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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

Old 10th Feb 2009, 09:29
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Try their website, it has most of the information you could need....as does this thread:


Time from initial application takes between a few days (2-3 days) and 2 weeks. Mine took over a week.

Phase 1: Initial application, I think it includes the written material they ask you to complete too.

Phase 2: Speed maths test, 15 questions, 15 minutes, basic maths functions etc. Again, plenty of info in the thread above. You'll have roughly 75 minutes of PILAPT aptitude tests to complete, they test capacity, spacial awareness, handling skills and orientation etc. Challenging but quite enjoyable when you look back at it.

Phase 3: Same day as the second phase and involves two group exercises. If you pass the above, you'll be called for an interview mid to late afternoon. The interview lasts between 30 and 60 minutes and covers both technical and non-technical qualities. Again, more info in the above thread.

Phase 4: Simulator exercise usually held in a fixed base 737-300 sim at Nursling with one of their training Captains. It is tailored to your experience and they test capacity and ability to improve and learn. The best phase by far!
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Old 18th Mar 2009, 19:46
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Hi guys

I just put myself down for Phase 2 on 31st March. Anyone on the same day please PM me. I have also booked a room at the Farm House (sounds preety good as its only 10 min walk from the assessment center and is much cheaper than any other local hotel).
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Old 19th Mar 2009, 01:16
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Has anyone recommended.. get a head for the sky to you guys yet? It is THE book to pass CTC. Well worth it! Just chuck it into google!
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Old 19th Mar 2009, 20:58
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Assuming you mean Dale Farm, a couple of points.

1. There's a potentially muddy track to negotiate to get to the main road, so you may want to put your good shoes in your bag.

2. The road to Dibden Manor is pretty narrow and no pavement. I walked it a couple of times, but it's not the safest. You can duck into the churchyard and out again to miss the worst bit.

(3. It's more than 10 mins....)

In other words, get a taxi or see if Pete or Chris can give you a lift.

Dale Farm's great by the way.
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Old 19th Mar 2009, 23:53
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There'll more than likely be other applicants there you can grab a lift with as well.

Don't try walking it - you won't give the best of impressions turning up with your shoes and bottom of your trousers caked in mud! As well as the muddy track there is a fast, main road to negotiate and if my memory serves me correctly there's no pavement, just a grass verge!

By the way why has this thread been resurrected? For any new readers, the "part 2" thread is the most up to date. Some of the stuff in this one may be a bit out of date now. Mods - any chance of locking it while still making it viewable?
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Old 21st Mar 2009, 13:03
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why not just stay at dibden?
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Old 21st Mar 2009, 17:11
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I stayed at Dibden when I completed my sim assessment and it is very nice with breakfast included.
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Old 25th Mar 2009, 17:33
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CTC Placements and Bonds

Hi. At what part in the training/process is the 60k bond transferred to an airline? If, for whatever reasons, employment with that airline ends before the bond is paid-off, what happens to it? Does it return to the student, or is it paid off?

Also, what happens if CTC were to go bust. Not saying it will, but given these uncertain times nothing can be ruled out. Would the loan be written off, underwritten by someone, or would the student be liable?

Also, when on the line training, what sort of work will the student be really doing? If the line training organisation does not take the student on, will the skills/experience learned be useful elsewhere?

Thanks in advance for your help
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Old 25th Mar 2009, 17:59
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The word "bond" is used by ctc in totally innacurate fashion. It isn't a bond, it's a loan that is in your name. You will be required to pay it all back to HSBC/DODGY BANK OF SPAIN or whichever bank you borrow from. It is your responsibility, with that in mind I think anyone who is going to pay 60k to do an integrated course with ctc or anyone else right now is bonkers.

Good luck all the same.
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Old 25th Mar 2009, 21:01
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BMRR is absolutely spot on there, both about the 'bond' and the 'bonkers'.
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Old 25th Mar 2009, 22:53
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with that in mind I think anyone who is going to pay 60k to do an integrated course with ctc or anyone else right now is bonkers.
He's spot on. Unfortunately by the time i realised the true scale of the carnage coming the industries way it was too late for me to pull out, all i can do now is work hard and hope for the best. I'm not sleeping easily at the minute though.
I should have been a little bit more alert to the spin that CTC were pedalling at the time and a little less starry eyed. After working so hard to get accepted, i dived in head first. Wish i'd taken bit more time to think.

Anyway apart from that i'm thoroughly enjoying the course!

Not sure how they get away with using the term "bond" to be honest, very misleading. The debt is yours, always yours and nothing to do with the airline or CTC should either fold.
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Old 26th Mar 2009, 10:18
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Many thanks for the responses - certainly food for thought.

What is the general mood of students on the scheme right now regarding their chances of employment? Second, over the last few months how many graduates are finding employment?

If there are any concerns of students on the scheme, what steps are CTC taking to manage expectations of students on the course, what advice are they giving, and what are they doing to ensure they've an(y) advantage when entering the job market?

If employment is not found, what, if any, on-going support is provided by CTC to aid its students? At what point is the student "on his/her own" competing with the multitude of 250 hour pilots all trying to get jobs?

