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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 24th Oct 2014, 11:18
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Got a call on wednesday from CAE about my application (i guess the phone interview?) but as bad luck always strikes me, I was in a meeting at that moment and couldn't answer the phone (i didn't know who was calling at that time either)

They left a message saying that there was no need to call them back, that they would get in touch with me the next day.
However I'm yet to receive a call and it's friday afternoon.

Should I just wait or try and give them a call?
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Old 24th Oct 2014, 15:00
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Join Date: Oct 2014
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Hi all,

Anybody doing there assessment 3rd November in Dublin?

Send me a PM be good to have a chat before then!
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Old 24th Oct 2014, 15:08
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Join Date: Oct 2014
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Hi everybody,

I had my assessment in Dublin the 16 october and got a positive reply today.

So I've read a lot of feedback and I've to say that it's exactly like the others described it.

For the interview, questions about myself, about my instructors, my MCC, why RYR, they asked me which bases i would prefer, and for the technical was just about what is the PFD, MCP, and the FMA. Thats it.

For the sim it was Dublin Liffy 4A departure climb 4000 ft, then some NDB evolutions, they asked us where are we, which QDM, and then we had an emergency a bomb when i was PF and a fire when i was PM, then we were cleared for ILS 28 in DUB and were told that the GS might have some issues, so we check with the DME distance if we were on slope and at the end GS was working perfectly.

So if I had any advice, keep cool, smile, and relax they are no tricks, they are really funny they joked, really a good moment.

That's it good luck to everybody !!
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Old 25th Oct 2014, 15:16
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Common weak areas that may exclude candidates:

Poor CRM
Language deficiencies
Poor IFR flying
Poor handling
Poor technical knowledge
Poor preparation 

I've heard the language deficiency is the major one which could influence other factor such as CRM
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Old 26th Oct 2014, 14:44
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I got an email now saying congratulations I passed the assessment, so that's nice.
I was given a choice of 4 different type rating start dates in that email, and to list my order of preference.
Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get your course date confirmed after you send your order of preference?
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Old 26th Oct 2014, 16:46
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: UK
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Hi All,

I am booked onto the Assessment on 3rd November in Dublin.

I booked a sim refresher with Simtech the night before 2/11 from 6-8pm. I received an email from Simtech saying that another person is booked 8-10pm.

I believe the plan is that we are going to be PM for each others session. If this is you that has booked the 8-10pm session, send me a PM and we can make contact before next week.
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Old 26th Oct 2014, 21:09
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Join Date: Aug 2014
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Question Ryanair ATPL requirements

Does anyone know the ATPL exam requirements for Ryanair?

At BA I think you need atleast 85% and no more than 3 fails,
At Easyjet I think you need 90% and no fails?

If any of the above is not true please correct me, it would be interesting to know if Ryanair have a certain level of criteria for the employment of cadets.
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Old 26th Oct 2014, 22:08
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Join Date: May 2014
Location: Dublin
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Friend of my went through the process last month. He said it was no more than 1 failed subject(passed on first re-sit) and 80%+ average.
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 10:19
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I am shocked BA would accept 3 fails!!
Djknight93, just out of curiosity around how much is a 2hr SIM with Simtech these days?
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 12:40
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If anyone is in the type rating course "CAE1418" starting March 9th 2015, they are welcome to join the Facebook group I created.

If you want an invite, send me a PM here with your facebook account name, and I will add you.

Just for getting together about accommodations, training, etc
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 12:54
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Well done to all who just got accepted and I wish you all good luck in your type ratings and future careers. Could you just briefly post age, atpl average and flight exam results just to help others who are in the situation you were not so long ago, think it would benefit all here!!Thanks guys
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 13:03
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Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Europe
Posts: 92
Age: 29
Total hours: 2600
ATPL average: 97.5 (all first attempt)
CPL: First Pass

Good luck to all, hope to see you on the line some day
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 14:02
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Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: FL450
Posts: 314
Thanks Photon85. Best of luck again and appreciate you posting your information
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 14:18
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Europe
Posts: 4

Age: 22, 23 tomorrow
ATPL: 1st attempt and over 85%
CPL and IR first attempt

Best Luck to you !!
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 17:31
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Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: Germany
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Age: 24
Flight Hours: 750
ATPL: 90 Percent first time
and I was not at one of the big ( and expensive ) flight schools for example oxford but they hire a lot of them.
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 18:06
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Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: FL450
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This is great guys thanks to all who have posted, and for those who haven't please do,it will only take 2minutes of your time to help people still dreaming of being where you now are! Happy Birthday for tomorrow @Geardown3greenLDG !!!!!
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 18:44
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Hello everyone First time on here

I have a assessment on the 12th November in Dublin, would someone who has recently attended the Dublin assessment be kind enough to forward me the Ryanair briefing pack ? They will not send it to you until Friday/Saturday before the assessment day.A friend has kindly given me his, he has been with Ryanair a few years and its dated 29/09/2009 and it would be nice to get a updated version to get ahead of the game.

I was looking at the interview preparation online 2 companies seem to offer it, latest pilot jobs and flight deck friend any feedback on which is the best to purchase would be awesome !!

Another BIG ask can the guys/girls who have attended the Dublin assessment in the past couple of months be kind enough to give some feedback on the Tech questions asked.

Had my Telephone interview today, very relaxed asked me for the expire dates of my medical (any restrictions on it)& ME/IR , have I completed MCC, do I have my licence and what is it JAR/EASA, Did I pass all my exams first time and what was my average, did I pass my CPL&IR first time, my TT, date of last flight and date of last sim session. After that the lady read a paragraph to me twice and asked me 3 questions about it can't remember exact words but it was about a fire (un-contained) on board a a/c and how deadly the smoke/fumes are. The questions were 1,was the fire contained or un-contained 2,what is the most dangerous thing about the fire 3, what would cause the most harm to people. please be aware this is not the exact wording.

If someone is kind enough to forward a briefing pack please message me on he for private email.

Male 32 English
1900hrs TT mostly SEP
First Time passes in ATPL Exams 92% Average
First Times Passes in CPL/IR
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 19:23
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Europe
Posts: 4
Thank you @speed alive rotate Good luck !!
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Old 27th Oct 2014, 20:44
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Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Sweden
Posts: 5

Nice to hear that so many are getting through to the assessments!

I finished my MCC one weak ago and applied to RA on wednesday 22/10.
Today they contacted me by email saying they wanted my CV and also to answer some questions.

They also said that it is important that i have my certificates(got my CPL/ME/IR this summer) and that I have completed the MCC, do anyone know if I have to wait for my new license to arrive(including the MCC) or if it is enough with a "MCC diploma" from my flightschool?

Im 23 years old
160h TT
95% average first pass on ATPL
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Old 28th Oct 2014, 12:10
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Join Date: Apr 2012
Location: london
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It states clearly that you need to have your licences issued, they will also confirm this on the phone.

To those waiting, they employ a mixed group, from 30yr+ instructors with 1000 hours to fresh cadets with min hours, all nationalities (maybe not irish). There are no answers to be found in what hours everyone has and where they went to school. I felt exactly the same way as you all do, but from what i can gather you either hear or you don't. The question is, what can you do to improve your chance of an application with your name on it being selected?

They need 600 pilots, they are expanding and they seem pretty keen on getting new cadets on board.

Keep going
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