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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

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The CTC Wings Scheme thread

Old 19th Jul 2005, 12:06
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Smile ctc phase 3

Geezajob & blinkz,

Am a newbie to posting but not PPRuNe and will also be doing Phase 3 03/08 - whereabouts are you guys staying?

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Old 19th Jul 2005, 12:27
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Hey mate,
Avon Causeway probably, I stayed there for stage 2 and they were fine, right next door to CTC!
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Old 19th Jul 2005, 13:09
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My progress...

Hello all,

Started this topic quite awhile back when I was going through the process of applying to CTC. Unfortunately, Stage 3 was my lot and I was resigned to the fact that I would not become an "orange FO" anytime soon...not through the Wings scheme anyway!

However, hours and hours of research, bank meetings, visits to FTO's and even 6 months in full-time employment have come and gone and I am now a PPL holder and a few short months away from sitting Module 1 of the ATPL's with Bristol Groundschool.
I started down the modular route with The Pilot Training College of Ireland in January this year, giving myself 18 months 0-fATPL and am pleased to say I am still on course for that target.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that of not getting too down about being rejected by CTC. It is a fantastic course, providing superb opportunities for the wannabe airline pilot, but there are other ways of succeeding!

Good luck to everyone currently applying, relax, BE YOURSELF and enjoy every minute. You'll meet some great people along the way.


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Old 19th Jul 2005, 13:46
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hotel for phase 3

rse, I stayed at the avon causeway for phase 2 aswell and will probably do the same again. nice enough rooms and really close to CTC.
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Old 19th Jul 2005, 17:47
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Timeout - sheesh!!! you got a 2.2? What went wrong? And CTC still took you?

There you go boys and girls - must have been the sparkling personality.

Then again, I got a 2.2 as well. Must have been the bribe!
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Old 19th Jul 2005, 22:01
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And they took me without even getting a degree! You'll have to use your imagination to guess what i had to do to pass the selection!

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Old 21st Jul 2005, 11:00
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Hi All,

I've got phase2 on the 16th of august and looking into staying at Avon Causeway anyone else heading to phase2 on that day??

If so where are you staying?


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Old 21st Jul 2005, 12:05
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busz - I don't want to know but I can imagine!
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Old 22nd Jul 2005, 14:11
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Hey Roy,

I've also got stage 2 on the 16th August (Just about to book it), unfortunately, can't advise on where to stay around there as I'm gonna travel the same day - only live about 2 hours away.

I can help on finding CTC Aviation if anyone needs directions 'cause I've just finished at Bournemouth Uni and have so far done all my flying lessons at Bmth Int Airport, so know it quite well.

Looking forward to meeting you and all the others.

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Old 22nd Jul 2005, 15:06
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Ok, geezajob and blinkz, it's booked. See you there I hope! When did you guys do Phase 2? Just wondering how many made it from my group.

To all the up and coming Phase 2s, don't panic - they put you at your ease really well. In fact my group bonded pretty instantly - probably something to do with all being so apprehensive.

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Old 23rd Jul 2005, 16:48
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stage 3


Ahoy! I did my stage 2 on the 12th July. Was in the red group. The less bald of the 2 bald guys!

When were you there?

Give me a PM if you want to get my email or anything before hand.

see you on the 2nd
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Old 24th Jul 2005, 13:28
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If it makes u feel better weeman, I got in after not going to uni and working several DEAD END jobs including night shift in one of the worst petrol stations in Manchester, and a 2 year stint as a shuttle driver! The public service industry sucks eh? Who would even think about joining it!

Moral of the story ladies and gents, its not what you have on paper that makes you who u are. People here have come from a huge range of backgrounds, some guys had awesome well-paid jobs, some like myself had crappy jobs! The number of zeroes on the end of your last paycheck doesnt appear to determine your place on the course!

In addition to showing a certain capacity for learning (trust me it comes in handy for the ATPLs!) Personality, teamwork, the ability to get on well with others and a general positive spirit are often essential yet overlooked qualities for someone who wants to make it into the industry!

I can only assume that the minimum qualification requirements are a generic filter, a simple yes / no situation in which you either have the grades or not, if you have passed stage 1 with close to the minimum requirements, this doesnt put you at any disadvantage later in the selection process.
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Old 25th Jul 2005, 12:36
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Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Poole
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Positives and Negatives

Hi there,

I'm very interested in the CTC Wings Scheme but just wanted to get some feeback from you people who are on the course or have been on the course. Basically can you tell me what are the positives and negatives of this course.


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Old 25th Jul 2005, 17:31
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Do you know what they expect from you at phase two?
Heard it was maths and stuff like that??
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Old 25th Jul 2005, 22:19
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they expect maths and chat and apptitude. everything you need to know is in the previous 18 pages of this thread.

feel free to pm me or you can read the info here
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Old 26th Jul 2005, 10:16
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Stage 2 August 9th

Anyone going down on August 9th for their stage 2?? PM me, would be good to meet up night before
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Old 26th Jul 2005, 15:59
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Hello all!

I was just wondering how long it took for those that have gone through the process to find out if you were successful or not at Stage 3???

The days are now gone when you found out at the end of the day!!!

Thank you!
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Old 29th Jul 2005, 18:02
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Phase 3 Repeat

Just out of curiosity,

If you failed Stage 3 the first time and they say on their feedback that you can come back down again for a re-try in 6 months, do you contact them or do they contact you?

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Old 30th Jul 2005, 12:12
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good question, I failed stage 2 around 7 months ago but they said I was close to their parameters for selection - therefore I would be invited back for another go in 6 months. However I haven't heard anything as yet.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone failed stage 2 and got through the whole process on their second attempt?
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Old 30th Jul 2005, 20:41
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Location: Cumbria
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Stage 2 Finish Time

Hi Everyone, Need to know accurately what time does stage 2 finish? Im planning to fly back to Manchester from Southampton. Mary from CTC said around 1545 but just wondering what time people who actually done it had finished. Quick reply much appreciated!! Cheers
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