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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

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Maun,Namibia and Zambia it is then!!!

Old 30th Jun 2010, 07:23
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Morning guys,

Firstly allow me to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of posts and updates since arriving to Algeria. I have been so busy teaching, prep work until the late hours of the day, and arriving back at the hotel I have just been crashing out. There is no internet at the hotel but it is quite and clean which is great.

Travelling back to this great continent so soon after my previous trip has been a dream come true, I have come to Algeria to teach students technical English for which they will go on and become pilots back home in the UK. I have never taught anyone in my life, so I am new to this teacherís world which is a great experience and at the same time I get to revise my ATPLís and learn a new language.

Many people I spoke to before arriving to Algeria advised against coming here, telling me that people often get kidnapped and killed and its hell on Earth. In fact I couldnít disagree enough with the people who have given me such advice. Algeria is a great country where people are hospitable, kind and respectful. An eye opener for me was to see families walking along the beach together at night, kids playing football until the early hours of the morning and seeing a country rebuilding its core structures. I would have to say that after being here for just more than a week I have really enjoyed seeing a country that has a strong family spirit and an even greater community spirit. This is something I feel that we are losing back at home. Iím not saying Algeria is paradise on earth but itís not what people who advised me back home make it out to be.

I have been keeping my ear to the ground and trying to find out which operators are in Algeria, the best thing is all three airlines use the school I am teaching at to send their pilots to improve on their English. I am hoping to make some contacts which as always hope that bloom into something fruitful. However it is early days and I have much ground to cover.

My hotel is on the beach which is a little different to sleeping in a tent, and I have a driver which takes me to school every morning which is also different to the combi buses in Botswana. Also there is a greater variety of food and shops here. However even with these comforts my task ahead of finding a flying job are no easier than they were in Botswana.

I feel allot better in myself recently, allot more positive and certainly allot more hopeful than I have been in the past few months. But even if I donít find anything on this trip either; at least I am taking away these great experiences and memories. But I will keep trying for everyday until I have succeeded.

Enough of my rambling, but to the people in my shoes, flying an aircraft is not everything. There is more in life than this, just keep doing what youíre doing we will get to where we want to be but only when the time is right. Keep trying, keep applying and as always keep your hopes, strength, and courage up and oh stay current.

If anyone has any leads that you think I would be able to follow up please PM me. I would forever appreciate it.


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Old 30th Jun 2010, 10:28
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GREAT NEWS !! Well done. Shame you had to pay for the airfares, but alas.. Flying C210 according to their website. Nice indeed.
Gyere velem sŲrhaz! :-D October, Budapest.. Long shot...

First time writing here, long time observer.
Very nice, to do something interesting and productive. I may teach English in the Far East in few years' time. We'll see, that is, in case of no flying or engineering jobs, later on. Combining job hunt with teaching, what better way?
On va apprendre franÁais! Bien accompli :-)
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Old 1st Jul 2010, 18:48
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Thank God itís Friday, oh wait itís Thursday but it is still the end of the week for me as in Algeria the weekend is classed as Friday and Saturday it being an Islamic country. Anyway as always I hope this post and all the ones to come find you well. I have always had a theory about teachers which was that they have such an easy life just working from 9 till 3pm, however after doing this job for two weeks I must take my hat off to them as it really does drain you out. Standing on your feet all day long and talking and then planning exercises and tasks until the late hours does come close to breaking you but the next day you teach the students and they understand what youíre on about makes it all worth it. I could not be happier than I am now; just being able to work is such a great feeling.

At the school I teach there are captains from various airlines such as Air Algerie and Tassili that attend advanced English classes along with the engineers. This has allowed me to get my face known and talking to them and break times and lunch has been great. I may not get a job with either airline but I am making contacts. I shall be applying to various airlines on this continent to ask if anyone has any work. And as soon as I finish this contract in six weeks I will be in a position to go and follow up any leads I get back from my emails.

I would also like to thank all the people sending me PM of well wishes, and if you have not sent me a message I would still like to thank you for taking the time to reading my posts.

To all the people in the same position me, as I had said before please donít get yourselves down. I have been down myself and will do again in the future. Itís just the way things are sometimes, we are adults and must learn especially me that we cannot spit our dummies out and get what we want. Times are bad at the moment, but we will get to where we want to be. Just be patient wait out this storm and stay current. We will be thrown many more obstacles which we have no control over in our lives, we just have to accept them and work around them. Keep your spirits high!!

Again I would ask all that read this post and the previous posts, please if you find it in your heart to throw a lead or contact my way I will be so grateful. Just PM and I promise to follow it up.

