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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 20th Nov 2017, 21:26
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Anyone know how to delete a training request on the CAE Ryanair program? I have two training request numbers which were set up a minute apart for some unknown reason on my profile.
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Old 21st Nov 2017, 08:18
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Originally Posted by UAV689 View Post
In a normal world this would make sense. In ryanair world, they are planning by seat of their pants at the moment and there are no firm dates, so people are not getting any visibility on dates from company outside of every fri roster. Meaning people are not able to get work. If they said “look lads, its gonna be 2 months”’you could get a bar job or whatever. But at the moment no one knows...
As someone who was in Ryanair for a long time, I'd recommend you put yourself first when planning. Don't be afraid to say "can't do it" if the roster comes out on a Friday and it's unreasonable, crew control won't care and will just chalk it up to the nature of training and last minute rostering.

The rostering department like to be cheeky, rostering you to teleport somewhere at a moments notice. Don't break yourself trying to accomadate this behaviour, far too many people turn up to line training having got to a hotel at 1am and all this. Just say no - trust me you won't ever get anything in return for bending over backwards and nobody is going to seriously bother you, if you have a reasonable explanation.

I know it's going to be your first airline job and people are going to be apprehensive, don't be afraid to reach out to your more experienced colleagues for advice.
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Old 21st Nov 2017, 08:33
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ryanair assessment 15/11/17

Hi guys i want to share with you my experience .

20/09/17 -- Apply in the CAE website
31/10/17---Got the mail from CAE
7/11/17----Received the call from CAE

15/11/17 ---Assessment in Dublin

1)SIMULATOR : the assessors are very helpful theY try to help you with the pitch and powers setting . I started like PM first , normal takeoff , SID , radar vector ,some turn not more than 30 degrees of bank , normal ILS .
Like PF I had a full procedure in Liverpool with emergency (smoke in the rear galley ) , DODAR ,NITS .

2) TECHNICAL INTERVIEW : V2, screen height, V1, max crosswind landing component D42 , formula for calculation of crosswind , how the flight controls of B737 works , hydraulic pressure B737

3)HR : why did you choose simtech ? , why did you choose to get University degree ? , do you know some people that work for Ryanair ? , where do you see your self in the next 5 years ?

Guys is not difficult , they want to see people that really want this job , and people that have very good MCC skills .

At the end i passed the assessment , type rating 5th February in Amsterdam .

Good luck guys

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Old 21st Nov 2017, 21:35
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Anyone got some phone call about assessment for early December?
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Old 23rd Nov 2017, 09:20
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Hello guys i fly now for Ryanair quite a while and will tell you what is going on.
First of all apply for Ryanair only if you have no chance to get into Lufthansa BA Airfrance and other good companys. This forum helped me to get the job real quick 30 days after i finished my CPL and it was my first interview. At this time i was scared to fail the other interviews so i signed the contract.

The previous posts are true if you get the job today you will start earning money in August 2018 and get full pay 2-3 months later after linetraining.
You need about 45.000€ for rating accomondation food license uniform travel and so on ,until you get fully paid.
I did my PPL IFR CPL for about 55.000€ so i still had money, 95% of the people get a loan.

How is it to work for FR ?

The roster is good and the AC the money is ok about 3300€/ 12 months but without insurance pension and so on so its a "get hours and apply for Emirates" contract. You have to pay everything by your own exept travel to work with FR.
The pilots are very unhappy 80% are talking about leaving and i guess 60% of the Capt. will leave if there is no change in the contract next year.
They go to China Southern Xiamen Qatar and other carriers because of the 25000$/ month. And it will lead to a massive problem.

No LT Capt = No new FOs
No FOs with 3000h= No new Capt.

About 80% of the FO leave before 1500h and go to Majors like AUA Airfrance LOT Qatar and so on plus Norvegian.

So they try to hire new guys like you and direct entry Capt. and give them new contracts to beat the pilots in Ryanair who are in the company for years and want local contracts with health insuranse pension and so on.

My advise apply for other airlines who are looking for pilots 2017 and 2018 will be the best years since a decade to get this jobs.
If you are not sucessful apply for FR they will need again ~2000 pilots in the next 2 years

So i wish you a great future in your future job.
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Old 27th Nov 2017, 10:08
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Originally Posted by Frabus View Post
Hello friends!

I've applied in September 2016.
October 2016 assessment - UNSUCCESSFUL

Do anyone know if Ryanair/CAE uses to give a 2nd chance to cadets?

