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deltahotel 10th Nov 2021 07:26

I believe recruitment ongoing. First pilots have done/are doing type ratings.

MD101 25th Nov 2021 13:31

Any further updates on recruitment and potential rosters? Are the pay scales on PPJN still accurate?

Thanks in advance to who replies. Much appreciated.

deltahotel 25th Nov 2021 13:54

Recruitment ongoing. Long trips expected. Pay scales haven’t changed, pay rise due Apr.


MD101 25th Nov 2021 17:33

Originally Posted by deltahotel (Post 11146954)
Recruitment ongoing. Long trips expected. Pay scales haven’t changed, pay rise due Apr.


Thank you so much. Much appreciated, hope your well.

MostAnnoying 27th Nov 2021 16:36

I had contact with one of the people of recruitment. They are reviewing CVs as we speak. Got an email with “they will update asap”.

HandoverRichard 28th Nov 2021 10:24

first hand knowledge:
A mate of a mate of mine knows of someone whose brother was chatting with a guy at a wedding last week who used to play squash with a guy whose ex-work colleague got in. That guy was currently flying 777s. From that, I would assume that jobs will go to pilots (in ME carriers?) who are wanting to come home to work, much as Norwegian provided an opportunity five years ago - and those without current experience will not get a look in. My post on this thread on 8th August looks accurate so far.

felixthecat 28th Nov 2021 10:43

It does seem a shame that they have pool of keen VERY experienced pilots with current type ratings and thousands upon thousands of hours yet they can’t even let them down with a PFO. It doesn’t make them look like a great company.

deltahotel 28th Nov 2021 11:59

Bit hard to send PFOs until you’ve finally worked out exactly who you need

UFO1 14th Dec 2021 09:46

Hi all

First post. Figured I'd provide some useful (hopefully) info on the job.

I'm relaying what I've learned and been told and peoples questions re the job offer.

Various reasons people will be looking at DHL right now; "any port in a storm" for sure, as well as long term job security going forward, maybe you just like yellow/red? etc

A number of people who've been given the thumbs up and offered the job are taking it..... but with a plan to leave when 'better' options open up later; specifically getting called back to the Mid East/Far East etc. Paying the bond off (or not) is not an issue for some.

Others will be staying of course. There's also people who've turned the job down (both who have/don't have a current flying job).

They are still focussing on FOs at the moment.

You join as a Pilot. Not a 767 or 777 pilot.... just a pilot. Fine, but...

Salary as 767 FO - 58133 GBP Yr 1, 20k GBP 3 year bond

Salary as 777 FO - 68786 GBP.

Why the difference if you're employed as a pilot?

Why is the 767 pilot not started at 68786 GBP but still with a bond?

If you're 787 rated, they won't want you to do a 1 day difference course at Boeing..... they'll want you to do a full 777 TR.

BUT, If you're 787 rated (no actual time on 777).... you'll most likely go onto the 767.

They say they only want 777 rated pilots, however they are taking a lot of Cathay 747 guys/girls and putting them on 777.

So why wouldn't they put a 787 pilot onto a 777?

767 - pretty much only 2 crew ops, very unlikely to be heavy crew - routes, Hamilton, New York, Florida (MIA/ORL?), Cincinnati, Atlanta.

777 - for next 12 months or so it'll mainly do Cincinnati...before expanding to Bahrain and further afield. Obviously, will get heavy crewed eventually.

Flight/Duty pay 3.39GBP/ hour from checkin to check out

10GBP hotel pay? TBC

10% pension contribution provided you put in 4.5% (on basic salary.)

Bonus pay - but can't be guaranteed.

42 days leave, bidding system, based on points.

8 Golden days (max 4 can be booked next together) - cat ask for Christmas, new year etc.

Leave have to take 2 weeks in summer, 3 in winter - can't be carried over or paid in lieu.

Roster - fully flexible - many stbys - CAN'T commute. 1-3+ days off between trips.

24-36 hr trips, sometimes longer (767). Longer on 777.

"Min rest within reason"(?)

Have to be within 90 min of EMA. If more, according to address on the CV they expect you to move within the 90 minutes range.

They want very flexible crew willing to work days off if needed etc regardless of family circumstances (not that they will make you, but they want to hear that in interview).

AXA health care for yourself. You can pay for extended package for family if you have one.

