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2008 CTC ATP Intake?

Old 25th Jun 2008, 20:53
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2008 CTC ATP Intake?

Earlier in the year ctc opened the application process for the ATP scheme for a week or so. Was anyone out there lucky enough to get in? Has CTC has been able to place many pilots recently?

Answers on a postcard
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Old 25th Jun 2008, 21:07
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I know one who got in. He's been told to expect to tread water until Oct-Nov. He had his heart set on jets after making the ATP investment and turned down a turboprop interview just before he was told to tread.
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Old 25th Jun 2008, 21:15
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They opened it in January 08 because 20 ATPers left the pool, so I'm assuming they filled it up with 20 again which accounts for why it was opened / closed so quickly.
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Old 25th Jun 2008, 21:31
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I also wanted to apply for this programme. Here is the answer i received last day from CTC: It 's not so good for us, however, we just have to be patient and check their website regularly.

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ATP prog:

Sorry, I have no idea when it will re-open ! Demand for pilots from the partner airlines is very slow at the moment so our holding pool of selected pilots is static... We hope things will start moving again in September but it may be longer than that before the applications re-open...

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Old 26th Jun 2008, 09:57
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Please be patient , but also don't put your life on hold. CTC is a very respectable company and they will not let you down.
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Old 26th Jun 2008, 10:35
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Never Turn Down An Interview, (unless They Want To Charge You For It), At Least Use It For Practise If Nothing Else And Never Ever Ever Wait For Months For A Job Offer From One Company If You Have A Job Offer From Another. The Downturn Is Here And Oil Is Going Up And Not Down!
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Old 26th Jun 2008, 13:15
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Adios: Sounds exactly like the guy I know. A couple of days after CTC advised him that he was starting the AQC course, he was phoned by a another company and turned it down. Now he's floating in the pool and waiting.

They will get a job eventually, CTC have always managed to place cadets on both the ATP and Wings schemes. However, it might well be a long wait. Nov-Dec time would hopefully stack very nicely with the much rumoured easyJet expansion next year too.

I know of a few other guys though who went through the CTC scheme and have got jobs with various companies, including DHL. I have no idea how big the holding pool is right now though - quite a few guys who were waiting for AQC start dates got jobs elsewhere.
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Old 8th Nov 2008, 08:47
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I think that anyone in the ATP hold pool will be waiting a long time as it appears the cadets are given the first refusal on the jobs especially at the moment! Easyjet have asked for Pilots for Jan/Feb/March but are only taking Cadets.

The guys that got the jobs prior to starting the AQC are the lucky ones at least they arn't paying interest on 7000 for nothing.
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Old 8th Nov 2008, 16:27
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I've been out of touch with CTC for nearly a year now, so i have no idea what's going on in southampton exactly, however look at it from this perspective. One friend of mine was on the airbus for ctc's main partner and has been told he will not be required by the company after his 6 months are over (along with his course mates who were a mix of cadets and atp guys). They however will be the first to be given employment by the airline if and when they start recruiting again.

Another friend flies for another partner, and again his services are no longer required for this winter. Last i heard from him, he had no guarentees whatsoever about returning to the airline when things pick up again.

Next there's the enormous numbers of XL, futura etc pilots who are yet to find a job after their companies went under (trust me there are alot of them at the moment).

I'm not saying CTC won't place anyone with any airlines, but it will be a small trickle rather than a flood. I was in the hold pool for nearly a year before i found a job, and that's when times were good!!

If you get even the sniff of a job or even an interview then go for it, be it turboprop or jet.
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