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Old 1st Jul 2010, 23:30
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Welcome Back !

Welcome back Kash !

We've been missing you on this thread...good to have you back here at last
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Old 4th Jul 2010, 11:34
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I had forgotten what a weekend felt like for a while, as every day for me was the same. I had spent Friday outside of Algiers visiting some roman ruins along the med sea, which was a great experience and a real eye opener, finished the day having a wonderful meal overlooking the ocean watching the sunset. Yesterday spent most of day in an internet cafe typing away on an Arabic keyboard applying for jobs in all sectors.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to many Air Algerie pilots which have said that it would be a waste of my time trying to find work with them as they do not hire foreign pilots. I believe the same applies to the other operators but I cannot confirm this as yet. I know that I have all the comforts that I could wish for on this trip but my goal and the road ahead is still the same.

I have not been sleeping well lately and am dreaming of teaching when I do get some sleep, so I went to the pharmacy to get some sleeping pills but can swear that he has given me something caffeine based so lay in bed with my eyes wide open.

I may not get a flying job soon but I will certainly try my best finding one and in the meanwhile I really enjoy what I am doing in Algeria so am putting my name out to find similar work teaching anywhere in the world.

Anyway better go the students are making their way up to the classroom, I better go and teach them something useful.

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Old 8th Jul 2010, 07:16
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Hello all,

As always I hope you are well and good, another week as ever quickly coming to a close. I canít believe it will be 3 weeks I would have been here on Friday. It only seems like I arrived yesterday which just shows how much I have been enjoying myself teaching. I only have five more weeks left before I must move on, so have been applying to other teaching/flying/engineering and operations positions around the world. Trying my best to get my name back out into the market; I have made some useful contacts here and hope to further do so. However as stated before trying to find a flying job here seems slim.

The past few days I have been trying to teach myself French, hoping that this will help further my goal. If not then I will use my French at home trying to impress some girl at a bar. Before I had come out to Algeria I tried to ask as many people as well as on here if they knew if it would be worth while exploring countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and a few others. However was not able to find any secure and definitive answers to make a decision, so just came out here. Again I would like to ask you if you think it would be a waste of time exploring such countries.

It would really help me out, if I had more information to go by. I was speaking to a few of the guys in Maun who have said that I should go back to Botswana. So that is an option, I must keep some money aside to keep current as my ME/IR is due towards the end of September. I know a few people have said that I am crazy for trying to get people to get pass me on some of their leads. But I feel that if I donít ask then that would make me someone who is crazy. If you feel you cannot then I totally understand, and just thank you for reading my posts.

I know my trip in Algeria will not have the same impact as my Maun trip had previously made. Never the less it is still a trip which I am using to find any possible ways to find work.

Also please notice I am not moaning about the heat on this trip (George Semel) as the weather is great here.

Again thank you all for taking the time to read my posts, I thank you and wish you the best in the future with any decision you make. Itís not easy for us wannabes but as many have said on here before.Iit is the journey that is sometimes better than the destination and I for one am enjoying the journey, just hoping that I or we do not spend too long on this journey and that the destination is close.

I know I always ask this question and it may make me sound and come across cheap and desperate, and maybe I am but I still need to ask. Please if you find it in your hearts of any jobs that maybe suitable for me please PM me. I for one will be forever grateful and will go to all lengths to follow up the lead you provide.

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Old 13th Jul 2010, 14:04
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Hey everyone,

I hope you are well, youíre probably sitting in front of your computer sipping on an ice cold beer or drinking a nice cup of tea thinking, oh damn do I have to read this guys life story? Iím sorry if you think it has come to thinking that, and I can totally understand why. I do see that this thread is going off on a tangent and needs to be steered back towards aviation and the problems that are ahead trying to find my first flying job.

But I am back on the African continent and my goal is the same, just trying to find my first foot on the flying ladder. However this time I get paid while I do it, by teaching pilots who have been sponsored by their companies. I came out here to teach technical aviation English but it has turned out to be ground school for pilots. I donít mind infact I really enjoy it!! However I only have this job for another 4 weeks before I must move on and try something else.

I see that this thread is not as responsive as before, but please remember this is your thread and you make this thread what it is, if you feel this to be a complete waste of time then please let me know and I will stop.

However another great weekend relaxing by going down the beach and drinking mint tea, while the lads walking by taunt the girls. The teaching is going well, I have to organise a test as a the half way mark is coming up on Thursday so need to include question based on airports, navigation, aircraft parts, radiotelephony and some other topics.

