regard to this issue. We live in a world now were things like what use to be, and I partied a lot, is kind of not look at being well just a good sociable type, but maybe a liability. Its just the times we live in. All it takes is for some bystander to say I think the pilot been drinking, true or not, pilot are getting hauled off the airplanes states side these days. Its your profession and how you are going to make your living, only if you can keep your Medical and Certificate/ License. Looks like you are having a blast never the less, and in these current down turn in aviation, having a bit of a blast on the job search trail in not a bad thing.
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 06:14
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George, to have a social drink in the uk is considered nothing more than that, the US is much more religous and reserved, dare I even say paranoid when it comes to alcohol. The only drink problem I ever had was two hands but only one mouth!

Kash360 good on you for making the effort and providing you are working at least as hard as you are playing and providing you don't get a reputation for being a bit of a piss head, you shouldn't have a problem. All the best.
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 08:01
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Morning Ladies and Gents,

First of all thank you George and MVE for posting on this thread. I do like seeing people posting there ideas and thoughts because it helps us all.

George thank you for your concern, and will certainly take your points on board. The truth is that i dont drink much most nights i dont even have a beer. But when there is a few guys around the camp i do have a few. But my rule is very simple i dont drink until i make a fool of myself. The other night i did have 5 shots of straw rum and im sure it didnt to my insides any good. But even having those drinks im see myself as a calm and colective person.

However i certainly see your point that employers read this thread. And wish not to give the wrong impression.

But again thank you to all reading and posting on this thread.

I will post again later today!!
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 08:36
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Hows it going Kash?

I did just over a month camping in the grounds of the Sedia Hotel and got lucky . . . (and got a flying job ).

Sounds to me that you are going about everything the right way. Sure read your PoH and show your eagerness to learn. It more importantly shows that you haven't traipsed in thinking that you already know everything.

Making friends with some of the folk already working there is imperative but there is a tricky balance. Maun is a pretty isolated little place with a very tight little community. People want to see that first you can adapt to life in the dust and donkeys and that you can be part of the community. Ask questions about water. That's right everyone is water mad, whether it be the comming rains or the advancing flood.

Operators also want to see if you will take to the town and stick around for awhile. I.e. they don't want you to bugger off after 1 year with your 1000 hours. They also don't want someone haranguing them for an upgrade onto the caravan so best not even ask how long it might take to move.

Most of the camps are pretty exclusive so your pax are paying top dollar. Each operator has a covetted contract with certain safari companys. They need to keep the safari company happy by providing excellent customer service and impeccable safety. When you get free rides on the aircraft try and help the pax with bags and maybe a little conversation. Politely warn them before they bash their brians out on the wing. It might be their first time in Africa (probably don't know which country they're in) and is almost certainly the first time in a small aircraft. You are pretty much the first introduction to their safari experience. So find out which companies each operator services and show an interest in the punters.

Finally your friends at home will live by their Ops manual or a quick call to the office will aide them with any problems. In the bush you need to 'make a plan'. So show possible employers that you can think for yourself and problem solve.

I feel for you man, it is one hell of an interview process. Worth it though, my Maun days were some of the best in my life. You have made friends on this thread and i'm sure the same personality has made friends in the Kalahari so you are on your way.

Good luck.
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 16:01
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Hey guys,

As always i hope this post finds you well and good.

Another day in beautiful Maun is coming to a close but not another day lost doing nothing. Monday seems to be the day where we all turn up at the airport blue eyed and bushy tailed.

I have been arriving at the airport as one of the seniors had posted on here at 7:30. If not to get on flights but at least to meet the pilots going into the coffee shop.

Hardly any flights today for any operator but it is a relavant quite period which the companies go through every year.

It's pretty expencive to eat at the camp resturant every night so for the past few days we have been having barbeques at the site.

I've been out cutting wood for the past hour, to get the fire started.

I went around to the companies and invited them around for a bite to eat and a few drinks. Let's see who turns up.

I feel so much more comfortable around town but please dont get that mistaken with arrogant. Because that wouldnt get me far.

No movment at all regarding hiring but i have hope, passion and determination. And so when the situation changes i hope these qualities will carry me forward.

The people who have posted on this thread and PM me have taught me allot. And it is vital that myself and anyone in my position heeds there advice.

I came here just looking for a job but quickly through your advice i have learnt not to forget the finer things such as experiencing new cultures, making new freinds and taking in beautiful views.

