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flybynight1 20th Jan 2011 13:17

It was a nice interview tuesday. People real friendly. Atlas is a class act. Hoping for some good news next few weeks!

Fillmore Slim 21st Jan 2011 12:54

flybynight1, I agree.....I was there as well on Tuesday, great people and friendly process. I also hope to hear something within the next 2 weeks.

Best of luck.


EMBFlyer 21st Jan 2011 14:51

Agreed! I was in there yesterday (Thursday) for the interview. Great group of people. I hope I hear something soon. It's going to be a long 2 weeks!

flybynight1 23rd Jan 2011 11:56

Hey....just wondering. Anyone at the Tuesday interview, can you PM me the name of the gentleman that was conducting the HR background interview? For some reason I can not remember! And I need to call him. Real nice guy, was still flying day trips, and in HR and managment. You saw him just before or after the technical interview. Thank you!

flybynight1 26th Jan 2011 13:54

Just heard that we will hear something by the end of next week! Good luck to all.

EMBFlyer 27th Jan 2011 00:01

Excellent! Hopefully it's good news!

Fillmore Slim 3rd Feb 2011 17:57

Hey guys, letters were sent out today for those that interviewed in January. Made it to the pool, best of luck to you all.


Phone screen.....Dec
online assessment....Jan
pool letter...Feb

>4000 TT, >2000 PIC, all heavy international.

ElectricWhale 13th Feb 2011 04:27

Thanks for the update, Slim.

I'm STILL standing by for the call ...

JCUERVO 1st Mar 2011 18:55

Random info...
Hello everyone, I have a few questions for the ppl in the know at Atlas...
1) If assigned the -200 is there a transfer policy to the -400? (expected time)
2) Which base does most of the DXB flying? Is there any way to bid for trips that start and finish in DXB?
3) Is there a difference between block hours flown on the -200 and the -400?

Thanks for the help!

anothercargopilot 1st Mar 2011 19:39


1) When the -200 goes away. One year....Two years? You will get off the -200 when Atlas decides you can bid off.
2) I would say JFK which is also the largest base. But ANC and HSV get to Dubai as well. Some trips start with a deadhead JFK to Europe or Dubai, but there aren't many. The base system and gateway travel is geared for US residents. Overseas residents have to get to the US then the company will buy a ticket to where the aircraft is. If the first operating leg is in Europe or elsewhere then travel will most likely pay for a ticket as long as it is same or cheaper than what is scheduled (international travel is business class, domestic is coach). I know a guy who lives in Dubai and lets scheduling know at every opportunity he lives there and is available to fly in and out of there and invariably has to self-commute to the US to start. Go figure.
3) YES. It seems the -200 guys rarely break guarantee (50 hours first year, 62 hours after) and deadhead alot (DH pay 1 for 3) and have long layovers. -400 folks tend to be busier and have many more minimum rests but have many more opportunities to go over guarantee.

Don't base your decision on a job whether or not you get assigned the -200. You are very likely to get the -400 OR maybe a "light twin" if you join sometime this late summer or fall.

Keep in mind that a new contract is a mere few months away and all expectations are for better pay and work rules (already agreed to but not disclosed by union or company). Only scope and a few minor issues went to the arbitrator unresolved.

Hope this helps.


JCUERVO 2nd Mar 2011 04:58

Thanks for the insight ACP!

ElectricWhale 10th Mar 2011 05:01

Got the call; Took the test!

1st App 7/15/10
updated every 4-6 weeks
FAQ and fresh res in Dec
Called 3/7/11
Test 3/9/11
passed 82%

Standing by ...

TT 9000+
PIC 4000+
TPIC 1800+
6 types (incl 744)
2 internals
heavy 121 global
all civ


maxcackel 10th Mar 2011 18:23

How do you know you got an 82? Are they back to posting the scores? The only thing you could see for the last several months is the mastery score of 66. Thanks

ElectricWhale 13th Mar 2011 05:45

If you hunt around long enough on the test website, you'll find it. It is three or four steps from the sign in page. I can't quite remember the sequence, but if I can find it, anyone can ;)
Just keep looking.

I think the last step is clicking on the red "test number" ...


billonearth 14th Mar 2011 11:03

Atlas Air Cargo Interview
Anyone interviewed with Atlas recently? I am trying to find out if they have a sim eval. Seems they did in the past but I think I read somewhere they no longer have one.

JCUERVO 14th Mar 2011 12:45


Nope, no more Sim. Eval...Straight forward HR/TECH face to face interview (After Phone interview and Online tech test). Lots of details on a few other sites...Good luck!

ElectricWhale 19th Mar 2011 18:25


One page back on this very thread there are representative Atlas test questions and specific links to all kinds of other Atlas information.

I believe Atlas, like many other airlines, looks for people who are proactive about gathering information about their company and resourceful enough to find it. And there's plenty to find.

Good luck!

ForzaLazio 28th Aug 2011 15:00

on a side note: are MNPS requirements the same as RVSM? thank you

WhaleDriver 28th Aug 2011 16:19

Two differant animals. MNPS is Nav requirements, RVSM is altitude.

ForzaLazio 29th Aug 2011 01:50

where do I find the requirements for MNPS? I've been looking but I can only find long pdf documents... thank you

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