I kept updating my profile and my CV every month also if my application remained open from the first moment I did it.

Anyone in the same situation was called again?

CAE called me 4 hours later after this message.

Nice coincidence!
That day I also renewed the design of my CV.


10/11/2017 CAE calls without any e-mail. I was at work (working as EMT on ambulances). Some questions about my previous interview, what I thought went wrong and If I consider myself ready to get the job this year. I answered "of course!" so been offered a date ten days later for Monday 20/11/2017; no chance to shift it a bit later for work reason.
Luckily I arranged shifts at work so at to be free from Saturday (18/11 to 21/11).

18/11/2017 Early morning flight from Italy to Ireland. Stayed at Premier Inn which is just 5 mins walk from Ryanair building.
I used this day to read and study again all what I prepared in the previous days (general infos on C172 - C152 - DA42, previous flown aircrafts - general infos on B737NG & B737MAX200 - history of Ryanair - Ryanair current situations as bases, fleet, employees, ... - performance - meteo - agk - general/radio nav - human perf - ....)

19/11/2017 Booked SIM session at Simtech; I went there 1 year before for MCC/JOC course. They are always very kind, nice and well organized.
Went for the SIM from 1800 to 2000.
Briefing at 1700.
Walked out from the session pretty disappointed.
But I considered that normal since it was 1 year since last MCC ops on Jet and also because I was awake from early morning.
So didn't let discouragement to influence me.
Came back to hotel, went out for dinner. Hamburger and back to my room.
Prepared all the paperwork splitting them in two folders:
1 ORIGINAL documents

Alarm clock at 0600. Hot shower to warm up my body temperature (from 0400 to 0600 is at its lowest; human factor studies ).
Breakfast. Coffee. Tea. Milk. Nutella. Bread. Fruits. Yogurt
Went back to room, prepared.
0740 Ryanair building: door is closed, RING on the left hand side of the door.
Entered it, some guys were already seated there; however I asked to the reception where should I wait for pilot assessment.
0800 An assessor came to us. He was very nice. Same stuff for all. Briefing of the day. Tips for the SIM session. Asked paperwork. Paired in couples and informed about when every couple assessment would have started.
Given airport plates: Liverpool!
Me and my partner would have been the last to be assessed, after lunch break. So at 1300.
Used all the time to brief brief brief and brief.
Assessor asked to us to do full briefings before the session because when into the sim there is not time to talk talk talk!
1300 Stepped into the SIM. Started as PM on the left hand side. I got the clearance (WAL 2T) and PF set up the aircraft for departure - radio aids, courses, alt on mcp - He, as PF, briefed me actively as:"ok PM, what radio aids and course do we have?" - "What about altitudes (1500agl + 100ft liverpool for climb power / 3000agl + 100ft liverpool for bug up)" - "I can see a threat - right turn for radial interception may correspond to climb power or acceleration altitude so be alert for that" - "Take-off briefing is standard as already done before".
Take-off, full SID. Aerial work right/left turns at 5000ft. Deceleration to 170kts so below minimum clean speed (210kts) - so he as PF briefed me about the need to use Flaps5 to fly that speed.
Questions to PM and PF about "where we are?" - look the ADF back and say the sector where you are and NM from the airport so looking to the DME.
Then cleared for ILS rwy 27 via vectoring. Freezed the sim.
PF set up all for the approach and again briefed me actively!! (as SID)
PF briefed me about deceleration - WHEN / WHERE / HOW - we were already with Flaps5 at 170kts from deceleration exercise so he just told me that 2nm before final descent (at D8.0 DME stable on LOC) Gear down Flaps15 speed 150kts and 0.5nm before (at D6.5 DME stable on LOC) Flaps30 speed Vref and that in case of missed approach call would have been "GO AROUND FLAPS 15 to 3000ft"
We flew the approach without any failure or problem, full stop landing and stop.

When me as PF the same!! PRECISELY THE SAME but when sim was frozen for approach briefing the assessor came with a news: passenger probably having an heart attack.
Told him to "standby, we are gonna land, come back to cabin and assist the pax waiting for me to call you back" - since we were close to the NDB I decided to act as if the sim was unfrozen and so doing a very quick DODAR since in reality we would have been just 5 minutes from landing.