So for all your advice i thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Long may you guys post on here or PM me!!

I hope you are all content and if you find your not i hope you find a path that will!!

Take Care!
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Old 11th Jan 2010, 18:10
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hei Kash,

I have just read this very long very long thread and i must say Kash i really respect you for all you have done to get here and what all you are doing....I hats off to you for that.

I really want to thank all the senior pilots for reading into this thread and giving their very valuable advice.

I had planned to come to maun in the first week of Jan but due to some visa issues my plans got delayed.

I think the best that you are doing there is that you are reading your 206 POM ,this will really help you.Just get that medical in if u can and then i guess your all set....
Just have a good time side by side ...make great friends....(i know you are doing this pretty well .....STRAW RUM!!...))

I was pretty surprised to read that you managed to get a few flights there.How did you do that?.This surely means that pilots like you over there.
Best of luck
May God be with you
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Old 12th Jan 2010, 13:07
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Afternoon guys,

Hope all is well and good, another day in Maun is passing me by fast.

I would like to thank everyone for your post and private messages allot of kind words and encouragment.

Another early start today got a ride into the airport as im starting to learn the art of hitch hiking.

Did the rounds to the operators again no flight or hiring today. So spent the next five hours sitting at Bon Arrive.

Its' been 2 weeks i have been here now and the number of people coming into town is increasing daily. Someone today told me that it's now up 16 people looking for jobs. I wouldnt stop anyone coming or discourge them infact i would try and help anyone coming in town. But just take a second to think if this is where you want to come with so many people here with no jobs. Again i did it and im still here in search of a job.

I was sitting at the coffee shop today watching this mentally challanged person who is known in town as the crazy bloke. But i thought who is the crazy ones here him who never had a choice of being the way he is. Or me sitting around every morning thousands of miles away at home at 7:30 am in hope for a job or a flight. I didnt come to a conclusion but thats what 5 hours of sitting around makes you think.

No one came to the barbeque last night so it just ended up being all the wannabes making steaks and peri peri chickens. I must say that the meat here is outstanding and cheap. Doing the same again today.

We all made our career choices and its not easy for anyone in anytime period let alone the recesion. But we must all plug away some have taken loans some borrowed there parents money and some worked and saved up to follow this path. If you give up like i have read a thread on here of some people doing its not a bad thing remember giving up ahead is not the same as giving up but it's not my choice my choice is to fight all the way to where i have always wanted to be without hurting people on the way.

So again guys i wish you all the best in whatever you choose. We are all in the same boat and this boat will one day take us to our destination.

But please post or PM on here give me your views. If anyone has any leads anywhere in the world to help your peer out by PM. It's your thread too.

Take care and Godspeed
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Old 13th Jan 2010, 12:23
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Dear friends,

I hope all is well and good, i have some relativley good news. Not to do with flying but have been contacted by a magazine who was told about this thread and found it interesting. They wish to run a story once i have found a job.

I didnt even know this thread was going to make an impact. But it's because of you guys that it has.

Nothing new on the job front spoke to a few pilots this morning asking about movment but they said they had not heard anything.

Once i had done my rounds i paid a visit to the crocadile farm, which was amazing saw 4000 crocs in one cage which were to be used for meat and skin.

Once we finished got back to the airport and did my rounds again. But nothing changed in the few hours i was away.

Again i hope myself and everyone finds the path they search for!!

Take care!!
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Old 13th Jan 2010, 12:43
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Wow, great news Kash, keep at it!
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Old 14th Jan 2010, 09:58
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Kash , Been reading your thread and really enjoyable.. Im from that neck of the woods but was lucky enough to get into the industry in the UK ...

Good news about the Magazine article.. This could just be the foot up you need to get yourself stood out from the crowd... Maun is a small place and word gets around Fast.. This can be good .. Keep doing the right things and be positive.. It will Happen, just a matter of when... Its amazing how nothing happens , then it all comes at once!!! enjoy Africa. Its a Magic Place...

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Old 14th Jan 2010, 10:33
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Hey hello everyone

I have a CPL of india and canada both with multi ifr ttl 270 hrs
Just found out about pilot jobs in botswana especially.. sefofane

Please any info about the interview there would help
thank you
cheers ....


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Old 14th Jan 2010, 12:06
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Afternoon guys,

The tempature is in the high 30's and hardly any wind movment at ground level. Which means it's hot hot hot!!

