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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 11th Apr 2016, 18:04
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Anyone going to the assessment this Friday?
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 18:59
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Hi Guys,

I've just done this today, I think they are referring to the actual report sheets the examiner fills out once you pass you Skills test and IR. You will see these sheets note the attempt number and partial pass etc.
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 19:28
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In addition to my last they are forms SRG 2130 and SRG 2131 in the UK. At least I hope this is what they want.
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 19:32
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Hey Guys,

I also received this email today. PressTheTit, where do you uploaded the datas? I can't login either on CAE or on the link which was in the email.
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 21:02
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Is it possible for the CAA to re-issue SRG 2130 and 31? My only copies were sent to the CAA when I originally applied for the licence.
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 22:03
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Thank you PressTheTit
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 23:12
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Hey guys!

I also have to update this profile stuff...

My problem is, that the document CPL Result and my ICAO Language Proficiency Certificate are both German. Do you think I need to translate those documents?
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 23:22
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Had the same problem today, didn't know what they exactly want. I uploaded a certificate from the school that says the I passed the checkride at the 1st attempt.
I hope it works
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Old 11th Apr 2016, 23:22
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CAE1610 - AMS

Hi guys, some of you signed up in CAE1610 ? Click here for facebook group

Thanks and good day

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Old 12th Apr 2016, 04:23
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I have also just uploaded my flight school report as I completed my CPL & ME-IR over 6 years ago so finding the original forms signed by examiner is a non-starter for me.

Similarly, with the ICAO level 6 certificate, I have no 'certificate'. Instead my language 'endorsement' is stated at the back of my licence so I have attached that page of my licence.
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Old 12th Apr 2016, 11:23
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Hi guys,

I think everyone who has a current application in with Ryanair has received this email.

I have the same problem as some of you - my school didn't retain copies of my flight test certificates, and I didn't make copies at the time

I spoke to the CAA last week, and apparently the turnaround on getting the relevant documents returned to you is anywhere between 2-4 weeks, so I'd advise getting onto them asap (remember the words "MUST", "ALL", and "urgent" from the email)

The CAA says there's a backlog at the moment, and it makes me think everyone has received the Ryanair email and flown into a sudden panic, ha ha ha.

Perhaps they're changing the way they recruit the rest of their cadets for this year?

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Old 12th Apr 2016, 11:57
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So people got an email for this? Never got an email myself. Just saw this thread and edited my profile accordingly. Can't edit it anymore either..

Guess I'll consider myself out of the running then. Would be nice if they'd at least let me know ..

EDIT: From the CAE website after looking at other courses:

" Please note: There may be some training requests that cannot be edited due to the fact that they are already under review by our team. "

I imagine that being under review for probably over 5 months just means 'thanks but no thanks'.

Last edited by SeventhHeaven; 12th Apr 2016 at 17:36. Reason: Found the answer to one of my earlier questions
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Old 12th Apr 2016, 12:33
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A lot of panic over what was a very generic email. I've submitted all the evidence required. Whether through a CAA form or otherwise, everything they ask for, is there in some way.

Update your online profile

Due to system developments, we kindly request you to update your online profile for the Ryanair Type Rating Program.

There are two areas which require your urgent attention:
On the Training Request section of your online application/profile, you are required to answer a question relating to previous working experience with Ryanair (or associated parties).
The mandatory upload of documents, as detailed below:
CV (English version)
Copy of ATPL written exam results (original)
Copy of CPL result (1st series; partial; 2nd series; etc.)
Copy of MCC Certificate (original)
Copy of Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME/IR)
English Language Proficiency Certificate
Medical Class I
You MUST ensure that ALL documents are uploaded in order for your application to be accepted by the system, and processed.

Please ensure that all areas of your application/profile have been completed.

We advise you to complete this without delay.

Remember: Failure to update your online application accordingly will prevent your request from being processed.

This e-mail does not require a reply, and it is not necessary to inform us when you have completed this update.

