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Ryan Air Telephone Interview

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Ryan Air Telephone Interview

Old 22nd Jun 2009, 17:21
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No exactly my point, they would rather let u go then to let u fly 10hrs/month. And since they are still recruiting happily that would mean that its rather unlikeley that you will fly the said 10.
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Old 24th Jun 2009, 07:29
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I`ve been trying to find out a bit about the DE Capt process at FR, to no avail.
Brookfield told me that Stan. was a good bet for base if that was my preference. I also applied on line directly to FR. All this a week or so ago. So far no response.
Can you you enlighten me at all? What is the source of this info re. UK basing?
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Old 25th Jun 2009, 14:33
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If i wanted stanstead or luton base what are the chances of me getting this? as opposed to being shipped of somewhere else in europe?
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Old 25th Jun 2009, 15:11
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Taken from the Ts and Cs section a poster wrote:

the new policy is for all recruitment and promotions also with balpa looming they are not taking anyone from the uk to a uk base (gives balpa one more vote) hope you find a place soon
From what I understand it means that any British applicant will be based outside the UK in order to prevent BALPA membership. Is this true?
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Old 25th Jun 2009, 17:56
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But people who have posted here that are based outside uk have said they to are balpa members........
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Old 25th Jun 2009, 22:29
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I'm not sure the policy started with the Balpa argument, seeing as I was left in no doubt that my first base would be in Spain or Italy at my interview in April. A UK base simply wasn't on the cards.
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Old 2nd Jul 2009, 11:13
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Telephone interview 3 wks ago, got asked;

1. Was I still interested
2. Total hours, expiry of medical and licences
3. Did I pass IR 1st time, why did I partial
4. Why do I want to work for Ryanair
5. How much notice would I need for interview
6. Could I come the following week

Invited to come for interview there and then for the following week.
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Old 2nd Jul 2009, 12:36
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Was that for the cadet assesment at EMA?
How did you get on?
How long did it take for them to let you know if you'd been succesful?
By phone/email?
How did you initially apply? through CAE or BFSAA?
Do you know if they have anymore dates planned?
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Old 6th Jul 2009, 17:13
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It was for the cadet assesment at EMA held on the 25 June,
found out today I was unsuccessful
so that was 9 working days to get result via email.

I applied through CAE end of March, they rang to say they were forwarding
my cv to Ryanair in May and 3 weeks after that telephone interview and 5 days
notice to come to assesment.

Its a tough blow not to get in, especially as they are the only gig in town right now................

So back to the day job for the moment, got to stay positive....things will get better.
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Old 6th Jul 2009, 17:20
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N739FC, Check you PM's

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Old 6th Jul 2009, 19:23
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Originally Posted by AKAFresh


The main reason for the telephone interview is to assess your command of ENGLISH.

So if your not a native English speaker and English is not your strong point then this should be your primary concern. Ryanair tend to hire alot more foreign crew, so this is a bigger factor for them. Remember theres no point inviting people for interviews only to find out that their level of English is not up to the standard, it wastes the airlines time.

If your job hunting then make sure you continue to fresh up on your ATPL technical knowledge. Don't wait to be called for interviews to prepare for technical/personal questions. (Ace The Technical Pilot Interview - Excellent book! Highly recommended). You never know when the call for an interview may come and you should have researched the companies you have applied too (at least know some basic info about them e.g fleets, routes etc). Therefore if they do call you with short notice for telephone interviews or panel interviews you don't have to rush and cram.

Airlines have a habit of calling people for interviews and only giving them a few days before the actual day. Iv even been asked to come to an airline interview the very next day the reason being was that the TR would start the following week! I'm sure there are guys who have even been called on that very day for an interview! Therefore you should have already prepared good answers for the basic questions that every airline will undoubtedly ask such as 'why do you want to be a pilot', 'why X airline' etc and basic tech questions etc..