Again, thank you in advance for your help.
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Old 26th Mar 2009, 10:20
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Glad you are enjoying the course ollie. As an ex ctc-er, I have my fingers crossed for you and all the other guys out there. All the best.
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Old 17th Sep 2009, 12:27
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Hi guys

i recently have been offered a place on the cadet course and i remember during the morning presentation info about insurance. Could anyone give me any info on typical prices or links to view

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Old 24th May 2010, 18:52
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Hey all,

I am sat here right now with the CTC Wings application form open on a new tab.
At the risk of sounding very soppy this is a 15 year dream to apply for something like this and become a pilot.

I am a little apprehensive as to whether or not I should go ahead with the application right now as I have read somewhere that CTC wings wants 160 to process your appliation????

Is this true? if so why do they want that much money upfront?
If I am successful, when will I have to start paying fees and taking out loans?

Many thanks

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Old 24th May 2010, 19:03
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This is an old thread. The more up to date one is here.

I am a little apprehensive as to whether or not I should go ahead with the application right now as I have read somewhere that CTC wings wants 160 to process your appliation????
If the 160 quid is your main worry, you have some serious research to do...
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Old 24th May 2010, 19:09
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I know about the financial implications ie the costs but don't know when they will have to be paid.

And I was asking about the 160 because if it is true I need to make sure it is in my account now so I can continue with the application!

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Old 24th May 2010, 19:39
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I am not sure if you are serious or not. Sometimes with new posters it is difficult to seperate the naive from the trolls. Assuming the former, and at the risk of pouring water on your fire, the one thing the world is not short of is low houred pilots. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who have spent eye watering sums of money on "pilot training" only to find themselves and, or their families sitting on mountains of debt, with very little realistic prospect of any meaningful aviation related employment in the near term future.

There are many good integrated flying schools who offer this sort of training programme, and I have little doubt that CTC is right up there with the best of them, however these are programmes that require a huge amount of financial commitment. If you apply for an assesment and are offered a place, you will be looking at an early requirement to stump up nearly 70,000 as a training bond, and around another 15,000 for training and living costs. In fact 85,000 to 100,000 would be a ballpark financial outlay for most forms of integrated training, be it CTC or another good provider.

Given the reality of the market, and the combined need to balance the fact they are a commercial company with the costs of providing the assesment, I would suggest that 160 is but a tiny drop in the ocean, if you are serious. If you are baulking at this stage, it would suggest that you are right to be apprehensive. I would suggest that you spend a good deal of time using these forums to research this subject in some serious depth. If you could place all the paper qualified, low houred pilots who have completed their basic commercial training but find themselves with no related employment, in a large field, you would be staggered at just how many are out there, and just how crowded that field is.

Those licences and ratings that have been expensively aquired are perishable commodities with absolutely no intrinsic worth. For each of them the clock starts ticking when they are issued. Along with the medical certificate, they all need to be expensively renewed (often with additional training) at annual intervals. Those who are lucky enough to be plucked from this crowded field, often have to finance additional ratings at significant cost to themselves.

If you have 80K - 100K to spend on something speculative, go for a Ferrari. If it doesn't satisfy, you can sell it and get most of your money back. That is not a luxury that a commercial pilots license will afford in many cases. Having said that, if it something you simply must do, then do it with your eyes open, and do it armed with common sense and knowledge.

Once again if the assesment were 1000, I could better understand your question. 160 is about what it costs me to take my kids to a theme park for a day. That would seem a very small price to pay to find out if you think you have the ability to complete the training course, they think you have the ability, and much more importantly you want to commit to such a serious investment with all the real and potential risks involved.
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Old 24th May 2010, 19:52
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Thank you for the Info, and to clear the air yes I am deadly serious about going for this! I have got some flying hours under my belt and all be it not many but its a start!

Just to clarify, I was asking about the 160 to make sure this was true in order to make sure I have the funds available. If it wasn't true then there would be no point in me transferring the funds into my account.

Sorry if I come across as being a little naive, but this is simply because I am new to this world of information and everybody has got to start somewhere.
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Old 24th May 2010, 20:51
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XTR_Chris - exactly how much research have you done? And by research, I mean willing to spend 85,000.00 - eighty five thousand pounds - research.

When I last checked, the loan for the training must be secured on a property - do you have one of those? Being 20, it seems unlikely. If you do, are you willing to risk it for a slim chance of achieving that '15 year soppy dream'?

Do yourself a favour, and close the application form until you have become less excited, and spend the rest of the evening - no scrub that - week, reading these forums. I promise you your excitement will be dealt a large dose of cold hard reality....

If, after this has set in you are still excited about the prospect of spending 85,000 - eighty five thousand pounds - on a blue license (read - a blue license, not a job) then please continue.

This forum has, without question, the greatest source of information from all sides that any wannabe pilot could lay their hands on. I strongly urge you to use it.

For the record, I was once a starry eyed wannabe, keen to get on the next CTC flight to New Zealand. Now, I am still a wannabe, but one with a nice job and no debts who is still training for that nice blue license, but not with unrealistic expectations.
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