After a very late night was a very early start. Last night i was invited by a few pilots to there house which was having a few guys around for a few beers and abit of a call of duty 4 night. Had a great time and chatted to the pilots.

All the pilots know how frustrating it can be to be in my position because they have been through it. The genral advice i get around town is hang in there and stick it out. Which im sure is great advice, but like many of you out there as well as i have always been used to the simple process of sending your CV waiting for a call for an interview and if your lucky you will get a job. BUT this is Africa and it's a tight knit community in Maun.
Where the process is completely different you leave your home and travel and visit the operators every morning. And hopefully your number will come up and you will be hired.

This process can and sometimes be frustrating and i wont lie sometimes you do think to yourself is this the right place for me. However THIS IS THE PROCESS and to be a pilot here you must adhere to it.

Me and the other guys laugh about our situation that we have put ourselves in. And have now elected our president for the unemployed club.
After a few hours sleep and meeting the guys at our usual meeting point ( Bon arrive) i found out that while i was sleeping 4 more people and turned into town.

I was one of these guys who came of an Air Botswana flight all blue eyed and bushy tailed wanting to know all the gossip and fit in with everyone and get a job. But beleive it or not when you hear stories of people being here 2 maybe 3 months it puts things into perspective.

The number of people in town i beleive is now upto 20 and rising by the day. And hope that everyone of us gets the jobs we are looking for but the truth is there is not going to be 20 positions. So someone will be turned away. Will i be one of those who return home in a few months and think what a waste. I think not, i think that if i do get turned away i will take my memories with me and look into my families eyes and say that i TRIED and never waited for for food to fall on my plate instead i went and looked for it!

Time is a funny thing we have, i remember my farther once saying that time will heal allot of things but it never heals regrets. So i know that i will not regret this experience.

But anyway i have done my rounds and again found no fruit from the harvest today. But i will be there again blue eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow. In search for the holy grail.

But YES i do hope that the magazine article i have been offered makes a difference for me.

To all my peers thank you for reading my posts, I hope this finds you well. In time we will all look back on our journey and laugh. But we must make the journey first.

And as always this is not my thread it's yours too. And with your advice people thinking of making a similar move to me will hopefully read this and appricate your input. So please post on here. If any of you have any leads forr me world wide please PM me.

For now take care!!

Last edited by Kash360; 14th Jan 2010 at 16:53.
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Old 14th Jan 2010, 12:37
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Thanks for your posts Kash.
Every single post i read make me feel better. I'm in a similar position like you, but in UK saving some money.
Every day I ask to myself if it worth to go there and try to find a job but with your stories i realise that have to be a great experience and we must try.
I just want to say keep on trying to find a job and thank you.
Take care mate
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Old 15th Jan 2010, 04:19
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Just outta curiosity Kash, your thread title says Maun, Namibia and Zambia. I see that you have made it to maun, when are you planning to go to namibia or zambia????

Also, since this ad campaign of yours in PPRuNe is working in your favor dont you wanna put up your abbreviated CV with total time, license's held etc here????
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Old 15th Jan 2010, 09:11
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Good morning Guys,

As you see from the post above Abhi88 has raised an important post on a number of levels.

The first would be when am i going to be heading to Zambia and Namibia?

The truth is i do not know, i suppose when a person has no options he has time. I will run out of this town when hope has come to an end here. And then i will travel further to Zambia and Namibia.

The second point Abhi88 raised was why dont i make good use out of my advertising campagin.

Im sorry if you feel this is a advertising campagin and i see who you could have mistaken it as such. But i have said from my first post that i have done diaries in my past and that PPRuNe helped me sso much through my training that i would like to give something back. And this is a learning curve i am going through, so you guys who are in the same position maybe able to take heed of the advice our seniors have posted on here or try avoiding the mistakes i am making.

But if you feel i CV on here will help then i will be happy to put up my summary. Like i have said before i find no shame in asking for help.

If anyone is interested i have the below.


Total Time 284
PIC 137
IR time 75

Like i say i am more than happy to take on peoples advice.
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Old 16th Jan 2010, 01:47
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Kash, this really is a great thread. I've been reading these threads for months and finally decided to go to Africa and join this forum for some advice. This is the first day by day account of life in Maun that I've found and it's really helpful. It sounds like a fun place and I really hope you find a job so this story can have a happy ending.

I'm looking through all the other options in Africa, but who knows, I might end up in Maun in a month or two.
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