Ps. I don't work for FR but iv done the telephone interview, albeit awhile back. Your command of English is the primary factor, getting you to answers questions is just a way of making you do more of the talking. Answers to the tech/personal questions will be more important at the panel interview stage, but obviously sensible and correct answers do help your cause!.. so brush up on that knowledge!

You failed then?
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Old 6th Jul 2009, 20:35
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The telephone is more of a vocal medium though, is it not, Beer Hunter?
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Old 6th Jul 2009, 20:36
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N739FC the fact of the matter is you probably were good enough. I have heard they are profiting something like 4 million a year from these 'selections'. And they aren't getting rid of people after 6 months but they ARE drastically reducing their hours. Ryanair is not the solution to getting a job though I am sure recent cadets will beg to differ. It's not a useful TR to have either.
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Old 6th Jul 2009, 22:36
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Flaps Five.

It is indeed but if one is dispensing advice, in this case on the use of a language, wouldn't you agree it rather undermines ones position if one can't spell or punctuate for sh*t?

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Old 6th Jul 2009, 23:00
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er tell them they have dialled the wrong number, job or no job you're better off without them!!
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Old 7th Jul 2009, 00:07
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4 million a year on the assessments. Means over 43 a day 250 a pop with zero overheads...

I heard they made 4 billion on the type ratings as well!
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Old 7th Jul 2009, 00:32
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Ahh, but still they come waving their debit cards!

I guess MOL will be well placed to have infinite BRK punters flying 5-10 hours each per month. Plenty of type ratings to keep the tills well fed.

No minimum guaranted hours per month in the BRK contract is there?!

More punters / (sorry I mean pilots) = fewer hours to go round. I am sure we can count on MOL's inherent sense of decency not to rip folks off! At least my cheap trips to Spain will continue to be subsidized. Thanks to all concerned!
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Old 7th Jul 2009, 17:49
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Friend of mine is happily doing near 100hrs this month with a week out of base he is post 500hrs...............
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Old 7th Jul 2009, 19:00
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250 a pop
If you're going to be a smart arse it's 260 or 350 Euros (302 by todays rates) - whichever they feel like charging you.

They are making a profit from it and that, regardless of the amount, is laughable. It is for recruitment for goodness sake, if that doesn't tell you they don't have any requirement for people I don't know what does.

As I have said really think about what you are getting in to, the 737 Tr is absolutely f-ing useless unless you have ALOT of hours and then it is just f-ing useless - unless you want to work in one of the worlds arsehol*s or for one of the worlds arsehol*s. Turkey? Nigeria? Indonesia? The Emirates really? Ryanair? Wonderful, well worth the effort.

Don't waste your money, hold tight, better things are around the corner - whenever that corner maybe. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
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Old 8th Jul 2009, 07:16
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The beak for someone who is a wannabe you certainly have a lot of opinions of what actually goes on in the market. I not on another thread your telling some poor soul who's just lost his job about how it should all be done all the while your currently a wannabe!

Im astounded that you think a 737 type rating is useless. Pray tell what is a good type to have at the moment?

Want to fly long haul eventually for the likes of BA or VS (when the market picks up) well you'll need JAR 25 time, want to go overseas oh this time you'll probably need time on aircraft over MTOW 55T. Fact is at this point in time being a pilot is shit there's no two ways about it. But as always it will eventually turn around like it always does.

How on earth could you say that operating a modern EFIS jet and having a couple thousand hours is useless is beyond me.

As to the pay for interview its shit but I'll let you in on a secret there is a very large National carrier that charges you for interviews as well, now how does that sit with your view that RYR are the worst of the worst.

Listen RYR is by no means sugar and sweetness but it is a very very good place to get a first job with top rate SOP's, great guys on the line and interesting flying. I myself joined two years ago and I am now on a command course. If I had listened to the morons like you I'd still be waiting for that "golden opportunity" to arise.

Face facts people the market for pilots has moved on and if you want to stay in the game there isn't much else on the the moment. As they say beggars can't be choosers.

The beak maybe spend more time looking for work instead of being on PPRuNe and your attitude would improve!

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