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Varipitch 4th Feb 2012 14:34

And so-on the 31st January, an Administrator was appointed and the Heavylift was wound up in Oz. Another fine old name that has been around for 30years or so has gone with the 737SF in Brisbane being repossessed whilst the 'Big H' on the tail of the Belfast has long since been painted over.
We shall however, raise our glasses to the Guppy and the 'Slow' at our re union at the RAF CLub in London on the 30th June-why not join us?

jetdrvr 13th Feb 2012 10:31

Too bad. I got a tour of the Belfast at Luton many years ago.

aviatorhi 14th Feb 2012 05:57

Happen to know who has taken on the financial obligations of the company?

(Not sure how AU bankruptcy laws work, but who is best to contact in the event you are still owed money by HVY).

Givem a spray 16th Feb 2012 21:25

Try the following web site Heavylift Cargo Airlines Pty Ltd — NSW, Voluntary Administrations

The best of luck with your claim.

Varipitch 21st Feb 2012 18:07

A group of professionals in the UK has already made approaches to the alleged owners of the Guppy at BOH-so far without success.
As a unique aircraft, synonymous with the growth of Transmeridian at Stansted, this group feel it their duty to do all they can to preserve 'N447T'
A site has expressed interest but the question of ownership remains the major stumbling block.
Some years ago, the CL44 Association WAS the rightful owner, then along came the Australians whereupon the four Tynes were removed by another branch of the family. Thereafter, despite some short periods of work undertaken by Messrs McKeever and Rash-nothing.
Can anyone help?

Givem a spray 22nd Feb 2012 00:03

HeavyLift operate out of Sydney Australia:

This is from their web-site

Head Office

You can contact HeavyLift by phone, email, fax or post.
PO Box Q596
Queen Victoria Building
NSW 1230 Australia
(61 2) 9232 4660
(61 2) 9232 4668

I applaud your loyality to aviation industry - we need to keep unique planes such as "the Belfast" available for all see.

Heavy Cargo 23rd Feb 2012 07:07

Cancelled UKCAA type certificate.:{ Go on UKCAA web it will never fly again.

Givem a spray 23rd Feb 2012 23:54

Where is the old bird now?

Is she still in one piece with engines intact ?

4 Holer 11th Mar 2012 07:40

Wonder if any crews/ mechanics can help with good bars/things to do in Singapore and Brisbane. I am heading down that way soon on the HeavyLift DC8-73F will spend most time in Brisbane. Understand there is a yacht club in Port Moresby thats about it for POM.Thanks for any leads.

ErwinS 11th Mar 2012 17:25

Heavylift DC8-73??? Wich a/c is that?

4 Holer 11th Mar 2012 17:54

Dc8 is "N" FAA 121.

ErwinS 11th Mar 2012 20:25

National or ATI. Don't see that connected to Heavylift?

Capt Chambo 12th Mar 2012 06:31


Where is the old bird now?
If you are referring to the Shorts Belfast, then it languishes on the northern end of the GA apron in Cairns. All logos are painted over, and as best I could tell from the other side it had all four engines on.

Heavy Cargo 14th Mar 2012 19:52

I see on the UK CAA website on 25 November 2011 the Rolls Royce TYNE 515 from CL44 and RR Tyne 515W type certificates were cancelled there is no type cert for the Transal engines they are military ?
So much for "Flying Tiger Oversized Transport" of Sydney Australia ( ASIC FREE COMPANY SEARCH ) operating CL44 and Belfast ( the Belfast type cert is also cancelled ). I see they have a C160 Transall in Indonesia with No TCAS/TAWS bet they try to wire one in with no STC := No TAWS in CL44 either bet it magically appears installed, UKCAA not happy :eek: They are putting some rusty engines from out in the trapical rain from Cairns into CL44 in UK scrapped by HVY no tag wonder what little story UKCAA will get ?

That C160 PK-VTS has been rotting since 2003 the Indo DGAC will surly not let that fly if they want to be FAA/European cat 1 country. :ok:

Ground effect 7 15th Mar 2012 06:43

Sad individual
HeavyCargo, I have come across some sad individuals, but you beat them easily. Is this as interesting as your pathetic day gets?. Don't you think it's time you got a life and moved away from the kindergarten ?.
You see, you have made one huge miss-judgement. You thought that people respected you. It was all a facade because you were meant to pay them,however, now the gloves are off and I suggest that you keep your head down and keep looking over your shoulder..for ever, particularly where you now live.The days of hiding behind Womens skirts are over mate.

Heavy Cargo 16th Mar 2012 00:51

Very touching,you should be OK on Indonesian wages ? Good luck with the ancient prop liners (remember props are for boats).
Cherio :cool:

StallsandSpins 16th Mar 2012 09:42

dont wanna get in the middle of some s:mad:it fight here. im just curious as to what ever happened to the dc3 mmf?

Heavy Cargo 16th Mar 2012 20:44

Heard it went to Bankstown Museum.

oceancrosser 17th Mar 2012 22:17

4 Holer, just sent you a PM!

4 Holer 18th Mar 2012 00:04

Thanks,Got it.

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