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CTC Cadet Outcomes

Old 14th Jan 2009, 18:29
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CTC Cadet Outcomes

Hello chaps!

Been browsing around this forum and various other sites for a week or two now and finally getting towards the stage where i actually want to do something. I have a trial lesson planned at RAF Cosford with Wrekin Gliding Club on Saturday, taking a copy of the eyesight specs to the optician in the next week or so when i have an eye test to check that im ok with the JAA medical, and am shortly looking to arrange a visit to a couple of FTO's.

Reading around suggests that the CTC Cadet program is one of the best. However, having read various other bits and bobs it also appears that there is a large holding pool post training between passing the course and getting a proper job with an airline.

This leads me to some questions. Firstly, with regard to the partner airlines, how many of those accepted onto the course actually end up being placed with a partner airline during the course and going straight into work? Secondly, post training what is the typical time between finishing studies and finding a job with an airline (seems to be a degree of scaremongering with regard to this)? Thirdly, what kind of numbers typically finish the course and then struggle, and possibly ultimately fail to find a job with an airline?

With regard to the above, i gather that the idea of the course is such that you are placed with a company during your studies (or the 8 or 9 partner airlines they have) which then goes to a job following completion. Is it such that the people currently waiting around in a holding pool are those that have been partnered with a particular airline but following completion are not, as such, needed anymore by the company they were partnered with (presumably in the short term!)?

How does all of this above compare with other companies (for example OAA/Cabair)?

If anyone can fill me in on some of the above points it would be much appreciated. Im sure theres many more questions to come before i commit to anything (i havnt even begun my series of questions on financing just yet), but il sort this out for now.

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Old 15th Jan 2009, 06:27
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Only thing I would add to what djfingerscrossed has said above is that the 6 months of line training with an airline is technically the "Advanced training" schedule of the course, with "Basic training" being up to CPL/IR and "Intermediate" being the AQC.

Good luck!
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 13:55
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Cheers lads

you helped me a lot with your answers. I ve been through for stage 2 of CityJet/CTC scheme but like many others I ve been put on hold since November once they are not running any recruitment right now. I would therefore like to ask your opinion wether is it worth changing to the typical CTC Cadet scheme rather than waiting CityJet scheme to reopen.

Some say that once CityJet "guarantees" a job upon completion of training I should wait, but on the other hand nobody knows when they ll get back to business.

Feel free to make any other suggestion

Thx and best of luck to all!!
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Old 16th Jan 2009, 18:12
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Well thats my current idea to sign up and get through the first few stages of the Cityjet scheme and then hold out for it actually becoming properly available again, especially given that im at uni until July. That also gives me plenty of time to think about and plan where id get the money from.

With regards to the Cadet scheme though, im wondering if CTC would do the same as with the Cityjet scheme i.e. if they dont have any 'partners' who actually need a pilot or two (and would thus not be placing the vast majority of their students), then dont actually start anyone on the course until such time as there is. But then again, that could be suicide for the company when there are no funds coming in on a regular basis (but then again, i guess much of training costs are only actually incured to the company when people are training (for example wear and tear on aircraft, instructor fees etc)).

I still dont understand the security bond scheme though, if your required to arrange it yourself, and its something i would like to talk to them about if and when i head down to Southampton.

On a completely unrelated note, what are peoples thoughts on training, incorporated style, in the US? Much the same as over here in terms of job/placement availability?
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Old 17th Jan 2009, 12:21
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It's very hard to know how long the Cityjet Wings scheme will take to get underway again. The first Cityjet cadets are in NZ training currently I believe (not sure of the number, 4-6 I think) and they are actually in a very nice position in that Cityjet have a particular vested interest in them. I have not seen the contracts, but I would expect the contract to contain a clause stating that assuming the cadets perform to standard through training, and also that the airline currently requires pilots, they will be taken on. I know Cityjet had an influx of applications at the back end of 2008, and I believe they mopped up a large number of the type rated Flightline guys too. If I'm honest, I would be surprised if another Cityjet course happened in 2009 given the problems this year will present. I hope I'm wrong there though!
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