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Ryanair TR Funding

Old 29th Oct 2009, 21:47
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I'm sure it'll all be fine. What could possibly go wrong. Michael will look after you at the end of the day.

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Old 29th Oct 2009, 21:50
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especially for FO's who he viewed as a legal requirement but otherwise woefully overpaid for their contribution.
I wonder if the gentleman would care to repeat that after attempting a single pilot 737 op into EHAM...

edit - or even a 747 or any other MC op for that matter.
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Old 29th Oct 2009, 22:02
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how many people think the beak failed a ryanair assessment?? i wanna see a show of hands?

if this is too much how many people think the beak has a cpl/ir..

ps bignumber Irish licences are white.. not blue
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Old 29th Oct 2009, 22:14
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Yes, but it's not the Irish Lads applying always is it!
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Old 29th Oct 2009, 22:24
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WWW - if only people would listen to your sage words of advice!

Unfortunately, there seems a never ending supply of lemmings ready and willing to indebt themselves!

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Old 29th Oct 2009, 22:40
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haha bignumber that is true bud.. altho here is an interesting fact there is a new irish licence out and its ironically blue/navy a bit smaller and quite nice actually... its been phased out as you are due a renewal etc.. couple my buddie got it.. ironic i know..

rob lemmings willing to indebt themselves?
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Old 29th Oct 2009, 22:55
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Rob1975 refering to lemmings indebting themselves is a gross generalisation and really quite a narrow minded post. Not everyone gets into debt. Some people do save. Some people do pay as you go for flight training.
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Old 29th Oct 2009, 23:08
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dick byrne - accepted, that may have been a bit of a generalisation.

That must be a first on a RYR thread.

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Old 30th Oct 2009, 09:26
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I think the one certainty is that this scheme is here to stay, its been in place for years now. In actual fact its better paid during line training now than it used to be.

Whats also certain is that there will be no shortage of newbies lining up to join, what with the promise of a shiny new jet and a decent salary WHEN flying.

They will also be happy with the BRK contract, never having experienced proper treatment from another airline. When they finally do, it will be because they have left and another newbie will be lining up to take their place.

I am neither for nor against this scheme, what i am against is people charging headlong into this without doing any research and potentially putting themselves into a financial checkmate.

Those paddies are a clever bunch really, you've got to hand it to them.
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Old 30th Oct 2009, 16:10
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Eagerbeaver, sorry for the late response, I have been busy with work (not as a pilot). You were being arrogant - cutting in to the debate and casting your opinion as if it is the final word on the matter. You clearly have a god complex.

All you do is post rubbish.
In your opinion.

Did you join the AAC?

Did you attend OAA or Cabair?
Yes - I can assure you.

Did you start your CPL/IR?
Yes and finished it.

Have you received your FATPL?
There is no such thing. Yes I have a CPL/IR with ATPL, MCC, JOC.

Have you applied to an airline?
Are you stupid? And how would it qualify me if I had or hadn't?

Have you applied to Ryanair?
Clearly you can't understand words of more than one syllable. I have applied but not done the selection. Would I pay for the TR when I already have one? No so pointless but I applied none the less. Throw enough shit and some of it will stick and all that.

Have you attempted to find a way of funding a type-rating?
Yeah I did this weird thing to fund my training that it would appear most wouldn't have thought of and did something called work.

I would say no.
Yeah you say alot of thing, most based upon assumptions or gut feelings and all of them are throw away, only to be supported by your fellow job buyers.

My point being, I find it odd when someone with no knowledge or experience of professional aviation sticks his beak in.
You didn't make a point, you displayed no evidence whatsoever. I must say though I would find that odd too, like I did with Reluctant 737 and command b et al. Nice pun there, the tax payers money really paid of for your education.

I wonder, eagerbeaver, if you'd have been an airline pilot if you hadn't paid for the job? Two failed BA selections would say possibly not. I don't like to be very personal about peoples performance (believe it or not) but since you insist upon going through my post history and attempting to take me apart, I'll offer the same. Since we are doing assumption, also, I'll assume that you 'were not successful' on the basis of personality and not flying ability - the filter with the large holes in the Ryanair selection according to previous posts and judging by the comments of some of the Ryanair posters who can't help but be subjective in an industry which demands objectivity.

