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Ryan Air Telephone Interview

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Ryan Air Telephone Interview

Old 8th Jul 2009, 12:25
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hear hear!!!!!
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Old 8th Jul 2009, 16:03
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The beak for someone who is a wannabe
Who said I am a wannabe? What is your definition of a wannabe? I have a CPL/IR with all 14 ATPLs and several hundred hours on the 737NG. Then I lost my job. So how am I a wannabe? I 'wannanother' job if that fits your description.

I not on another thread your telling some poor soul who's just lost his job about how it should all be done all the while your currently a wannabe!

Im astounded that you think a 737 type rating is useless. Pray tell what is a good type to have at the moment?
Ok Rhodes13 go and have a look back at the thread and see that everyone agrees that a 737 TR is not the TR to have. Not unless, as I said in my 'disclaimer', you want to work in a 'less desirable place' or for a 'less than desirable employer' and have a fair few hours.

Given the style of your writing and given the fact you work for Ryanair I clearly offended you on both accounts when I said:

unless you want to work in one of the worlds arsehol*s or for one of the worlds arsehol*s.
I am entitled to offer my opinion, based upon my experience so please don't try and poo poo me on the basis of nothing but you not liking having your 'golden opportunity' golden showered upon.

As to the pay for interview its shit but I'll let you in on a secret there is a very large National carrier that charges you for interviews as well, now how does that sit with your view that RYR are the worst of the worst.
National to who? One of the 'less than desirables' of the world that are trying desperately to make hay while the sunshines? It doesn't sit well Rhodes13, it doesn't sit at all well.

The beak maybe spend more time looking for work instead of being on PPRuNe and your attitude would improve!
Good one! Speaking of spending time on things maybe if you had the patience to be SELECTED you wouldn't have had to pay for your TR.

If I had listened to the morons like you I'd still be waiting for that "golden opportunity" to arise.
Paid for opportunities haven't 'arisen', you paid for it, especially two years ago. I know a couple of guys at FR who openly admit they were useless at the selection back then and they still were taken on. As for calling it 'golden' - that is entirely subjective and not one shared by myself.

I will continue to offer my opinion and advice, if you don't like it ignore it - top tip of the day young man/lady.

Last edited by TheBeak; 8th Jul 2009 at 17:23. Reason: Misuse of the queens English
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Old 8th Jul 2009, 18:06
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National as in QF and thanks for the assumptions I see its a two way street. I was good enough to get offered CX and QF but the recession has put a back burner on that. And why was I offered those jobs, do you think maybe it could have been because I had 737 time, multi crew etc???

I deeply resent that you think the only reason I got a job was for the fact that I paid for it and an apology would be appreciated, or are only those that fly for flag carriers good enough?

Perhaps all the drivers at RYR are crap, better tell the CAA the only reason we got the job is because we paid! Lord knows that no other company has people of questionable skills in it, must only be a RYR thing.

I still maintain RYR is a good place to work, I would value your opinion if you ACTUALLY worked there and didn't comment on the crap that is written on PPRuNe. But hey maybe knowing the facts of the company is a bad thing. Maybe I should tell the Nigels how they should deal with WW or the boys at Virgin how to deal with SRB. I have always said there are many undesirable things about my company but overall its a good place to work.

So lets get this right you think logging PIC time on a 737 earning a decent salary debts paid off and accumulating hours are subjective, who do you think will be better placed when the upturn kicks in? Me or you?

Just a question for you, what would you do if you were the poor soul who had just lost his job, sit it out praying that some fairy would offer you a job, or get into the market again? As they say you gotta be in it to win it. I agree speculating is generally undesirable but if it has a paid job at the end why not, or should we all live on principles that doesn't pay bills.

As to an undesirable places to work, where exactly do you think all the growth in airlines will be in the next decade? Europe with a saturated market and high penetration of airline flying or emerging markets in the 3rd world with growing populations of middles classes. Not being willing to move there is limiting your potential career severely and as a pilot you have to be prepared to move to get work no?

But hey I mustn't know anything as apparently the only reason I fly a 737 is because I paid for it!
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Old 9th Jul 2009, 15:56
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Old 9th Jul 2009, 17:17
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True Monthly Hours?

Having finished my ATPL this year I now find myself stuck watching those who can 'pay' for ryanair moving into that '1st job'. However, I have no hard feelings towards them, I think despite the 'no flying hours' horror stories still think its a great option in these desperate times...(any ryanair guys out there to support my views??...perhaps not as you are are too busy flying for a living and not worrying about PPRuNe!!!)
Having saved and budgeted to get through all the training I just wish Id budgeted another 30k for a type rating....better than trying to get a decent non aviation job with 'ATPL' on your CV....in a recession with few jobs anywhere very few employers are filling to risk employing someone who is obviously distracted elsewhere....times are tough..I admire those willing to risk more to keep in the industry....as a low hours pilot surely i'm stuck for quite a while to come!
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Old 11th Jul 2009, 21:00
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Dear Flames24,
I perfectly understand your point...
I finished my CPL/ME/IR just a month and a half ago... Asked to OAA Stockholm if, doing my MCC with them would have guaranteed me an interview with Ryanair, they said YES... Done the MCC, right after coming back to UK, got an email saying: now, chances of getting an interview are down to 20%, and waiting time to get an offer for an interview are about 7 weeks... Now... Does this give you any plus, having done things with Ryanair's official training for MCC? I'm still waiting...
I inderstand your "low hours" situation, as it's mine as well... But think of this: RYR is probably the only one now recruiting low hours pilots. They prefere us because they can get a lot of money from our TR, and the excuse of the first 6 months low money contract while you're on line training... Having said this, I personally don't think it's a bad choice. Ok, the management may squeeze you until you're at 900 hours a year, and they don't treat you with a lot of respect (that's what they say)... But you get very intresting flying with them! Loads of NDBs, circlings, etc... And you get your captain offer after just three years in the company! Where on earth can you get that? BA lets you smell the left seat after 15 years!!
Anyway... I'm getting far from the thread now...
Go for it if you can... I know 30k are a lot of money, if you don't have them, than find a non flying job, get hired permanently, and ask for a loan!
Besides, don't stay at home doing nothing, because inactivity is not very well seen in ANY job. Get something, anything, as I am doing... And meanwhile, look around.
Good luck, my friend... We'll need it both of us, and so will another big bunch of pilots...
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Old 16th Jul 2009, 21:37
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Was told today it will be 6 months before they start doing any more interviews.
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Old 17th Jul 2009, 08:25
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I'd seond that with an added "At least"

It will be interesting to note whether they update their website similarly to last year to illustarte this fact.

6 months = January (?) Last time I believe it was February before they lifted the freeze?
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