But the assessor wanted us to do full DODAR - so we did it!
Diagnosed the situation. Opted to come back to liverpool asking vectors for the ILS rwy 27. Decided that the situation was a PAN PAN not a MAY DAY - (heart attack isn't a cardiac arrest so it's urgent but not an emergency) - Assigned that PM would have launched that PAN PAN call and asked for paramedics once on ground and that I would have flown the aircraft -Reviewed all.

Called Number 1 to the cockpit for NITS. Done NITS we proceeded as agreed but flew full procedure as radar service was unserviceable.
Flying the aircraft I wished to inform my PM about my intentions:"Reaching D8.6 I'll want you to set interception heading of 230° if you agree. Do you think is a good one? I'll then want you to ask for LOC and GS alive. At D8.0 ...etc.etc"

Landed and bye bye.

I went for the interview as last one.
Talked to the HR guy about my previous assessment, what I thought went wrong.
What's going on in my Flight School, if they have many students. If I'm still in touch with my previous sim partner. About my current job situation and when I could start the TR and how I've planned to finance it.

Tech interview begun with personal questions. What's my job, If I've ever had emergencies: of course yes as working for the emergency medical service.
How many hours I have and which aircraft I used for my CPL: DA42.

Max crosswind of DA42: 20kts
Crosswind calculation: clock method - 30° out from the runway so half the intensity
Cruise speed of DA42: 110-120kts
So in how much time will I fly 40nm: 20 mins - how did you calculate it?
If in 1 hour I'll roughly fly 110 kts it means 60nm in 30 mins so close to 20 mins for 40 nm!
Questions about B737. How are flight controls operated. Hyd sys (A/B/STBY). How high light devices are operated. I don't know if my answer was fully right but I think that they don't want you to give a 100% accurate answer but just that you showed interest in knowing some general stuff about the B737.
Absolute ceiling.


24/11/2017 Positive e-mail

05/02/2018 Starting the course

TIPS: 50% of the success is made by your ATTITUDE. Act as a captain! If you make a mistake leave it back and don't allow it to influence your performance.

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Old 27th Nov 2017, 13:16
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Congrats Frabus !

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Old 27th Nov 2017, 15:00
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Good news Frabus,Congrats! Do you have a sample of the design of your CV?
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Old 27th Nov 2017, 20:25
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i applied late october and still didnt hear anything, i guess thats a bad sign then.
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Old 27th Nov 2017, 21:15
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Also applied late October and still haven't heard anything.. I hope they still still need pilots this year...
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Old 28th Nov 2017, 07:13
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Well, congratulations Frabus

I'm also still waiting for the screening call.. should be soon.
I received the mail saying I've been accepted for APC and I should do the assessment in december/january at the latest.
Let's hope everything goes good
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Old 28th Nov 2017, 11:20
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Don't worry guys, they are still calling, and as I've heard, they will be calling more pilots a long next year. In fact a few days ago, two friends have received the mails from CAE, about call within 14 days. The average of getting a feedback from them, is one month, but sometimes it happens, that it takes a bit longer, but if you comply with the profile they want, they will call you for sure, so don't worry, and think positive.
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Old 30th Nov 2017, 01:01
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Currently the time between finishing LST and beginning line training is now up to 4 months. So when you get offered the job, you won't receive a penny for at least 8 months.

Think about it.
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Old 30th Nov 2017, 14:15
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So, tell me, people reading your negative and pessimistic post must believe you and this bullshit just because you are saying that they will not earn a penny for 8 months? So a low hours pilot should decline the offer to start the type because of that?
Anyway I know 3 guys who started the type this year (between april and june) and the less lucky started type after less than 2 months. The other two waited up to 30 days!
We should help each other instead of spread negativism in this forum. If you don want to help other and be helpful, just don't write here. Nobody is asking for your upsetting partecipation.
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Old 30th Nov 2017, 15:10
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thank you, absolutly my opinion. ryanair is a very good airline to start with in my view. and if you have to wait 4 months you still can work somewhere else in the meantime.
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Old 30th Nov 2017, 15:34
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Please guys there are some pilots from FR in this forum.When i had no job i said the same (Ryanair is the best and so on ). But we just want to inform you how the situation at the moment is. Nobody says go to FR or don't go there.
And no during the 4 months you are not allowed to work because they will call you for psct training in STN and BT to EMA and you have to go to there.
So again calculate 40-45k € for the rating and waiting
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Old 1st Dec 2017, 08:50
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Actually my post was probably one of the most helpful on this whole thread, as it's realistic and not given behind rose-tinted glasses. But of course, as a 27 year old you believe it's your right to fly a big shiny jet, so go ahead and join.

