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Ridinghigh 23rd Dec 2012 15:39

Star Air Updated info 2012
Hello everyone,

Any updated info about Star Air, roster, salary, off days etc?



McMax 26th Dec 2012 14:38

Would appreciate an Update, too!!!

airslave 28th Dec 2012 23:42

Star Air pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.

767nightflyer 3rd Jan 2013 17:50

Rumours say, new hiring will start spring this year. Being with the company for many years, I really have to say, that this is an excellent place to be, regarding roster, salary and team spirit, probably one of the best in Europe...

McMax 4th Jan 2013 11:10

And what about the ending UPS contract? Any news what's planned for the future?

trancada 8th Jan 2013 13:43

Are these value net or after taxes?

Star Air pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.

The Flying Cokeman 8th Jan 2013 23:40


Net salary and after tax salary is the same thing!

Those figures you look at are gross salary so before any taxes.

From what I know they are only looking for 4 FO's and they have already called 20+ people for the interview and tests.

FlyingBeetle 23rd Jan 2013 19:48

well, it looks like the decision about the new hires has been made.
and the requirements for first officers will shortly be changed as well : minimum age 50+, 10000 hours+ and most important...you have
to be ex-cimber (so not even a sim check required)...:ugh:
...but as some people, knowing the new chief of flight operation, stated here before...what do you expect ? :oh:

pegra03 3rd Feb 2013 01:23

Are these value net or after taxes?

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