WWW summed it up nicely when he said this little scheme is a pile of shit.

As for the 'who hates the beak' comments, I am surprised they were not deleted - how pathetic.
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Old 30th Oct 2009, 20:48
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Airbusfreak Irish license are actually black. Got some new swanky ones! Must say 100 times nicer & smaller than those big plastic white pieces of s***! But it is a joke that CAA license have to be converted. Maybe there is a reason I don't know about - But for now it seems to me it's money money money!
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Old 31st Oct 2009, 09:13
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Ok, I hardly ever post of PPRuNe but I feel compelled - for some reason. Firstly, I am a RYR cadet, due to start soon and I'm more than happy to admit that. I like RYR as a company and know several ex-Oxford people (yes, I'm one of "those" as well) who now fly for them and they're very happy to do so. They get paid every month, about three times more than I've been earning selling insurance on the phone for the last seven months - and they enjoy it. Fine, it's costing us an arm and a leg to do it, but ask yourself this, what would it cost us not to do it? By the time you factor in the difference in earnings for the next two years and the cost of keeping relatively current (IR Renewal etc) you come to a similarly large figure! The fact is that although I respect the opinions of TheBeak and WWW (the latter being slightly more sane than the former) I still come to the conclusion that it's the best option available - I'm over a barrel either way - and I accept that! That's the point.

The problem I find on here is that PPRuNe is very bad at supporting people - like captain_rossco said, it's a soapbox for those who see it as their mission to "inform" us newbies of greener pastures elsewhere - the problem is, these pastures are not accessible, so frankly they might as well not be there. There's no point trying to stop us going to Ryanair (and that IS what it basically boils down to) because Ryanair is the only option for us - we do not have a choice.

WWW I welcome your balanced comments, I'm not saying don't have a debate, just please, everyone, for the sake of the hordes of people who may read all this as gospel and be put off from a career in flying as a result, don't post negative comments and dress them up as "being realistic"- that's a subjective term anyway, what's realistic to you might be total boll*cks to someone else - you know who you are. Crew rooms in my experience (mostly student crew rooms!) are wonderfully supportive places where people bend over backwards to help out when you need some help and advice, can't we make PPRuNe just as supportive?

Anyway, here endeth the lesson. Be happy people, life is short.
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Old 31st Oct 2009, 10:05
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thebeak - So what are you saying?

I don't have what it takes to get into BA? I clearly do not - and it is quite disappointing.

However ATPL is an informal term widely used, we all know that.

To conclude; you don't have what it takes to even get into Ryanair - so where does that put you on the pole?

I bet you have applied though beaky...
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Old 1st Nov 2009, 08:28
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Well put barnaby and good luck Imperium in joining FR, as barnaby says, it's one of the best places to start out - certainly not a poor relation to BA et al. as some people make out. Well, back to the manuals for me....
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Old 1st Nov 2009, 10:31
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it's one of the best places to start out - certainly not a poor relation to BA et al.

Seriously guys, we are joining Ryanair... go cry somewhere else. This thread is for people joining Ryanair, you will not stop us.

It is absurd to suggest to anyone that letting an excellent flying opportunity such as FR pass by is preferable to accepting it

In no other airline will a Pilot gain as many hours a year

with a stable roster pattern and therefore a life that they can plan.

It is my honest belief that FR is the best place for a flight school graduate to cut their teeth in this industry.

I'll be happy to take my own food to work in the knowledge that the company is operating with no wastages or unneccessary costs

You're being delusional and narcissistic.

And that's being generous.

IF you can hear me over the roaring laughter emanating from Ryanair HQ as Michael reads this thread through tears of laughter..

Firstly, as I have said many times on many threads over many months, the Ryanair deal is the best option as its pretty much the only option out there. I've also said that as long as the airline keeps giving your hours then you may recoup your spending and may get a full time contract and spend your career there.

Secondly, PPRuNe isn't here particularly to support you. You're about to embark on a 33k SSTR and start airline flying so you're barely a Wannabe any more. You've made your bed to lie in and I'm damned if I'm going to feel any compunction about warning those behind you about what a flee infested rickety one it is.