Have been trying to put my name out to the neighbouring countries but as yet have not had any response from them. I have been asking around if it is possible to travel by road to the neighbouring countries as I canít afford the air fare , I will need to hold on to the money I make here to keep current and travel around looking for work. I have got some contacts from a pilot in Algeria for Jet 4 you, seven air and air express. I have contacted them all however have been pre warned about the need for type ratings and hours, which I have neither.

Anyway must dash much to do, you know with having a job and all!! But please again I know things are bad at the moment but we just need to weather out this storm. Our day will come like they say only the strongest will survive. I hope we have the strength to survive.

If you have any leads that I could follow up, please please PM me. I am willing to travel anywhere in the world and do any job until I find a flying job.

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Old 16th Jul 2010, 09:08
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Nah! Donīt stop updating mate, less traffic doesnīt mean less interesting. Iīve been following this thread and, as much as everyone here, iīm waiting for the day where the good news come. Things arenīt any brighter in the rotary side for low-timers but we all have to stick with it ready for the change.

Best of luck K!
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Old 18th Jul 2010, 19:48
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Keep Updating

Donīt stop updating Kash, I am new here and this thread gave me a lot of information. I planed to go down to Maun last year but didnt happen, so I am planning to try this year. Hope the situation will better. And a big Thumbs up to you.

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Old 19th Jul 2010, 10:56
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Kash I love to read here. Its motivates me and many more after reading you here. I personally want to go Botswana in December but following you and dint go there after reading about you and other in Botswana last season. Still I love to do Bush flying or any if given a chance. Waiting for the day you will get a flying job. and you will get that as you might think you are alone but we all here also waiting for you to get it as that will help all of us.

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Old 21st Jul 2010, 17:03
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Hey guys,

Firstly thank you for your messages and posts of support, I know that after reading some of my previous posts they have either been repetitive or have at best not been related directly towards actively searching for a flying job. However have been more about my experience in teaching. For this I would like to apologise. I will try my best to stay focused and ensure that I only post when I need to.

Secondly I have only 3 weeks left in Algeria before my contract here come to an end. I was hoping to build useful contacts in this region of the world however it seems to be a hard market to break into. I have made some contacts but nothing that will help me find a job in North Africa.

I am planning to use some of the money I will save to renew my IR/ME and the rest Iím unsure of. I have thought that I could use the remaining money on going to a new destination and pitching up my tent somewhere else in the world. I would like to go back to Maun however I will only be allowed to stay in Botswana for 3 weeks as you are only allowed a maximum stay of 90 days in 365. I have thought that I may try a new continent for example hit over to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. I have done a very rough calculation and worked out that it would be cheaper to stay out of the UK then within. However itís just an idea at the moment and really donít want to go back to searching for jobs from my bedroom and being under the feet of my family.

I have not entirely given up on North Africa, however my chances look slim as even though these countries are great they have a great influence by the unions and do not wish to see foreign people taking their jobs which is understandable. Also my costs to survive in this region would dramatically increase as there is not a culture of camping and I cannot afford hotels or B&Bís.

I am forever hopeful of things improving and watching the new aircraft orders take place at Farnborough looks to be some positive news. I am in this for the long run and will do all things in my power to secure a job either in engineering, flying, operations or anything else.

Guys stay positive, try hard and donít let yourself down. Where there is a will there is a way!! Iím just trying to find the way! If anyone has any ideas on where I should pitch my tent next please let me know or if you have any leads or contacts that I could follow up on please PM me.

As always this is your thread and you make this what it is, voice your thoughts share your opinions, tell me I am wasting my time or even guide me in the right direction. Anything itís not all about me itís about your experiences too.

Take care, stay in touch and stay safe!!


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Old 21st Jul 2010, 17:41
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I will save to renew my IR/ME
Maintaining these ratings in Europe is extremely expensive and not really justified considering your "hunting" area.... Have you considered getting an FAA CPL/ME/IR?

