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Flybe Interview & Sim (merged)

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Flybe Interview & Sim (merged)

Old 26th Dec 2004, 12:40
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Thumbs up Flybe Interview

I have a Flybe interview coming up and was wondering if anyone has been to a Flybe interview recently? Have already done a search but couldn't find anything from recent interviews.

Any info regarding tech questions etc would be much appreciated also who does the interviewing etc

Thanks again in advance

Mrs S
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Old 26th Dec 2004, 15:34
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Capt Eddy Dank's - training Capt 146, Ms Joanna Soper - Head of Op's Admin and Don Darby - Flight deck personnel manager are the people that carry out the interviews.

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Old 26th Dec 2004, 23:38
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Format has changed a little with the introduction of Eddie Danks. Essentially you still need to know the basics:- Company history, fleet size and breakdown, major milestones in recent company history, no. of bases and where, some tech info on the Q400. Why a turboprop over a jet, advantages of t'prop over jet and disadvantages, problems operating to a limit of FL250 with straight wing design i.e. icing. What are ice protection systems of the Dash. T-tail problems (stalling etc...). What problems have Flybe had with the Q400 since its introduction.

I joined 2 years ago and I know things have changed. If you can find out the tech format of the interview but need some info on the Dash and the company then e-mail me and I'd be happy to help. There has been a surge of resignations recently so you stand a very good chance of getting hired as long as your sim performance is good. Flybe is a good company to start your career as a commercial pilot. Don't take too much notice of some of the negative comments about the company as these apply to 90% of all airlines these days anyway.

Best of luck!
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Old 28th Dec 2004, 13:27
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I've done a search, and I have a few really nice tips, but if anyone else would care to add to this I (and a few others I suspect) would be grateful.

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Old 28th Dec 2004, 19:47
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Mrs S

Good luck with your interview, when is it? Also can you help me out with info on your background, how many hours do you have, is this a direct entry interview or for the Flybe part sponsorship they have recently re-started? Any info would be much appreciated.


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Old 29th Dec 2004, 15:03
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Errm, matzpenetration I tried emailing you but no joy. Can you email me perhaps?
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Old 31st Dec 2004, 17:55
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Thumbs up Flybe interview

Anyone have any idea how many being interviewed and for how many positions ?

Good luck to those who have an interview

Might see some of you down there on the 4th

Hopefully it'll be a happy new year !!!

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Old 31st Dec 2004, 20:51
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Lot's of resignations at flybe within the last couple of months coupled with an expanding fleet means that a sizable number of new pilots are needed. The number I have heard bandied about it 30 new pilots need to be on line for the summer programme.

Good luck all.
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Old 1st Jan 2005, 02:16
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Info sent to your private message inbox.
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Old 1st Jan 2005, 15:14
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To all those seeking employment, now would be a very good time to contact Flybe again. 20 peeps have resigned in the last week alone, and the company know that there are more to follow.

Good luck
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Old 1st Jan 2005, 20:39
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Why are they all leaving Flybe ATIS ?

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Old 2nd Jan 2005, 10:23
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License to fly

I've been told that people are leaving for jet jobs not that there is a problem with the company but seems that everyone is moving up a notch on that ladder !!!

I think Flybe and the Q400 would be perfect to start your career with !!!

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Old 2nd Jan 2005, 16:30
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matzpenetration. I have left you a PM.

matzpenetration. I have left you a PM.
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Old 5th Jan 2005, 17:25
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Question FlyBe Sponsorship - Final Interview/Funding

I've got to Final Interview for FlyBe Part Sponsorship 2005, but surprisingly its not this that is concerning me. Like everyone else I'm going to have to borrow my contributiuon (33K) and have prepared a business plan and arranged an interview with HSBC.

I have been told that the earliest I can expect a decision on this is towards the end of January. Naturally, trying to be the good candidate I thought it nessesary to inform Cabair and keep them upto date with the financial side (probably too honest!), but now there wanting proof of a back-up???!!!

I have no house, no rich family, so if the bank refuse my loan application what else can I do? Are there any other banks that offer a similar loan? There must be others out there in a similar predicament...
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Old 5th Jan 2005, 19:02
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Check your PM's

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Old 6th Jan 2005, 11:42
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I believe the interviews have been going on this week. Does anyone know how long they'll be interviewing for, and when they'll give the nod/shake of the head to the candidates??
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Old 6th Jan 2005, 13:35
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First of all let me say that there is absolutely no problem with Flybe.

If selected you will work with the finest bunch around. I did a flight the other day and was laughing through most of it.

As mentioned b4, for most people its time to move on. Many people aspire to fly long haul and thats where the majority are moving to, First Choice, Monarch and BA. The days of people jumping ship from Flybe to Easyjet are well and truly over.

With Flybe performing very well, and with 146 replacements on the agenda, it can only get better. I have been very well treated by Flybe.

Good luck to you all that are applying. You will definitely enjoy it
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Old 6th Jan 2005, 17:07
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ATIS the lack of exodus to EZY may have more to do with EZY not hiring so much at the minute! Do the maths..who wants 46k for a jet command if they can almost double it on a 73 or 319??
I hear most of the troops are off to Monarch..good luck to them! Onwards and upwards! The people of Flybe were always a great bunch. As for the management, well that's another story. Buy 19's or 737's and up the jet wages then they'll keep more crew. As long as Flybe concentrates on Q400's it will be a transitory airline. It is however a good place to start!
PS :Is it true that about 30 guys resigned last friday?
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Old 7th Jan 2005, 09:33
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you are living in fantasy land if you think that people are choosing to stay at flybe over EZY .
I have to agree with Carlos on that one .

Most of the people who wanted to go were interviewed over the last couple of years (not all the ones who failed it will admit to it).
EZY havent interviewed for a couple of months and they have recently increased there minimum entry requirements.

I do accept that there are a number of folk at flybe who are happy with the base they have ie. GCI JER and will never leave for that reason.

If current rumours are true that must be around 150 people left flybe in the last 2 years ,glad im not paying for all that training !

Still a great first job though for those are lucky enough to get the interview . Good Luck.

Nil further is online now  
Old 7th Jan 2005, 11:19
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With a name like Madeofmoney, I didnt think that'd be a problem
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