Thirdly, you may be sadly mistaken to think you're buying yourself a job in exchange for 33k. There is nothing to stop you being put onto Brookfield and then given an hour a month, here and there, out of any base, until you get tired of it and move over to be replaced by the next bunch of cheque waiving queue jumpers. Expansion plans ain't set in stone and as a Brooky you've got 24 hours notice to collect your empty water bottles, hand back your ID and walk off into the night.

You're so puffed up and excited you think I'm trying to persuade you to change your mind. I'm not. I care as little about you and your career as Michael O Leary does (believe me, that's bordering on the unmeasurable). What I do care for are the people behind you, often way behind you, who don't really understand where the current state of play is when it comes to the SSTR option. I'm just as scathing of CTC and their marketing sleight of hand as they continue to recruit for the Wings scheme.

Good luck, be interesting to know how your views change after a year or so when the novelty of the jet has worn off. And it will.

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Old 1st Nov 2009, 12:57
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They spend; and, along with MOL, I am enormously glad they do. It gets them hours, keeps them away from Biz Jets, and subs LOCO fares to sunny destinations for the rest of us.

I would do exactly the same thing if I was armed with a Blue Book and constantly having to swerve the 'sniggering' employment questions of the 'friends of the family'!

I agree that WWW is quite correct in his assertion that BRK really should guarantee a minimum number of hours in their FR contract. Surely this shouldn't be so hard to do given the rising demand for FR's product. Without this 'safe-guard' an infinite number of 'opportunities' could be said to exist and the hours would ultimately drop as more eager dowry's are paid. It would be rather akin to a pyramid sale, each 'dowry' subs those above, until the whole scheme tumbles.

As already numerously stated. I am am a huge fan of FR and BRK. I hope that all Wannabes get their chance to join, and share in the kudos.
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Old 1st Nov 2009, 13:19
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dick - if they've got the disposable income and want to utilise their licenses then sure they should. If they have to take on yet more debt then the sums are more difficult. Taking the existing debt repayments for their CPL/IR and adding 33k plus interest to them might mean they would be netting an annual loss working for RYR on a BRK contract. At which point you're working for the devil and not even making any money doing it.

Its Hobsons choice.

I just want people to be aware who haven't YET put themselves in the position of making this choice what it is.

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Old 1st Nov 2009, 14:06
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Perhaps MOL might increase his 'dowry' prices; after all it would do little to choke the most eager of applications.

Supply and demand
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Old 1st Nov 2009, 14:24
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Mol has left anyone who has completed flight training no choice but to apply if they can get access to the money
No, you do have a choice. You wait. You keep your licences current, and yes that will obviously mean financial outlay. You work doing whatever in the mean time. You do your best to find ways of flying cheaply, and there are ways, but they require resourcefulness and commitment.

However, that is unpalatable to many, as they view it as more outlay for no return and no career development (understandable to a point) However, as WWW points out, BRK contracts offer zero stability and if the music rapidly stopped (perhaps the only way it would) at FR, then there would be a pile of very unhappy recently TR'd guys out on their ear. So, IMHO, its a calculated risk either way.

Its natural and logical to want a return on your investment. I am just not sure that increasing your debt burden with zero promise of sustained employment is any more beneficial than waiting patiently (but resourcefully and still committed to the long term cause) on the sidelines.
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Old 1st Nov 2009, 15:24
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Splendid words of advice but perhaps you have missed the point?

Kudos, glamour, and social admiration. Frankly, I need some 'gold bars'.

ALL my Mum and Dads friends know that I was away to "Train as an Airline Pilot". It was a proud boast. Indeed, at many social gatherings I have been questioned on the idiosyncracies of modern jet flying. I have been delighted to elucidate!

How are we going to recover from the social indignity of only flying for fun in a little Cessna from a grass strip. We'll be the laughing stock! It's not like we'd been keeping my outstanding progress at Oxford a secret is it?!

Faced with these stark choices, the requisite funding to elevate my flying into its rightful place has been secured. No bank loans required!

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