Suitable applicants to the Ryanair Type Rating Program will be contacted in due course.

Kind regards,

That's all it said.
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Old 12th Apr 2016, 13:04
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I did not received the email too, but i can edit, note that in the Flying Experience side there is a new line. Check that.


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Old 13th Apr 2016, 03:41
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what did I have to upload as CPL and ME/IR results since I did my training in the US then converted??

Help me please
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Old 13th Apr 2016, 14:55
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The day has come....and passed !

Assessment done. First wanna thank all of you guys for all the great insights and suggestion you gave as a whole.
About the interview:
They asked me If I had applied for others airlines, wich one, how was the outcome,etc...
How do you deal with a problematic collegue ?
Why do you want to work for Ryanair ?
Why should Ryanair hire you ?
This first part was conducted by the HR manager. No tricks.

Then the ball was passed to the technical interviewer, that is actually one of the guys in charge also for the sim screening (they alternate each other between sim and interview, a crew each).
What is V2 ? I gave him a complete answer because I spotted him was about to open his mouth asking detail, so I kept
taking..."It's a safety speed, to be reached by the end of the rwy, above the screen height that is 35 ft for jets, it guarantees control in the event of engine failure at take off..."
Where is this screen located ? "at the end of the clearway".
Did you ever experienced ice in flight? Structural ice? So what about the anti ice system of 737? " Is obtained by means of bleed air from engines".
Just those 3 questions and he seemed satisfied. No tricks.

About the simulator: They tell you, they do not whant perfect flying skills from someone who is not experienced on the type, they do not look for perfection, they look for POTENTIAL. Potential to be trained, potential to be a captain, so TALK EACH OTHER ! You'll be evaluated as a crew, so there in no point saying "I got the emergency and my buddy did'nt..", remember
that the sim part is one divided in two, you'll be evaluated as PM and as PF.

Got the WAL 2N in EMA for RWY 27, but did just the first part, airwork and vectors for approach NDB ILS DME 27, freezed to set upand brief and asked about position awareness. In the second part same story just plus the toilet fire, if you are busy doing something do not let the events put you into a rush, pass control and communication to your partner if you need to talk
with the cabin ( PM in fact may be requested to fly the thing too, so keep awareness), then decide everyting together with your PM even if it's something obvious. Everybody must be in the loop. Call for every chklist for every phase.

10 years since my MCC and no currency on fast jet simulation made me very afraid to mess up and go overcontrolling, luckily controls forces are quite stiff and the trim is well reflected by the pitch feedback (TRIM 4 EVERY PITCH, SHORT BURSTS). The thing at a given thrust and pitch setting will fly itself. Remember it especially on final!
And If it's not right...go around! I was very lucky and happy with my buddy pilot: I was committed to land but the emotion got me in short final and I destabilized the approach, I was visual so I continued but I messed up the flare starting to float, I was in a tunnel!
My PM said just "I suggest a go around...", I woke up and initiated the GA as briefed. Then we were repositioned 3 NM on final and made a nice approach, almost not touching the controls at all.

Cannot guess what the outcome will be, I'm happy about my interview and happy about how we did as a crew in the sim.
This is my impression, still hot blooded...take it as it is and stay cool. After all think that a cold Guinnes is waiting for you at the end of the day !
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Old 13th Apr 2016, 15:27
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I did the conversion in Swizterland..I just had the CPL MEP/IR checkride...so I have to ask the flight school for some report from the examiner?? is that correct?
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Old 13th Apr 2016, 16:29
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Hi Anybody for FR1608 RYR Introduction 13-JUN-16 in EMA TR 27th Jun in EMT / Join to Facebook by

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Old 13th Apr 2016, 21:24
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Hi guys
Anybody booked on FR1609 on the 20th June?? Please contact me, I'm going to create a FB group soon...
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Old 13th Apr 2016, 21:29
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Anyone going to the assessment on 25th April?

Feel free to contact me!
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