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unwashed 29th Aug 2011 04:20

I have had this for a few years, MNPSA_2009.pdf
also try the panels on the Canadian and North Atlantic charts

atpcliff 29th Aug 2011 04:20

I have been at Atlas for about a year.

Atlas is good-very good relatively. The new contract will be out in less than 3 weeks, according to the arbiter himself. It has a daily trip rig so we will be guaranteed a daily rate for each day we are away from home. 13 days on the daily rate will put us at guarantee, and we owe the company 17 days, so you will be over guarantee if you are gone more than 13 days. If you are on "R1-Home Reserve", you do NOT get the daily rig.

Everyone now has gateway.

There are 3 passenger planes operating, and sounds like plans for at least 8 pax planes, and rumours of over 20. We are adding more -400 freighters, more LCFs, and the 747-8s: 12 on order, 14 options. The first 767s will be PAX aircraft.

Mgmt pilot relationships are good, relative to other US airlines. Pay is 2nd highest in the US for 747s (after UPS). Base pay IS somewhat low relative to worldwide pay.

Jan-May I average 17 days at home. I usually get home 1 or 2 days early off my trips. Sometimes I airline late on my last day off, sometimes on my first day on. They airline you from your gateway to where you start your trip, then from where you end to your gateway. Most people's gateway is their home airport, or one relatively nearby.

Jun I had about 20,000 miles credit on UAL. I made the first level of Frequent Flyer status on UAL in Jul, and will make the 1st status on DAL soon. I may may make 2nd tier status on UAL...won't make it on AA. Usually you don't get credit on your hotel frequent stay plan...but sometimes you do, and you get it if you spend money in the hotel.

Your schedule WILL change multiple times, often multiple times in a day. You know (usually) when your days on are, and when your days off are. I was extended 3 days into my days off in July. I was extended I think 1 day prior to July (flying since Dec). They CAN extend your 17 days on by 4 days, and they have to pay a lot. Theoretically, you could get assigned two back-to-back schedules of 17 days in a row and be out 34 days in a row. I did a 32 day trip by choice to get the last two weeks of a month off for vacation with my family (without using any vacation days). Trips range from 1 day-30+ days. "Normal" is 6-15 days. I have done a 1 day trip, but they are not common unless you are based and live in MIA. I am based in NYC, but hardly ever go there. My last trip started in ANC and ended in ORD. Next trip starts CVG and ends in JFK. Next trip after than starts ORD ends JFK. I had a trip end in MEL, and they airlined me on UAL MEL-SYD-LAX-ORD-GRB...business class the 1st two legs (normally domestic flying is coach).

Atlas is charter, and when the customer asks to change/add a trip, they try their best, which is one reason why the schedule changes a lot! We fly everywhere except Antarctica, but don't do much US-US flying (but my last trip was SEA-CHS-SEA).

PS-If u want more info, PM me.

Oceanman 29th Aug 2011 13:41


There is info regarding MNPS in chapter 8 of this ICAO document.


retired Shanwick controller

Oceanman 29th Aug 2011 13:44


There is info regarding MNPS in chapter 8 of this ICAO document.



retired Shanwick controller

ForzaLazio 31st Aug 2011 21:45

thank you very much guys for the info on MNPS

FlyBoxes 31st Aug 2011 23:20

Interview "docs"
I had heard that the interview has now dropped the sim eval. I also heard they don't request log books, true? But you have to do a flight time matrix that they want filled out there. If so, how accurate does that need to be? # of landings, etc? broken down by type, day night etc.?

also, anyone know what the status of the contract is? I heard going to a 14/14 schedule and 83 hour guarantee, but then I read 50 hour guarantee elsewhere.. any word?



CAO 1st Sep 2011 17:53

14/14 schedule? Not quite!!

All the crew domiciles have enough choices of flying and reserve blocks that with a year or two of longevity, most are getting their choices of days at home. Getting the trips you want is a different story...

CAO 1st Sep 2011 17:54

50-hour guarantee during the first year, and then 62 hour guarantee.

First year pay is the same for 747 and 767...after that, the 747 rates are about 14% higher.

tenaca1000 2nd Sep 2011 13:59

I was in the Aug 24th interview day. Any one else in that interview hear anything yet? I'm still waiting on a letter.

FlyBoxes 2nd Sep 2011 19:59

thanks for the answers... quick follow up.

About how many actual hours of flying do you get in on a typical pattern? 30-40? or more? How long are the typical layovers?


MarkerInbound 3rd Sep 2011 19:45

There is no standard answer. Some months can be 35, the next month 90. Some layovers are 12 hours, some are 5 days.

Turtle91 25th Sep 2011 22:41

Current docs
Hi all,
I just spoke with someone who is providing me with an internal rec!! I hope to receive a call to take the test very soon. I have been studying but I'm not sure if the pdf's I have are the most up-to-date guidance. Does anyone have a list of links where I can download the latest on weather symbols, NATS procedures, MNPS, etc. for review?


ce650flyer 3rd Aug 2012 15:58

Anyone Interview lately???
Hello everyone,

I heard Atlas is starting to interview again in the fall. Has anyone been lately that would have fresh gouge (online test, essay, interview)???

Just trying to stay current, hoping for the call.


CL65Driver1234 3rd Aug 2012 16:52

Will Atlas consider calling international number for their phone interview?

CAO 4th Aug 2012 06:49

In the interest of pilots helping pilots...I am posting a link to another forum. I hope I'm not offending the pprune folks here by this, but I hope that they understand...

Your questions about the Atlas hiring process in the last couple of years can be found at Airline Pilot Central Forums and you can figure out if Atlas is a good fit for you...

Good luck.

CAO 4th Aug 2012 06:51

International phone numbers

I don't know if they will call out of the US for any of the phone calls...not that they won't, I just don't know the answer to that question. Others might be able to answer that question...

TimmyR 21st Aug 2012 02:46

+1...it's all there. Start on page 1 and read it. Great forum full of great info.

Airlegs 20th Jan 2013 16:59

What about the 10 year background check? For those of us who have been working outside of the USA for 10 years. Anyone have any advice or experience with this? Thank you.

Lowrider2 21st Jan 2013 11:34

Tell the truth.
If you get caught in a lie, its over.

flyingsaucer 25th Jan 2013 18:29


I got the screening call and I am now preparing for the online test.
Anyone can maybe pm me with the best and fastest way to pass.


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