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Old 21st Jul 2010, 21:09
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Forget Malaysia

Hey Kash,

Only stumbled upon your thread recently, but had to read the whole thing "cover to cover" as one would call it...
As an outsider, some of your particulates were very funny to read (ants in your tent, ballooning hand due spider bites). I know, cruel humor, but if you read it from a comfortable chair holding a cold beer... Plus I try to see the humor in things as much as possible - not much humor to be found on the job hunt!
Don't hold it against me! ;-)

Anyways, I read about your latest idea, and I would advise against it! As much fun as it would be to read your stories from that part of the world, it isn't worth it.
I am not sure about all the countries, but Malaysia I am certain about.
The Malaysian CAA will not allow operators to hire outsiders if there are locals able to do the proposed work. You having no more experience than any of the locals, this would be an impossible sell for a local operator.
Unfortunately, several countries in that region have similar rules (which are understandable - to save the local market).
An option I know of (and it has been mentioned before) is applying as a FI! Especially Indonesian schools are screaming for FI's! Diamond aircraft just waiting to be flown through fantastic terrain while you get free accomodation and decent wages... Hmm, let me think about that once more..... ;-)
Try lobbying with Buraq in Libya (you are just around the corner). They generally tend to buy brand new (B737-800) which comes with "free" type ratings for the operator. In other words, they could hire non-rated enthusiasts.
Good luck on the hunt!
(if you do decide to head over to the -far- East, drop me a PM)
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Old 23rd Jul 2010, 22:24
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perhaps work on the contacts you've made rather than jump to a new region?

You seem to be jumping around a lot. I know some operators in south african region who've been hiring in the last month.
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Old 25th Jul 2010, 16:46
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Hey guys,

Thanks for the heads up guys; it seems that a move to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand would be premature as it is highly unlikely to hire anyone without experience as they have many of their own pilots. I totally understand MD80ís point and would like to thank him for the advice, I am still constantly working at all my contacts in fact I never stop. However around North Africa it really does seem like I would be wasting my time, but Iím not ruling anything out.

I do seem like I jumping around quite a bit, which seems silly but I spent a couple of months in Southern Africa and a couple of months here but seems to be no movement. I still may head back to Maun but itís just my visa that I am worried about. The contract I had from Zambia seems to have come to nothing but this is normal for this industry and there are not many more operators in Southern Africa that I could try.

I have three weeks left in Algeria before I find somewhere to pitch up, or plan too!! I will be returning to the UK to revalidate my ME/IR just trying to find somewhere that is relatively cheap. Once done try and get back out again anywhere!!

Somehow the world seems like a small place as Iím running out of ideas that I can pitch up and try and find work without having to go through a whole load of red tape. I have never considered doing a FAA CPL/ME/IR as one the cost and second the right to work and live in the States seems pretty much impossible, certainly as there are thousands of unemployed pilots in the US. Anyway still seeking your advice in all matters mentioned before.

Again if anyone would be so kind to provide me with some leads that I could follow I would really appreciate it!! Just PM me.

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Old 26th Jul 2010, 18:24
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The thing about FAA ratings isn't just about working in the US.
There are some N-reg operators around the globe, and for N-reg you'd need FAA papers. Also, doing FAA CPL isn't as time consuming as JAA, especially with CPL and hour requirements from elsewhere.
Also, as mutt mentions, what's the point of keeping current in JAA system living around the world, not using JAA licences?

Did I mention the FAA (C)FI rating?
You'd be able to find instructing job around the world should you not be lucky in the UK (for which you'd need JAA FI). If you had JAA FI, I'd point you to 2-3 schools I know of that'd probably take you on.

As mentioned, Indonesia would like some instructors. Middle East school or two look for FIs. Malaysia would be feasible for instructing job, even if not for charter/airline gig.
Hell, you can even go to other countries as FAA instructor and instruct on it or do local revalidation/conversion.

I've read enough from your thread and other threads to know what your heart desires and that in the past you shelved FI rating in the UK due to cost and at that time crap vacancies. By now, considering how much you spent and how long it's been since then, plus dosh from your current contract, you'd have more than enough money to do FI rating. Maybe even FAA papers in the UK, without even going to USA, ie Willow Air.

I'm rotary aficionado, gliding fan, love smaller piston/turbine aircraft, etc, but should I finish up my fixed wing flying to CPL level, I'd be doing FI rating for sure.
I'm also going to do FAA papers first, then I'd see if JAA is worth the hassle for global entry jobs and depending where I'd live at that time.
I seriously don't believe you'd not be able to afford JAA FI rating right now, with money you're earning now and possibly small loan from family/overdraft.

You could do your FI rating in Czech Rep for GBP 4500 at current exchange rate incl VAT. My Finnish online friend did his training in Zlin 326 and bit in Z142 I think. Great airplane, Z326, you'd have a blast. Jyri instructs in Baltic area now in Tecnam gear etc. This place I flew at (gliding only) has OK facilities, bit in the middle of nowhere, but it's best value for money there is in Czech Rep.

Greetings from Argentina, where I do my initial tailwheel training in J3 Cub.
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