LOL - TBC, but, 4 x salary, then 80% for 2 years then it's over.

Time to command - they can't give an estimate of when, but at least 2 years as need 4x cmd recommendations in the sims. 2-4+ years is there general feedback from interview.

The above is 2nd hand info, but believe it to be accurate. Im not stating my opinion on anything above.

This is my opinion.

I had been looking at DHL as a possible future long term job. However, based on the above and my circumstances I wouldn't go there now. Had it been last year or earlier this year I would have jumped at the chance; I was made redundant due covid, so do know how 5hit it's been.

It's not bad. It's not great either. For some people it will be perfect, for others, not so much. Luckily I was offered a better (for me) alternative.

It's sickening to know there are people using it as temp job while there are others that need it more, also they'll waste time/money for the company. Not that we owe anything to airlines/companies - they've proved since covid they don't care about their employees (bar TUI it seems) but I wouldn't mess about like that regardless.

Good luck to those that really want it.

SpamCanDriver 14th Dec 2021 10:13

If true
I'm very surprised they're taking 747 pilots from Cathay for the 777, given the vast amounts of highly experienced 777 drivers that have applied and not heard a peep yet.

norfolkungood 14th Dec 2021 11:46

Think you’ll find they are taking 777 rated guys from Cathay who were made redundant from the LHR base.

SpamCanDriver 14th Dec 2021 11:57

That would make far more sense

deltahotel 14th Dec 2021 12:09

Where to start.

There is some truth in this, so I’ll go through it as best I can. Where I’m uncertain I’ll say so.

Difference in starting salary. I’m guessing this is for NTR on to the 767, so long standing experienced pilot, NTR it’s a nod to the cost of the TR. 777 should all be TR, so should be OCC only. This is in accordance with long standing practice in DHK. Unlike many airlines we have never asked for money upfront on joining and I hope never will.

I’m not commenting on previous types and new types because I have no insight into recruitment, but it will be based on where bums on seats are most needed right now. I am sure that there will be movement between fleets as things settle down.

767 will only ever be basic crew as there are no appropriate rest facilities. CVG, JFK, MIA, ORD mainly.

777 watch this space.

Company pension contribution 12% I think.

42 days leave, 21 summer, 21 winter. Most people get what they want.

Commuting would be very hard.

Some days off periods may be short but there are 162 days free of duty ( inc leave) so there is a limit to this. You can’t be compelled to work an OFF day.

There will be little or no min rest just because of the daily cycle of the network.

4x is death in service. LOL haven’t looked at for a while.

Time to command. With big expansion comes big opportunity, especially as a lot of recruitment recently has been LEP. My best guess for experience is more than one year, less than five! I am not going to be held to this!!

Hope this helps


ps. What is really difficult to convey is how quick changing and reactive Network is. You have to understand that Big DHL is a truly global aviation network consisting of hundreds of ac in multiple airlines, some wholly owned, some partly owned, some contract only and DHK is but a part of that.

pps. DHK has changed and grown up a lot over the last 6-7 years. There are many who have been here for many years. It’s not perfect but it’s got a good FD culture and beneath the normal pilot moaning it’s a pretty happy place. COVID has been a real eye opener!

hobnobanyone 14th Dec 2021 14:57

The next up for Command in EMA have been in the company just under 4 years. All very experienced - some with previous command experience.

agree with Deltahotel - true about the salary. If rated, you’ll be on an experienced type rated pay. If not, you’ll be experienced but non T/R.

777 work in progress still, but coming soon.

Lots happening, lots more recruitment needed. As DeltaHotel says - with great expansion comes great opportunity.

just to reiterate, this isn’t a stepping stone. It’s now a very serious career option…

Mr Angry from Purley 14th Dec 2021 17:02

DH voice of reason.
I saw a TUI Dreamliner crew reporting for the 0100 MIA the other day they looked banjacked...:zzz:

deltahotel 14th Dec 2021 17:04

Well hi Mr Angry. All well I hope!

MostAnnoying 17th Dec 2021 09:30

Call me unaware, but what is the entire selection process for DHL?

deltahotel 17th Dec 2021 10:31

Normal. CV sift, interview, sim assessment. Simples

MostAnnoying 17th Dec 2021 17:11

Anybody aware of active movement regarding recruitment for either B767/B777?

deltahotel 17th Dec 2021 17:39

Ongoing for both

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