Sunji's post is a demonstration of how deluded these cadets are. No you cannot 'work somewhere else in the meantime', for one your 'contract' says that you can't, secondly as US787 states, you'll be back in the sim regularly to stay current. Thirdly, try finding an employer willing to take you under the knowledge you'll be leaving as soon as you're rostered line training.

Enjoy your 8+ months without payment, I hope you have wealthy parents to help you through this period. Don't say I/we didn't warn you.
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Old 1st Dec 2017, 17:07
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Explain me why I should not believe it's my right to fly a "big shiny jet" Just because I'm 27. You don't even know my experience at all. I could have flown in excess of 3000h, and nowdays I think is enough to start. You could say in case I were 19yo and get fully paid the flight training by my daddy just like many of these little child, but anyway I think that it is not up to us to judge them.
For your information I have been working in general aviation for 3 years, and I'm really enjoying it, I love my job, but If I had the chance to start the type, I would cacth it up without thinking.
I have worked hard to pursue my dream, I have funded all the training by myself, I didn't want my parents to partecipate in financing and in the near future I won't ask them money, anyway I think it is my personal business and problem. So why should I believe that is it not my right? If it is not mine, whose is it?
I believe that you are more pessimist than realistic, or maybe my friends are just lucky. Why should I believe an unknown dude online while my friend are saying that it worths?
As i wrote, we don't need this your pessimistic view, "Don't say I didn't warn you". This sentence just made me laugh. Who are you? A benefactor or what?
If you are not interested in FR, just don't write here or I have to think that your life is so boring.
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Old 1st Dec 2017, 17:30
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Originally Posted by US787 View Post
Please guys there are some pilots from FR in this forum.When i had no job i said the same (Ryanair is the best and so on ). But we just want to inform you how the situation at the moment is. Nobody says go to FR or don't go there.
And no during the 4 months you are not allowed to work because they will call you for psct training in STN and BT to EMA and you have to go to there.
So again calculate 40-45k € for the rating and waiting
So tell me where this 40-45k comes from. The type costs 29500.
You know that you have living expenses even if you are not working for FR? But WTF 15000€ more in 4/5 months is really too much. What is your lifestyle? Do you drink Champagne instead of still water?
How do people still believe these ?
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Old 1st Dec 2017, 17:53
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We don’t have to «believe» it blindly, we’ve BEEN THERE, we’ve DONE THAT.

You truly don’t get it, the wait for the TR-course to start is irrelevant.
What will truly make you feel the burn is time spent waiting for line training, furthermore how long you’ll be in that training hamster wheel once it starts.

A TR is worthless unless you get to 500 hours basically. Now, in the time spent between the course and waiting for your line training you’ll have to stay current on type; Guess what? FR won’t cover that, you as bogus-self-employed will.

In my case, I only had to wait a few weeks. But already back in 2015 there was a lack of trainers with hours to spare, so as you do; You end up spending countless periods of 5 days on standby in a random village somewhere you most likely don’t speak the language and the locals rarely speak English.

You will of course have the pleasure of covering all costs yourself HOTAC, travel and food.

I had to blow my credit card limit, then whatever peanuts I got from FR, I spent paying the bare minimum back to the bank. Just to avoid getting into even deeper

Congratulations your attitude already sucks, as you won’t accept friendly advise from those who have lived it.

Stay well clear of BS such as the “Swedish flight mafia” their propaganda revolves around what they managed to acquire by means of playing the “look at me in my bikini card.” That is not the life that awaits you, unless you’re a reasonably attractive female who has no quarrels about buying followers to get your completely unbalanced happy-go-lucky account up and running on IG.

You have ABSOLUTELY no experience in the actual business, but tell those who do to PFO because you, of course, know far better than us all.

In times as these, when the outlook is pointing up for pilots, it is worth to take in that it does NOT mean; a good time to join Ryanair. Quite the opposite. Our general situation has become better because people LEAVE FR and their rotten practices.
In droves.

If one is to join anyway, do so EYES WIDE OPEN. Listen to those who have gone before you, and be ready for the hurt. Also quite possibly be prepared to lose your passion for it all, as reality of the struggle sets in.
Financial difficulties caused by your “job” and no support from your “employer” is a fickle [email protected]#ch.

You’ll just ignore what I’ve said anyway, as all those who are not applying to FR in this thread know nothing, and are pessimistic according to you.
It’s not pessimism, it’s reality for those who have been in your shoes at a earlier stage.
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